How Intentional Whitespace Makes You a Stand-out Leader

September 5, 2023


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The most vivid sparks of creativity and innovation originate not from a frantic rush, but from the tranquil spaces in between…the white space.

In the online space, where so many coaches and entrepreneurs find themselves lost in a sea of sameness and trapped in the throes of a creative rut, there’s a profound need for intentional whitespace. It’s not just about scheduling breaks or clearing physical clutter; it’s about crafting mental, emotional, and energetic space where leaders can reconnect with their essence, their craft, and their unique legacy.

  • In this episode we dive into:
    Why Whitespace isn’t a luxury but a necessity for your business growth and legacy.
  • How to escape the common leadership rut that stifles creativity and inspiration.
  • Breaking free from conformity to lead with your distinctive voice and vision.
  • How creating mental, emotional, and energetic space allows for clarity, creativity, and innovative ideas to flourish.
  • The significance of authenticity, compassion, and trust in effective leadership, and how Whitespace can help you embody these qualities.

It’s time to slow down, reconnect with your inner self, and harness the power of intentional whitespace.

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Hello, my love and welcome to Feminine Luminary Gosh. I can’t believe. As I sit down to record this, it is almost quarter four for 2023. And I know this is so often a time of the year when everyone starts to feel really burnt out. They’re feeling tired and they’re really needing that final burst of momentum just to see them through to Christmas. It can’t come fast enough and I don’t know if you feel it in the collective. It’s such.

This sense of heaviness, is pushing through and grinding which, if you’ve done that, it only makes it worse. I know I’ve been there many, many times myself, having learned the lesson very slowly, might I add but I finally got to the point where I’ve realized that pushing through doesn’t actually work. It’s like pushing up against a brick wall it doesn’t move, all it does is make you tired, make you fed up and just want to kick that wall. Sorry, what we really need to do is just take that pause and take a step back, and when you do, there’s so much magic in it and that’s when the solution comes into view, and that’s what I want to talk about today. It’s this embracing the concept of white space into our businesses and how we operate as leaders and into our lives as well, because when we actually do that, when we take a step back, everything comes into view, and I love this analogy you can’t see the forest for the trees and I quite often use this is because we are so bogged down in the detail that we can’t actually see what it is. We need to zoom out, and so this concept of white space actually became the premise for a new program which I’ve just launched and I’m going to tell you all about as well and how you can actually join that and a really incredible discount that is on offer at the moment. So stick around for that for sure. But the premise behind this is really about clearing all of that stuff that is sitting there and clouding your vision and stifling your creativity, your inspiration, your intuition and really your ability to be that standout authority and leader in your space, which is what we all desire to be. That’s why we are here. We want to be unique. We want to be the ones that are coming up with all of the different unique concepts, the ideas, and really bringing so much value to our communities. I know you do, so let’s dive into what that actually looks like.

So when we talk about white space in the context of leadership. It’s maybe a little bit different to what you thought of it as before, because quite often we talk about white spaces being these empty slots in your schedule or these gaps on your paper that are waiting to be filled. But really it’s far more nuanced than that. It’s more textural, more granular than just the 2D experience.

White space isn’t about creating gaps. It’s about crafting space intentionally, mentally, emotionally, energetically. It’s really about carving out that room to journey within and explore the depths of your soul that might otherwise may remain uncharted. It’s about tapping into that creativity, your innovation, your intuition and all of those treasures that you have very deep within you that are just longing to break free. But they don’t get the chance, because you have this brilliance innately in you. Everyone does, but very few of us allow it to actually come out to the world. It gets buried under the noise of everything that is going on with us. We get too busy that we can’t actually tap into it. And that is what white space allows you to do. It liberates you, it allows you to simply just be, be with yourself, be with your craft and your legacy, fully present, deeply connected and really just beautifully aligned to your essence. So it’s not just about taking those breaks, it’s not just about going out into nature wandering around just to clear your head. That is part of it, yes, but it is so much more than that. It really is that breathing room just to sit, and when we do this is when we start to have that mental clarity, and the creativity is birthed from that place as well.

