You were destined to play BIGGER. 

To be part of the generation of powerhouse women creating monumental change…except you can’t do that when you’re preoccupied by ‘Shining and Shrinking’.

You have a successful business.
You’ve been able to cultivate a community.
And yet part of you still feels like an imposter and wonders when it’s all going to come crashing down.

On the outside, you appear to have it all under control.
On the inside…the deep-rooted fears and anxieties are running riot.

They are keeping you small.
They are keeping you safe.

But in order to truly expand…they must be shed.

Amanda is a masterful coach and leader who embodies feminine leadership in powerful ways. 

 Her coaching containers are curated with the utmost care for her clients and the mirror she holds for their greatness is bona fide. As an entrepreneur and visionary operating my own successful coaching business, I can speak to the gift of having Amanda hold you in your own vision and the ways that can accelerate your own expansion.

- Robyn Gooding, Business COACH & Mentor

I see you beautiful, desiring to create bold moves but you’re stuck in the same cycle...

Opening yourself up. Having visible success. Then shutting down because you feel vulnerable and exposed.
You don’t know how to survive at this new level as all your old shi*t starts to resurface.

And so the spiral begins…
WTF am I actually doing?
Who am I to be doing this?
Am I really worthy?

So you start to show up smaller. You avoid stretching so much.... Try to keep yourself safe.

You bite your tongue, saying “yes” when you know you want to say “no”... because your fear of ‘not being liked’ is now running the show.

You regularly break down over your ability to effectively lead your team, your community or your self…and feel like you’d be better off being an employee than the creator of your business.

Even though you’re incredible at your work, you doubt your ability to manage a 6-figure / multi-6-figure company. You merely feel like a little girl playing make-believe!

Some days you believe you’d be better off burning it all to the ground and starting over!

But if only you saw yourself as others see you…
  You would be unstoppable!

You’re caught between expansion and contraction.
Oscillating between being visible and hiding.
Desiring to grow an empire and yet feeling so alone as you do.
Without an outlet to admit your deep rooted fears and anxieties.

And there’s only one way out.

Stuck between worlds.

You’re caught between expansion and contraction.

Oscillating between being visible and hiding.

Desiring to grow an empire and yet feeling so alone as you do.

Without an outlet to admit your deep rooted fears and anxieties.

Imagine if you could break through this cycle.






You were a highly functioning CEO of a thriving company whilst still residing in your divine feminine, your creativity and your intuition.

You oozed the confidence to show up in your fullest expression without censoring yourself or dimming your light for fear of being criticised and cancelled.

You could effortlessly navigate business frustrations (such as refund requests and broken commitments) without feeling crushed or taking it as a personal attack.

You embodied the leadership skills to efficiently manage your team (instead of simply being a “yes woman”) without worrying about ‘not being liked’.

You had a rock-solid foundation of self that allowed you to ignore others’ projections or judgement and manifest the full expression of your vision (not a watered down version). 

All of this is completely possible when you cultivate the inner environment to hold your next level of success.

1:1 Private Coaching

A safe space where…


You don’t have to pretend.
You don’t have to be strong.
You don’t have to lead with success metrics.

You get to come home to yourself. Your truth. Your remembrance.

A nurturing place for you to break down to powerfully rise again as an omnipotent leader for your clients, your team and your business.

What's Included...

Unlimited Voxer support between calls (24 hour response time Mon-Thurs)

Two private coaching calls per month

This is a premium, high-touch 1:1 private container.

4 month or 6 month coaching containers available.

Custom mindset, embodiment, activations and other resources to support your journey.

- lana, Australia

I was so drawn to Amanda's work.
Her energy, what she does and her insights are incredible!
I deeply, deeply appreciate her for always holding space for me.

The Breakdown of our Coaching

The Breakdown of our Coaching

Using my signature
In-her Authority Framework, we’ll explore and journey through three core areas as we uncover and integrate your true visionary buried within.

The conditioning is real!
You’ve been taught to distrust your own innate wisdom. You’ve been taught to look outside yourself for guidance. You’ve been taught it’s not safe to be disliked.

Together we'll create the safety to begin shedding beliefs that are limiting your infinite potential and clear old ways that are keeping you stuck as a leader.

Release and clear what no longer serves you.

It’s time to come home. A coming home to self and remembering the true essence of who you really are.

This is where deep work really begins. Dare to dance in the shadows as we dismantle the limiting beliefs and mindset blocks that arise at this level of leadership which are causing you to self-sabotage your business.

Remember who you are and your worthiness to have it all.

You are a changemaker and were destined for more! To fully embody your big vision and bring it into the NOW.

This is about showing up in all your authenticity as you create your legacy business. Stepping into your role as the sacred CEO of your business as you embody the qualities of a true leader. Claiming your next level and making it happen!

Reclaim your soul codes and power for the impact you're here to make.

This is not ‘business coaching’…but something far more important.
This is coaching for YOU.
You as a LEADER.

Anyone can be a business owner but only a select few are leaders.

They are the ones...
Who get to break through the noise.
Who get to stand out.
Who get to make a monumental impact in the world.

And this is the space in which we play inside our coaching container. The work we do is more nuanced. We dive deep into this inner work which allows you to rise as a leader.

This private coaching container is designed for you to feel wildly supported as you evolve in your role as the Sacred CEO of your business.

Just because your business *looks good* doesn’t automatically make you a good leader.

Leadership is mindset.
Leadership is energetic.
Leadership is embodiment.

Apply Now

The investment is...

