Rachel S, United states

Working with Amanda has been instrumental in creating the internal environment needed to propel my success as a holistic health coach.

Her unique approach addresses the internal challenges that hold us back. Amanda’s guidance on leadership and self-mastery has been transformative. As a coach, I’m always taking care of others, but working with Amanda reminded me to fill my cup first so I can show up better for my clients. Grateful for her impact in both personal and professional growth!

Ana, Australia

Empowerment, CLARITY AND A NEWFOUND SENSE OF FREEDOM. I experienced profound liberation as we delved into a dismantled my limiting beliefs.

This experience was beyond my expectations. I underwent a significant shift in self-awareness, unravelling limiting beliefs and gaining an enhanced sense of empowerment. The space that Amanda created felt safe and nurturing, allowing me to explore and conquer my internal challenges.

"Think Katie's work is just for women? Think again. I'm a man (obviously), and my business tripled, too!"


tripled his revenue

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- Nikki, United Kingdom

"I’ve learnt that achieving my goals is more of a gradual journey, than a sprint (which is where I'd failed in the past).

Amanda helped me work through any slip ups without being too hard on myself - the biggest key to achieving anything I want is to change my mindset and forgive myself for ‘off days’ or weeks.” 

- Ezther, The Netherlands

“I always came away from my sessions with Amanda feeling lighter and inspired.

It was like chatting with a long-lost friend and I felt safe to be myself around her"

- Rachel D, Australia

“I realised I had been blocking the pain from my childhood trauma and finally felt safe to process the pain that was flowing out.

Amanda is very intuitive understanding and kind and I really appreciated the gentle way she approached me as we worked together”