So when I start to feel that, so when I talked about my program that I’ve just launched, this is exactly the place that it came from. For me, it was born from the depths of sitting in that void, in the nothingness. And we live in a society where the void, the pause, nothing, it feels scary. We want to push through that. We don’t want to sit in it. We feel like it’s not productive because we have to be doing something all of the time to be efficient, to be of worth, and when we’re not, we’re simply sitting in the void. We feel like, oh my gosh, what am I doing? I need to get out and do some more.

And so where this idea of white space came from? It was actually birthed from being away from my business, up on my family’s station, which is where I went earlier in the year to escape the winter. I was not expecting it to come through, I didn’t plan for it or anything like that, and that’s the beauty of it. It’s when we actually then free up that mental capacity. That’s when things start to drop in, and so when it did drop in, it really was nothing more than a concept. At that point in time, it was just a high level thing of wow. If this is what having white space, having the mental capacity freed up my emotional capacity energetically and all of those things freed up, if this is what it allows me to do is to all of a sudden just come up with these ideas then maybe that in itself is something that we can create, a process that we can replicate and allow other people to come on that journey with us. And so that’s where it was born. As I said, it wasn’t, didn’t fully come into fruition at that point in time. It was just that little light bulb moment, and that’s what it’s all about.

So, as leaders, one of the things that we so often get caught up in is that we are really good at what we do, we love our business and we love working in it. But sometimes we get so caught up working in the business, we get bogged down in the details, we get so busy just going through the motions that we forget to actually look up, we forget to take that breath and, as I said, you lose sight of that bigger picture. And what happens is you get so bogged down in this, just going through the grind. All of a sudden you’re stuck in this rut and you think how on earth did I get here? And you feel like you’re stuck in this funk and you’re like how do I break free? What’s going on? And it all just becomes too hard. And that’s when you start to push, you start to shove, you try to force, because you’re like I need to be doing something. I’m sitting here in this void, I can’t get out of it. What am I going to do?

And when you’re stuck in that rut, all of a sudden you start to feel scatter, you feel tired and you’re overly emotional. You don’t actually feel grounded in any of the decisions that you’re making in your business and you do start to day sell quite a bit as well. And one of the things that I particularly notice is that when I am stuck in that rut, I fall into this like whoa me kind of mentality and all of a sudden, my boundaries start to slip. In general, I start to slip, and what normally happens is when you’re stuck in this rut is that your mind is so full that any form of creativity and inspiration just completely escapes it. There isn’t any getting it back, and then, all of a sudden, you find yourself having lost sight of what makes you you, and you simply fade away into that sea of sameness, and everything that you do, everything that you say, everything that you create looks exactly the same as everyone else, because you don’t have that source of creativity. Instead, you’re looking around at everyone else, thinking, oh, I need to do something today, because my checklist says that I must do something today, so, oh, I’m just going to follow what that person is doing. And then, all of a sudden, everyone is starting to look the same. And you know, there’s beautiful tonic templates that are out there and I’m not knocking them. I absolutely love them, I use them myself, but they’ve become so popular that everyone looks the same.

And this is what happens is that we lose our spark when we don’t have this access to white space, when we don’t actually create time to tap into ourselves. We start to get really disconnected from our work. And if we’re disconnected from our work, it’s coming through and everything that we produce. Our clients are feeling it and it’s not good for them, it’s not good for us and we just spiral downwards as well, and this happens to the best of people. It’s not something that you’re going through as an individual. It is something that so many of us go through.

When we get so deep and bogged down into our work or we become so engrossed in the trends that are happening within the industry, we get caught up in this industry bubble, in what others are doing, that we end up unintentionally mimicking the crowd. You’ve seen it before, but you can spot who someone’s coach is. They look exactly like their coach, they sound exactly like their coach, they become a mini version of their coach, whether they intended to or not, and what happens is we start to lose sight of our uniqueness, which is the very essence that brought us here in the first place, and we start to doubt our contributions to truly stand out. We forget that a leader is actually paving our own way and not just following the footprints of others. But what happens is that, in essence, we become a passenger on someone else’s journey and we just get lost in that sea of faces. But I know that’s not you and I know that’s not what you signed up for, even if that’s what you’re going through at the moment.

