Reclaim your independence, shake the Mum-guilt and feel totally liberated.

Rekindle your connections and passions as you find yourself again in the union of womanhood and motherhood.

If you're ready to step into your power as a newly awakened woman, you're in the right place. 

Becoming a mother can feel like a rupture to the world you knew before. Everything changes.
Your previous identity. Gone.
Your independence. Gone.
Your freedom. Gone.
…or so it seems.

Motherhood can feel like a coat that isn’t yours. 
There’s a deep yearning and grieving for the life you had before.
…and then comes the pang of guilt for second-guessing this new world of yours.

But what if instead of losing yourself to motherhood, it became an opportunity for you to truly find yourself?


My mission is to help women find their truth and navigate this sacred space called Motherhood.

Together we'll embark upon a journey that is sure crack you open and help you heal in ways you never imagined possible!

What we do...


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Reclamation helps school mums reclaim their independence and sense of self (without mum guilt, loneliness or feeling like a failure) so that they can rekindle their connections, passions and have quality alone time while giving the best life to their little one AND themselves as a newly awakened woman.



Amidst the overwhelming expectations of motherhood, becoming a mum can also mean loss of freedom and handing over your identity. It’s only when your little one starts school that you realise you don’t even know who you are without them.

I help women reclaim and reconnect with themselves to redefine what motherhood means as they emerge activated at a completely new level exuding strength, power and wisdom as both a woman and a mother.

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1:1 Private Coaching

We go deep together and explore the interconnectivity between the areas of your life to uncover underlying causes of what’s keeping you stuck.

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The Healthstyle Emporium

A 16 week online holistic wellness program helping you to become the happiest & most inspired version of yourself.

Success Stories

“I appreciate the way Amanda approached me - she is very intuitive, understanding and kind.

I realised I'd been blocking the pain from childhood trauma and finally felt in the right place to process this.”

- Rachel, Coaching client

“With Amanda's encouragement and advice I’ve learnt that achieving my goals is more of a gradual journey, than a sprint (which is where I'd failed in the past).

She kept me accountable and was there to celebrate my wins, no matter how small!”

- Nikki, Coaching client

“I'm only a few days in and already starting to feel more energetic and the brain fog is subsiding.

So far so good!”

- Lisa, Coaching client



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