hey, I'm Amanda

I'm an embodied feminine leadership coach who believes you are worthy of so much more.

My story really began the moment I said goodbye...

Goodbye to 'the good girl'.
Goodbye to my harsh inner critic.
Goodbye to comparison and self-doubt.

But it took me a few years to get to this point.

All my life I was conditioned to be 'the good girl'. 
Study hard to have the good career. Over-function and value your worth on external validation received from others.  And most importantly, tone yourself down, be agreeable and liked by everyone.

It was all about fitting into the mould that patriarchal society expected of me.
Because THIS is what a successful life looked like.

From the outside (and according to society's standards), I WAS successful.
On the inside... I felt anything but.

All the years of PAST conditioning had left their mark... eroding my self-trust and INNATE wisdom.

Always in survival mode. My nervous system was a wreck.
My physical and mental health suffered severely, my confidence was hanging on by a thread and I was always one step away from burnout.

I KNEW the traditional path wasn't my soul's calling.

So I listened to the faint whisper and tuned into the glimmer of light still flickering within.

Diving head first into the world of entrepreneurship and investing thousands in coaches and course which promised the *silver bullet* solution; I was still grinding and hustling to the point of burn-out in my own business.

I was carrying a lifetime of unsupportive beliefs that had been projected onto me, which no amount of 'shiny new strategy' could fix.

I was constantly searching *out there* for all the answers.

The moment I turned my focus inward and started doing the soul workeverything changed.

I stopped handing my power over to others. I tuned into my inner knowing and allowed my innate wisdom to guide me. I became my own authority and my inner visionary leader emerged.

The shift in my inner world, rippled outside...and everything fell into place.

A sense of ease and flow of being in total alignment. 
A deep trust in myself, my own worth and what I bring to this world.
Reconnection and reclamation to my true essence.
And with all this I know that abundance will flow to match this high vibration.

And now i'm going to help you DO THE SAME.

CREATING life on our own terms

My beautiful family

Recognised expertise

I am a certified Institute for Integrative Nutrition Health Coach; a Wild Success Life Coach and Neuro Linguistics Practitioner.

Informally, I am experienced in spirituality and energy work, meditation and feminine embodiment. 

I have also engaged in extensive personal development diving into the fields of quantum physics, neuroscience and the Universal Laws.

Life continues to be one of my greatest lessons - healing my own stress and anxiety (which manifested in a multitude of physical symptoms) through holistic practices; pivoting careers to create my own business which aligns with my values; consciously parenting my two babes (and homeschooling my daughter) to ensure both their physical and emotional needs are nurtured; and continually growing, evolving and up-levelling myself as a human being.

"Think Katie's work is just for women? Think again. I'm a man (obviously), and my business tripled, too!"


tripled his revenue

I'm baby farm-to-table sartorial helvetica, migas marfa paleo chambray normcore 8-bit bushwick roof party truffaut banjo actually. YOLO health goth jean shorts forage farm-to-table flannel. 


can't live without




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current crystal of choice

all about


Being in nature,
slow mornings,
quality time with family 
helping you embody
your magic.


not about

bandaid fixes,
being inauthentic,
sleazy tactics,
that hustle game

“The entire universe is conspiring to give you everything that you want.”


Abraham Hicks


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