A high-touch 1:1 container to help you cultivate magnetic confidence; grow your business in a way that feels good; and create a legacy worthy of remembering.


Feminine Leadership. Mindset. Energetics. Embodiment

Feminine Leadership. Mindset. Energetics. Embodiment


A high-touch 1:1 container to help you cultivate magnetic confidence; grow your business in a way that feels good; and create a legacy worthy of remembering.


You were destined to play BIGGER. 

To be part of the generation of powerhouse women creating monumental change…except you can’t do that when you’re caught up in the cycle of ‘Shining and Shrinking’.

You've had a taste of success.
Your business is starting to take off.
Yet a part of you still feels like an imposter, waiting for it to all come crashing down.

On the surface, you're the picture of control and success… but deep down, your fears are running riot!

They are keeping you stuck.
They are keeping you small.

And in order to build the legacy you desire...
you need to leave them behind.

Amanda is a masterful coach and leader who embodies feminine leadership in powerful ways. 

 Her coaching containers are curated with the utmost care for her clients and the mirror she holds for their greatness is bona fide. As an entrepreneur and visionary operating my own successful coaching business, I can speak to the gift of having Amanda hold you in your own vision and the ways that can accelerate your own expansion.

- Robyn Gooding, Business COACH & Mentor

I see you beautiful, desiring to create bold moves but you’re stuck in the same cycle...

You take a leap of faith, opening yourself up and start to gain traction. But then self-doubt creeps in, leaving you feeling vulnerable and exposed.

In comes the negative self-talk and your confidence wanes...

Who do you think you are to claim success?
Why would anyone listen to you?
You're just a fraud playing make-believe!

So you retreat.

Playing small once again to hide from the voices in your head.

You become less assertive.
Waiting for validation instead of taking the lead.

You start to lose trust in your instincts, questioning your abilities.

You dream of being a thought-leader, but fear of failure, judgement and rejection hold you back.

And with every retreat, it becomes harder to break free from this cycle.
'Shining' and 'Shrinking'.

Until it feels like an endless loop.

But if only you saw yourself as others see you…
  You would be unstoppable!

You have the passion, the skills and the drive, but your self-doubt and imposter syndrome holds you back.

In your quest to create and grow your business, you've become disconnected from your inner compass and the negative voices have taken over.

But we're going to change that.

The truth is, you've overlooked the most important part...YOU.

Imagine if you could break through this cycle.






You have a rock-solid foundation of self (quirks and all!) that allows you to ignore others’ projections or judgements and lean into the full extent of your vision (instead of a watered down version).

You develop a strong sense of intuition and confidence in your instincts, enabling you to become a thought leader in your industry, allowing you to make informed decisions and avoid blindly following trends or 'experts’.

You take bold and courageous actions in your business, free from the fear of criticism or cancellation, empowering you to drive momentum and avoid second-guessing yourself or waiting for validation from others.

You effortlessly navigate business frustrations (such as negative feedback, refund requests and broken commitments) without feeling crushed or taking it as a personal attack.

You effectively set and uphold boundaries in your business and with your clients, ensuring your needs are met and preventing burnout, while still providing exceptional service.

All of this is completely possible...

A high-touch 1:1 container to help you cultivate magnetic confidence; grow your business in a way that feels good; and create a legacy worthy of remembering.




A high-touch 1:1 container to help you cultivate magnetic confidence; grow your business in a way that feels good; and create a legacy worthy of remembering.

This is your invitation to get to really know you - at that deeeeeeep soul level.

To release the old patterns and limiting beliefs and build the confidence, self-belief and self-trust required to lead your clients and your business from a place of deep authenticity.

Because my love, you are here to leave your imprint on the world...and it's going to be big!

What's Included...

Private Coaching Calls: Two private coaching calls per month tailored to your unique needs.

Our private coaching container is a high-touch, intimate space for deep exploration, transformation and connection. 

During our four or six-month journey together, you'll receive:

Unlimited Voxer Support: Access to unlimited Voxer support between calls with a 24-hour response time (Monday through Thursday).

Customised Resources: Personalised mindset, embodiment and activation resources tailored to your individual journey.


Working with Amanda has been instrumental in creating the internal environment needed to propel my success as a holistic health coach.

