Because we all do it.

Get so caught up working IN your business.
Bogged down in the details.
That you forget to breathe.
Your forget to look up.
Too busy going through the motions that you lose sight of the bigger picture.

Get so caught up working IN your business.
Bogged down in the details.
Too busy going through the motions.
That you forget to look up.
That you forget to breathe.
That you lose sight of the bigger picture.

Until you’re stuck in 

You feel scatty, tired, overly emotional.
You don’t feel grounded in your decisions.
Your boundaries are slipping…and so are you.

Your mind feels so full that any form of creativity and inspiration has escaped.

You’ve lost sight of what made you YOU, as you fade into the sea of sameness.

A Funk.
Unable to break free.

"The Rut".

It’s not the vibe I’m here for
(and I know you’re not either!)

Well f*ck that!

You, my love, are a leader.

Someone who has unique perspectives, here to stand out from the crowd.
Not caught up in the industry bubble unintentionally mimicking the masses.

You are here for legacy impact.

…and you can’t do any of that when you’ve lost connection with what matters most.




It’s all about stripping back. Doing less. Creating space to sit with yourself, your craft and your legacy.

It’s not doing nothing…

It’s about crafting space for what matters most.


Whitespace is an intentional space where we come together in ritual.

Where we break the monotony of the grind and refocus your attention on the inner work.

Where we invite play, fun and connection.

Where we clear the mental, emotional and energetic blockages - not just inside this container, but into our lives as we create sustainable impact.

And through doing so you emerge lighter.

Your body shifts from survival mode to make space for joy, creativity and inspiration to bloom.

And you fully arrive.
Blinkers on.
Charging full speed ahead, forging your own path (sparing no f*cks for what “the industry” is up to).

Weekly embodiment theme to integrate the lesson

Weekly online group ceremony

A six week experiential journey.

Voxer community

12 months access to recordings beyond the final ceremony

Whitespace Includes

The Process

We anchor into a different energy centre each week, clearing blockages and reclaiming your power in this area before moving onto the next.

So you feel safe to be here. Safe to be seen. Safe to be heard. Strength in your personal power, your intuition and connection to self.

Each ceremony will be held live, commencing with a teaching transmission, followed by a somatic guided journey through which we recode the subconscious mind and recode your cells.

At the completion of the ceremony, there will be opportunity to share (or simply receive) your journey with the group.

The Ceremony

Each week, you’ll receive an embodiment theme to integrate the lesson and shift from theoretical knowledge to embodied wisdom.

We’ve all done those programs which appeal to the mind, only to be forgotten as you shut your laptop down.

This is about integrating this into your life, as this is the only way true transformation occurs.

The Integration

Our community will be held inside Voxer. There is so much power in the support and momentum of a group.

This is a place for you to connect with other leaders of an incredible calibre.

It's an opportunity to connect and collaborate with other trailblazing women.

This is a place where relationships are birthed which will last for years to come.

The Community

Everyone here deserves a seat front and centre at the table.

There’s nothing worse than being a number lost amongst the sea of faces. I’m not about that. Numbers will be capped to keep the group intimate.


Your business can't grow whilst you're grappling with instability, wavering decisions, or constant unease. It's like trying to move forward while looking over your shoulder.

In Week 1, we lay these foundations, delving into the core of your business energy so you feel grounded and secure. But this isn't only about business; it's about you recognising your pivotal role—the source of your success. Understanding that you rightfully belong here and can claim your desires safely. This week we're clearing the energy obstacles that hinder prosperity and trust, boosting your decision-making confidence, sharpening your focus, deepening your bond with your business, and supercharging your manifestation abilities.

Safety, Grounding and Vitality



Emotion, Boundaries and Creativity

Your womb (sacral centre) gives rise to your creativity, sensuality, desires and joy. It holds your emotions and when you don't feel safe to express them, can result in controlling tendencies within your relationships, rigid decision-making, a lack of enthusiasm, addictive habits and professional jealousy. Trapped emotions can also be felt as a tightness/discomfort in your hips and pelvis.

This week we're tapping into pleasure. We're releasing guilt around our sensuality and freeing trapped emotions to confidently explore your creative potential and express all of yourselves authentically. Feeling safe to feel it all, you'll invite joy, creativity, abundance and magnetic energy in to create a business that is led from pleasure.


Power and Confidence

This week is all about Personal Power. This is the fuel to your fire to chase your dreams, maintain unwavering focus and wrap yourself in self-confidence.

But when this inner fire is blocked, shadows emerge, and 'The Ego' steps into the spotlight. Your Ego wants to 'keep you safe' but in reality can can manifest as low self-esteem, extreme sensitivity to criticism, a tendency to dominate or an insatiable desire for control.

Let's stoke those flames and within as we connect with your self-definition, enabling you to fully embrace your personal power. This week is all about reclaiming your vitality and purpose in your business journey as you feel unwavering confidence in your actions. 


Love and Relationships

We're delving into the heart of your business, where love, compassion and self-acceptance serve as the driving forces. Your heart functions as a compass, guiding your path and nurturing meaningful connections and trust within your business community.

However, imbalances in this area can hinder your capacity to build authentic relationships, collaborate effectively, and express empathy and compassion. These imbalances may manifest in inauthentic marketing or branding practices, eroding trust and loyalty within your community.

This week is dedicated to embracing unconditional love and compassion, not just for yourself but for your entire community. As we acknowledge our interconnectedness, we reaffirm the abundance available to all.


Expressive Clarity and Creativity

Your capacity to convey your thoughts clearly and creatively, and to authentically connect with others, directly correlates to your success.

Blockages in your throat energy centre can manifest in various ways, from excessive talking to the fear of speaking, an inability to listen, overextending yourself, stuttering, perfectionism, or stifled creativity.

This week is all about your right to speak and be heard. It's about discovering your genuine voice and resonating authentically with your audience, not only through your words but also through your actions. We'll liberate any energy obstructions that impede your ability to articulate your truth and tap into your creativity. 


Intuition, Insight and Universal Awareness

Your intuition is a potent asset, yet often stifled by over-analysis and skepticism.

In our final week, we're restoring balance to your inner compass. Enhancing your intuition, unlocking creativity, and deepening spiritual wisdom - we're fostering profound self-reflection and knowledge. No more seeking excessive information from others without ever effectively using it... just a deep inner trust in yourself.

You'll feel connected to your higher purpose, open and supported by the universe, knowing that everything is happening for you.

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Certified life coach, holistic health coach and neuro-linguistics practitioner, mama of two little ones, adventure seeker and big kid at heart…I’m a multi-passionate, multi-faceted human being who believes you don’t need to pretend to be anyone else because you are more than enough being YOU.

I’ll guide you into the depths of your soul and wildly support you to cultivate the internal environment which mirrors the desires of your outer world.

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An embodied feminine leadership coach who rebelled against the rules to create her own version of spirituality, entrepreneurship and leadership. Not ‘extreme’ enough to fall into any one category, but instead creating my own place to express all of ME.


YOU are the one who holds the key to your success.
Not your coach. Not your community. Not your partner/dog/kids/that girl from high school.

But they (and life in general) dilute you.

Just as we all need a shower to wash away the dirt from the day.
We need to be cleansed energetically.

To wash away the thoughts / judgements / noise distorting your vision.

So you can re-emerge. Clear. Grounded. Pure.
Ready to show up fully for your self. Your craft. Your legacy.

I’ll help you shake that sh*t off.