Six Month
Coaching Container

Four Month
Coaching Container

$7,000 USD pay in full
$1,300 USD part payment x 6

$5,000 USD pay in full
$1,375 USD part payment x 4

This is for the woman who…

Is ready to make bold moves and wholly show up for the vision she is holding.

Is accountable to her future self and uses this as her driving force.

Is ready to take action powerfully towards her vision, even if she is scared.

Is coachable and ready to take on whatever feedback is required to make this work.

Trusts herself, takes that first step and makes it happen.

Certified life coach, holistic health coach and neuro-linguistics practitioner, mama of two little ones, adventure seeker and big kid at heart…I’m a multi-passionate, multi-faceted human being who believes you don’t need to pretend to be anyone else because you are more than enough being YOU.

I’ll guide you into the depths of your soul and wildly support you to cultivate the internal environment which mirrors the desires of your outer world.

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An embodied feminine leadership coach who rebelled against the rules to create her own version of spirituality, entrepreneurship and leadership. Not ‘extreme’ enough to fall into any one category, but instead creating my own space in which to express all of ME.

Rachel, Australia

“I realised I had been blocking the pain from my childhood trauma and finally felt safe to process the pain that was flowing out.

Amanda is very intuitive understanding and kind and I really appreciated the gentle way she approached me as we worked together”

Nikki, United Kingdom

"I’ve learnt that achieving my goals is more of a gradual journey, than a sprint (which is where I'd failed in the past).

Amanda helped me work through any slip ups without being too hard on myself - the biggest key to achieving anything I want is to change my mindset and forgive myself for ‘off days’ or weeks.” 

Eszter, The Netherlands

“I always came away from my sessions with Amanda feeling lighter and inspired.

It was like chatting with a long-lost friend and I felt safe to be myself around her"

Lisa, Australia

“I'm only a few days in and already starting to feel more energetic and the brain fog is subsiding.

So far so good!”


Frequently Asked Questions

“What can I take away from our coaching sessions together?”

So much of the work within the spiritual and mindset space is esoteric so it can be difficult to translate tangibility. I love to frame it instead of how you'll feel after the session and what you'll noticed in the coming days, weeks and months. During our coaching session we'll create a safe space where we're able to dive deep and allow you to to have epiphanies and ah-ha moments that may have otherwise taken years to arrive upon.

Past clients have described feeling lighter, more assurance and having a greater ease through which they're able to approach their work. You'll have a sense of direction about your personal next best step to take, rather than trying to guess what this may be as is often the case in large cohort groups which offer cookie-cutter advice.

You will feel grounded and supported to be freely all of you. The magic of this type of work is that internal shift will continue to play out long after our session.

"How is this different to business coaching or mentorship?"

The best way to think of our relationship is seeing me as part of your team. You likely have someone helping you with growth strategies (aka your business coach); a VA (or maybe an OBM) taking care of the daily tasks to help streamline your biz; a podcast editor; and maybe some other tasks you've outsourced so you can focus on being the visionary and the master of your craft.

Where I come in is to help you cultivate the internal environment that enables you to hold the next level of your success. A safe space where you can break down and work through any of the *stuff* that's going on (ie. limiting beliefs, underlying conditioning, etc) so you can remain clear and confident to operate as your most expansive self. This is coaching in its purest form where you get to feel wildly supported as you stretch beyond your edges.

“I have some other questions”

I would love to answer any specific questions so we can see if this is the right fit for you. Send me a DM on Instagram and let’s chat. @iam_amandahunter

"What's the difference between the 4 month and 6 month containers?"

We'll utilise the same framework in both containers and personalise this to meet you where you're at in your own journey. The difference purely resides in the length of time we have together. Some clients prefer to opt into the shorter container initially (and then recommit at the end of this term together once they realise how valuable it is!). Others prefer to go with the longer term initially as this provides a better value investment. 

“Which timezone are you located in and what’s your session availability?”

I’m currently located in Perth, Western Australia (GMT+8) and typically am available Mon-Thurs 9am - 4pm. I will always do my best to accommodate my international clients with alternate times if these aren’t suitable.

"What modalities do you use in our sessions?"

I love to tailor our sessions to what you need and draw upon several different modalities including neuro-linguistics programming, neuro-somatics and energetics. The structure of each session may differ with some being more traditional coaching, whilst others may take you through different body-based processes. I will always ask your consent before embarking on anything and allow sufficient time afterwards to integrate.

Now is your time...

Expand your inner authority.
Elevate your leadership.
Rise into the next level of your evolution.


Private Coaching

Q2. What do you desire to create 12 months from now?

Q3. What do you feel is holding you back from achieving this?

Q4. What do you want to achieve through working together?

Q5. How committed are you to doing the 'inner work' and taking radical responsibility for your actions?

Q6. Which length container do you prefer?

Q1. Tell me a bit about yourself and your business.

four months

Six months

Q7. If we are an aligned fit, the investment is noted below. Which payment plan would suit you best?
4 Month Coaching Container: US$5,000 PIF -or- US$1,375 x 4 months
6 Month Coaching Container: US$6,500 PIF -or- US$1,200 x 6 months

Pay in Full

Payment Plan


This coaching container is application only and spaces are limited.
Submit the below application form and I'll be in touch within 48 hours.

Any additional notes:

I will review and be in touch within 48 hours.

If you have any questions in the meantime (or do not hear from me within this timeframe), please connect with me on instagram @iam_amandahunter.



If you're into blurring the lines between business and pleasure, creating a life that you LOVE,  embracing your feminine essence and all things a little magical... You've come to the right place!


Amanda Hunter