Her unique approach addresses the internal challenges that hold us back. Amanda’s guidance on leadership and self-mastery has been transformative. As a coach, I’m always taking care of others, but working with Amanda reminded me to fill my cup first so I can show up better for my clients. Grateful for her impact in both personal and professional growth!


The Breakdown of our Coaching

The Breakdown of our Coaching

This is not a one-size-fits-all approach or proprietary framework that falls short.

Instead, it's a highly tailored experience designed to meet you where you are and guide you to where you desire to be.

Look at the leaders you admire - they seem to ooze natural charisma and confidence. There’s no self-doubt, no hesitation. They take messy action and their community lap it up!

They've built an unshakeable mindset. They’ve let go of the outdated beliefs, the unsupportive habits and all that other stuff that’s keeping you stuck (perfectionism parading as procrastination, anyone?).

You’re here to SHINE my love, so no more shrinking.


How you see yourself is how others receive you. Your self-concept is e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g! It's not often taught when building a business, but it’s what makes you, YOU.

It's what allows you to be innovative, form strong opinions in your integrity and allows your community to connect with you at a deep level.

When you have this level of heightened self-awareness and self-respect, your entire energy shifts. You become fearless. You become bolder. You become unf*ckwithable. You are simply magnetic!

Remember who you are and your worthiness to have it all.

Leadership is not a performance or about impressing others. It's about being authentic and embodying your power and purpose throughout everything that you do.

And when you’ve cultivated a deep level of self-belief, self-trust and confidence, it’s going to come naturally.
Because you're a woman on a mission. Laser-focused on where you're going. And no-one and nothing is going to knock you off course.

You're here to change lives and create a ripple effect through your work. You’re creating a legacy, and it all starts with stepping into your power as a leader.

RECLAIM YOUR POWER for the impact you're here to make.

Your business is an extension of you, which is why this inner work is oh-so-necessary! And the best part? It gets to be fun!

We'll use powerful tools like neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), mindset coaching, and somatics to cultivate a strong inner environment that supports your growth as a leader. We do this all through the lens of feminine ease and grace, celebrating the cyclical rhythms of being a woman and honouring the interconnectedness of all aspects of life.

This journey is about cultivating a business and life that feels good for your nervous system and aligns with your deepest values. So you fall in love with the life you're creating and share that love with the world through your work.

- lana, Australia

I was so drawn to Amanda's work.
Her energy, what she does and her insights are incredible!
I deeply, deeply appreciate her for always holding space for me.

This is not ‘business coaching’…
but something far more important.

This is coaching for YOU.
You as a LEADER.

Success in business is 80% mindset & energetics, and that's what we're cultivating inside our coaching container.

We're establishing your inner authority.
Which is going to be felt outwardly throughout every aspect of your work

All whilst you feel wildly supported as you soften into this work and grow your business in a way that feels juicy AF.

Anyone can be a business owner...
but only a select few are leaders.

Leadership is mindset.
Leadership is energetic.
Leadership is embodiment.

The investment is...

Six Month
Coaching Container

Four Month
Coaching Container

$7,000 USD pay in full
$1,300 USD part payment x 6

$5,000 USD pay in full
$1,375 USD part payment x 4


This is for the woman who…

Is ready to take full responsibility for her vision, her actions and her impact.

Is committed to the deep inner work and long-term growth, both personally and for the legacy she leaves.

Is willing to shake up the status quo and act with authenticity and integrity, driven by her values and vision.

Is ready to embrace discomfort and step outside her comfort zone in service of her big vision.

Believes in the power of aligned action and self-trust, taking each step with conviction and self-assuredness.

I believe in a world of omnicolour, not beige— where we're not designed to fit neatly into a box, but to be multi-faceted, multi-talented and multi-dimensional… just like you.

My mission is to redefine what feminine leadership means, helping you break down generational barriers and achieve your vision, creating a legacy that will be felt for generations to come.

I coach female entrepreneurs who are over the "one-size-fits-all" approach to business success (which doesn't work) to get to know themselves on a deep soul level and clear up all that internal sh*t that's stopping them from having the business of their dreams.