It doesn’t have to be that way. We get to break free of that rut because you are a thought leader and you have this desire to be the go-to authority in your space, someone that people are turning to for the unique concepts, their perspectives, their ideas and all of that inspiration that is coming up just birthed from within, rather than copying from other people across the industry, social media, everything else. I know that you desire to be invited to collaborate with others speaking engagements across different platforms and I know that you desire to have clients lining up to work with you. And in all this, you get to love your work more than ever before and it simply just comes with ease. You can’t have all of this when you are stuck in that rut, when you’re feeling mentally, emotionally, energetically blocked. You can’t have that. It’s like trying to be in survival mode and growth mode at the same time. They are at polar opposites. You just can’t have them.

It doesn’t work, and so this is what we get to do inside white space we get to actually break the monotony of the grind and refocus your attention on the inner work. Because the inner work, it doesn’t sound sexy, it doesn’t sound appealing and quite often it’s the first thing to go when we get stressed or when we’re too busy. It’s so easy to tell ourselves that you know what I need to do this post for today that is going to move the needle in my business. I’m not going to bother about the inner work, but the problem is we need the inner work. Even if we can’t see it translating immediately into the work that we’re doing externally in our business, trust me, it’s definitely there, it is being reflected in your external world.

And so what we do inside white space is we get to invite that, play the fun, we get to have connection again, all of these things that do start to make us feel alive. It’s a place where we get to clear the mental, emotional and energetic blockages, not just inside the container itself but also inside our lives, to create that really sustainable, intact, because quite often it’s so easy to come into a program and think, whoa, I’m here for the time of the program, let’s really focus on it and then, all of a sudden, whatever you’ve learned hasn’t actually been implemented and integrated. Because when you actually do that, you’re going to start to emerge lighter, your body is going to shift from survival mode and it’s going to make space for joy, creativity and inspiration for the blue. And this is when you get to fully arrive. My dear, your blinkers are on. You’re charging full speed ahead, forging your own path. You’re sparing no fucks. Whatever anyone else in the industry is up to, you’re in your own lane, doing your thing.

So, as leaders, what we’re wanting to do is make sure that we are actually integrating white space into our life, into our business, because when we get to do that, we show up as true leaders, not someone who is following in someone else’s footsteps, but someone who’s actually forging their path. Having this is not a luxury. We quite often think that, oh, I’m gonna create some white space where they’re going on a meditation retreat and just taking my time out. Sure, you can do it that way, and that probably is more of the luxury end of things. But there are ways to actually integrate this day to day in small amounts, through doing your inner work to create that sustainable success. It’s about clearing our energy so that we can show up for our clients, for our work, for everything that we do. From this place of clarity, we can be pure and we’re not bringing any of our own projections into what we are doing, how we show up for our clients, what we’re creating, because everything that we do is going to be imprinted with your energetic signature. So you want to be sure that you are feeling clear when you actually create, when you hold space so that you are a safe container for your clients. So how can we actually do this? Well, there’s a number of different areas that I love to go through, and these are really potent points to check in at.

So the first thing that we want to do is make sure that we are grounded in our body, because when we are grounded, our business is grounded. It’s this idea of survival mode versus growth mode. You can’t grow when you are grappling with instability. When you are wavering in your decisions or feeling this constant unease in your business. You can’t actually move forward. It’s like trying to look over your shoulder at the same time. It doesn’t work. You need to ensure that you’re feeling really grounded and secure in your core. You’re laying the foundations for your business to then grow upon that, because when we are grounded, we’re able to make decisions from a really confident place. Our focus is sharp, we feel deeply connected to our business and prosperity, trust, manifestation. This all ties into feeling really grounded in our business as well. So some simple ways that we can do that Grounding exercises like deep breathing. Breath work is incredible around this. Mindfulness is another one as well. So being really present in the moment.

Another thing we want to ensure that we’re doing is tapping into pleasure. We’re wanting to allow our emotions to flow through us, because if we are keeping emotions trapped within our body, we are then stifling our creativity, we are stifling our joy and our desires, because our emotions are so intrinsically linked to this. This is all about tapping into your femininity, into your womb centers. So something I really love to do is to bring in a feminine embodiment practice, something like just putting on music, moving to it, feeling into my body, crying if I need to, allowing the emotions to flow freely, because when we actually start to trap all these within us, this is causing us to feel blocked. We don’t feel safe in our relationships, we don’t feel safe to express ourselves, and so we start to try and control situations. We become really rigid in our decision-making and we can get quite jealous of those around us as well. And when we are working in such an environment online, where we had this opportunity to be collaborative rather than competitive, there is so much more power in working with others and it creates this really magnetic energy when your business is led from pleasure.