*aka the inner work to build the confidence and self-concept you need to create a successful and fulfilling business that aligns with your values and purpose.

- Nikki, United Kingdom

"I’ve learnt that achieving my goals is more of a gradual journey, than a sprint (which is where I'd failed in the past).

Amanda helped me work through any slip ups without being too hard on myself - the biggest key to achieving anything I want is to change my mindset and forgive myself for ‘off days’ or weeks.” 



The space that Amanda created felt safe and nurturing, allowing me to explore and conquer my internal challenges.

- Rachel D, Australia

“I realised I had been blocking the pain from my childhood trauma and finally felt safe to process the pain that was flowing out.

Amanda is very intuitive understanding and kind and I really appreciated the gentle way she approached me as we worked together”


"How is this different to business coaching or mentorship?"

The best way to think of it is they work on the outside (strategy, systems, branding, marketing, etc) and I work on the inside. Our work together focuses largely on your mindset, your energy, what might be getting in the way of you being able to see the successes of that new strategy you’ve implemented or the launch you’re about to do.

You can have a business that looks flashy and shiny on the exterior, but if that inner critic of yours is getting in the way and preventing you from showing up for your business…it’s just not going to work.

Our work together is to help you get to know yourself, what makes you tick, clear out any of those internal limitations that you have. I always say business is 20% strategy & systems and 80% mindset and energetics. If you haven’t got this part sorted, the other part just won’t work.


I love to tailor our sessions to what you need and draw upon several different modalities including neuro-linguistics programming, neuro-somatics and energetics. The structure of each session may differ with some being more traditional coaching, whilst others may take you through different body-based processes. I will always ask your consent before embarking on anything and allow sufficient time afterwards to integrate.


So much of the work within the spiritual and mindset space is esoteric so it can be difficult to translate tangibility. I love to frame it instead of how you'll feel after the session and what you'll noticed in the coming days, weeks and months. During our coaching session we'll create a safe space where we're able to dive deep and allow you to to have epiphanies and ah-ha moments that may have otherwise taken years to arrive upon.

Past clients have described feeling lighter, more assurance and having a greater ease through which they're able to approach their work. You'll have a sense of direction about your personal next best step to take, rather than trying to guess what this may be as is often the case in large cohort groups which offer cookie-cutter advice.

You will feel grounded and supported to be freely all of you. The magic of this type of work is that internal shift will continue to play out long after our session.


We'll utilise the same framework in both containers and personalise this to meet you where you're at in your own journey. The difference purely resides in the length of time we have together. Some clients prefer to opt into the shorter container initially (and then recommit at the end of this term together once they realise how valuable it is!). Others prefer to go with the longer term initially as this provides a better value investment. 


I’m currently located in Perth, Western Australia (GMT+8) and typically am available Mon-Thurs 9am - 4pm. I will always do my best to accommodate my international clients with alternate times if these aren’t suitable.


I would love to answer any specific questions so we can see if this is the right fit for you. Send me a DM on Instagram and let’s chat. @iam_amandahunter

A high-touch 1:1 container to help you cultivate magnetic confidence; grow your business in a way that feels good; and create a legacy worthy of remembering.



A high-touch 1:1 container to help you cultivate magnetic confidence; grow your business in a way that feels good; and create a legacy worthy of remembering.

Private Coaching

Q2. What do you desire to create 12 months from now?

Q3. What do you feel is holding you back from achieving this?

Q4. What do you want to achieve through working together?

Q5. How committed are you to doing the 'inner work' and taking radical responsibility for your actions?

Q6. Which length container do you prefer?

Q1. Tell me a bit about yourself and your business.

four months

Six months

Q7. If we are an aligned fit, the investment is noted below. Which payment plan would suit you best?
4 Month Coaching Container: US$5,000 PIF -or- US$1,375 x 4 months
6 Month Coaching Container: US$6,500 PIF -or- US$1,200 x 6 months

Pay in Full

Payment Plan

This coaching container is application only and spaces are limited.
Submit the below application form and I'll be in touch within 48 hours.

Any additional notes:


I will review and be in touch within 48 hours.

If you have any questions in the meantime (or do not hear from me within this timeframe), please connect with me on instagram @iam_amandahunter.