Another area that we want to remain clear on is our personal power and our self-confidence, because, as leaders, we need to trust in ourselves and be confident in ourselves. So this idea of self-trust, this self-belief this is the seat of our power. This allows us to reclaim our vitality, our purpose, and get to have that unwavering confidence to chase our dreams and just to feel as though we are here. Because when you don’t, when you are blocked within this particular area, that inner fire starts to dwindle, your shadow emerges and your ego steps into the spotlight. Sure, your ego wants to keep you safe. That’s its purpose, but it’s not actually serving you. And when it shows up, you start to doubt yourself, you start to become really sensitive to criticism and you start to try and dominate situations because you have this insatiable desire for control, because that is going to keep you safe in the ego’s eyes. But it’s not true power, it is this idea of false power. So when you actually start to reclaim your personal power, you can show up all knowing and confident. You get to show up with unwavering confidence in your actions and bring others along on the journey with you.

Next, you want to be clear in terms of our relationships and love, because love and compassion and self-acceptance are such powerful driving forces for your business. When we are feeling imbalanced in our heart, we are hindering our capacity to build authentic relationships, to be able to collaborate and to really express empathy and compassion and, as a coach, these are going to be critical parts of your business. When these are imbalanced, it has the potential to erode trust and loyalty within your community and you don’t want to do that. We want to embrace authentic relationships. I don’t know the word authentic it’s overused so much but at the heart of it, that’s what it is. It’s this deep meeting at the level of being a human. It’s showing the compassion, it’s showing your vulnerability, it’s showing them love, because at the end of the day, we are all interconnected, we are one, and the love that I show for you reflects on me as a leader.

We also need to really clear in terms of our communication. We want to use our voice. We have the right to be heard, we have the right to speak, and when we are not feeling clear, energetically in our voice, we are not able to speak our truth. And if we’re not able to speak our truth, the message that we are sending out there to our audience, to our community, isn’t being received as it should be, it is being diluted or it is being falsified. It is something completely different because we are too afraid to speak our truth.

When we do, when we get to speak clearly, creatively, authentically and again there’s that word it directly correlates with our ability to be successful. When we have blockages within this throat energy centre, I can actually manifest in various different ways, from excessive talking to fear of speaking or inability to listen which, again, as coaches, we need to be able to listen really well. It could be overextending yourself, it could be showing up as perfectionism or just in terms of really stifled creativity, and this is not what we want. We want to discover a genuine voice and to really resonate with our audience, because if we’re not resonating with our audience, they’re not picking up what we’re putting down and therefore they’re not going to be coming out, they’re going to be going to someone else. So when we aren’t speaking our truth, it is not being received as intended. We need to articulate that.

We need to tap into our truth and tap into our creativity as a result, and lastly, as a leader, the ability to listen to your intuition, to tap into your internal insight, in this deep inner knowing and this universal awareness that you have, is such a potent asset, but it’s so often is stifled by over analysis and skepticism as well, when we’re not feeling confident in ourselves. We are so busy listening to the world around us when we are the ones that actually truly know, and so what we want to do is we want to restore that internal compass that you have. We want to foster that profound self-reflection and knowledge that you have, and deepening your spiritual wisdom as well, because when we actually do all of these things, you start to get really connected to your intuition, you start to unlock creativity as well, and you feel really connected to that higher purpose and knowing that everything that you were doing, everything that is happening in the world, is happening for you. It is there to support you. You are being supported by the universe. It’s not a case of, oh my God, this happened, why did it happen? It’s like no, this happened. There is a reason for it, and one of the simple ways that you can do that is around having a meditation practice. It’s something that is so often overlooked, but in reality, it is such an incredibly powerful practice to sit with yourself, to connect to a source, to connect to the universe Whatever word it is that you like to use or refer to the universe, god’s source. Choose that, and being able to connect to it is going to allow you to really boost those abilities yourself.

And so these are the different things that we actually dive deep into inside white space. We clear any of these areas that may actually be blocking you, because, like we all need a shower at the end of the day to wash the dirt away, we need to be cleansed energetically as well. We need to wash away the thoughts, the judgments and the noise that is distorting your vision, because you are here to create a legacy and if you bespoke a bog down, if you are being clouded by the noise and everything else that’s going on around you, all of a sudden, that is forgotten. You can’t see through it. And so white space is really this intentional space where we get to come together in ritual, we come together in ceremony which is really really beautiful, where we anchor into the different energy centers. Each week, we clear these blockages and we get to reclaim your power in that area before moving on to the next, so that you feel safe to be here, you feel safe to be seen, safe to be heard, and you have this real strength in your personal power, your intuition and your connection to yourself. And so the way that we do this in white space is through a live ceremony each week, which is a guided somatic journey where we get to recode the subconscious mind, your cells and eliminating beliefs that you have as well. It’s really really incredible.

And then, of course, we can’t just simply leave it at that. We need to actually integrate the teaching into our life, and this is what we do as well. We also have an embodiment theme to integrate the lesson and shift from that theoretical knowledge to embodied wisdom, because otherwise what happens is we shut the laptop down. Then, all of a sudden, we’ve forgotten about it. It sounded great at the time. Maybe you did a story on Instagram or whatever it is, but unless you actually integrate the lesson into your life, the transformation doesn’t really occur.

And one of the things that I truly believe is the power of groups. There’s so much support and momentum in having a group setting, and this is what we do inside white spaces. We have this really beautiful community where you get to come and connect to other leaders of an incredible caliber. It’s an opportunity to connect, to collaborate with other trailblazing women and to really birth these relationships that I know are going to last for years. I just know how incredible this program is and how life changing it can be when we do get to become really clear in ourselves and the way that we show up for our businesses. And even though it’s only a six-week journey that we go on, the effects have felt far beyond this. So I highly recommend checking this out, and I’ll pop the link to it in the show notes as well. You can go to and there is actually an early bird discount as well at the moment, so make sure you jump onto that really quickly, because the price does go up on the 18th September. I’ll pop the code again to the show notes or come up for chat with me on Instagram. Ask me any questions that you have at all. I would love to have a chat.

So my love as leaders white space is something that really we should all be integrating into our business, not just for the benefits of our personal wellbeing, but also for our leadership abilities as well. It’s going to give you that necessary breathing room for you to really thrive as a leader and to foster you that clarity and creativity. It’s going to create that mental space where innovative ideas and creative solutions really can flourish. It becomes that fertile ground for that groundbreaking ideas just to drop in. It’s going to enhance your decision making as well. I mean, when you’re really grounded and centered, your decision making becomes so much more confident and effective and if any little challenges do arise, it’s just like you know what. It’s nothing, nothing at all. We can move through that. It’s going to allow you to strengthen your boundaries too, because as leaders, we need to have strong boundaries to have a successful business. It’s not about pushing people away, but it’s about setting expectations and creating beautiful relationships with people. It’s also going to allow you to deepen your connection, and not just with others, I’m talking about with yourself as well, your sense of identity, your sense of purpose, and it’s going to inspire other people.

As you start to embrace integrating more white space into your leadership and your business and the benefits that start to arise from it, you become an inspiration to your team, to your clients and those around you and it’s just going to shine through Energetically. It is going to be picked up. This vitality that you have, the authenticity that you’re exuding. It is contagious and others are going to come along on the right. So it’s not just about creating momentary relief with white space. It’s this idea of long-term growth and sustainability. So it’s not a luxury, it’s actually a strategic move to become a more effective, inspired and impactful leader. And it just feels damn good.

If you are all about the feelings, which is what I am Definitely something that you want to be incorporating into your business. So my love white space, my program, my offering which is incredible is now officially open. As I said, it’s this experiential journey which is like nothing else that I’ve come across before. So make sure you go check it out. I’ll pop the details again into the show notes and come and see me in my DMs if you’ve got any questions, I am here to answer them for you. Have an amazing week, my love and I will speak to you soon. Bye.

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