Feeling stuck. Stagnant. Whatever you want to call it. You've hit that inner glass ceiling and need to shake things up in order get the momentum going again.

You know you're destined for big things, but need a breakthrough to get you there.




Imagine creating a business that operates outside the status quo. Where you infuse pleasure and play with being of-service. Uplevelling into your soul's assignment, living your purpose and getting paid abundantly for your gifts. 

Where you are deeply connected to yourself, know your value as a leader and magnetise your dream clients towards you. You feel confident to be fully seen in all your glory, mess and authenticity whilst achieving this vision. Your business feels spacious as you anchor into your zone of genius and flow-state, without needing to push or hustle to get there.

Where you simply get to have MORE....

except you keep hitting up against that same glass ceiling no matter which way you turn.

Break through your inner glass ceiling and step into your power as the divine feminine leader you were born to be.

I see you beautiful, trying so hard to break through...

Pouring so much of yourself into your business only to hit up against the same glass ceiling, time and time again.

investing thousands on courses, diligently following their “Roadmap to 6-Figures”, yet you’re still struggling with inconsistent 4-figure months.

Struggling to stay consistent when so much of your message seems to fall on deaf ears. You feel like you’re constantly showing up to a non-existent community.

Comparing yourself to others in your industry who managed to ‘cut through the noise’ and are truly magnetic - what do they have that you don’t?!

Deep down you feel like an imposter and your harsh inner critic has you doubting whether you’re actually any good at what you do!

But you’ve done the mindset work before and feel like you *should* be past this point by now…and now you realise that you’re spiritually bypassing and gaslighting yourself!

The financial, energetic, time impact on you is leaving you in survival mode.

You are drained and beginning to wonder whether you’ll ever *make it* as an entrepreneur.

You have been told the missing piece of the puzzle is *another course, strategy or social media platform* but it’s really about YOU becoming the best version of yourself so that you can lead your business and birth your big vision.

Sure, it’s easier to spend money on the next shiny object…buuuuut what you need isn’t “out there”...it’s within you.

Most self-development courses focus on shifting your mindset.

But here’s the thing... when you move beyond the conscious mind and play within the realm of energetics... a whole deeper level of healing and possibilities open up.

The real reason you feel stuck is because...

And this is what sets my work apart.

A two week intensive to get to the core of and unravel your limiting beliefs and sabotaging behaviours so you can get on with creating the impact you're here to make.




Here's what you can expect






Uncover your stories which are creating blocks and sabotaging behaviours so you can begin to integrate these.

Gain clarity around areas of ‘stuckness’ within your inner world that are causing your business to stagnate.

Establish the confidence to show up in your fullest expression without censoring yourself or dimming your light for fear of being cancelled or rejected.

Reconnect to your creativity and reclaim the essence of your originality as you create spaciousness to receive downloads, sit with your desires and your vision so you can build your legacy in a way that feels in total alignment to your values.

Tune in to your own wisdom and inner knowing, trusting that you are a worthy leader, successful and the money will flow in.


This offer includes:

90 Minute Breakthrough Online Coaching Session where we dive into a specific area where you’re currently feeling stuck. We’ll tap into your inner wisdom to reveal any blocks and craft the next most aligned steps

2 Weeks Voxer support (24 hour response time Mon-Thurs, however I’m typically much quicker than this!)

I’m also throwing in this extra special juicy bonus...

Customised Breakthrough Audio
Based on what arises during our coaching session, I will provide a customised breakthrough audio tool, meditation or practice to reprogram your subconscious mind and recode your cells at the energetic level

The total value of all of this is…
90 minute breakthrough coaching session ($600)
Voxer support (typically $1,400 per month)
Breakthrough audio tool ($200)

The investment is...

$800 USD Pay in full
$450 USD part payment x 2 (upfront & then in 1 month)


I believe in a world of omnicolour, not beige— where we're not designed to fit neatly into a box, but to be multi-faceted, multi-talented and multi-dimensional… just like you.

My mission is to redefine what feminine leadership means, helping you break down generational barriers and achieve your vision, creating a legacy that will be felt for generations to come.

I coach female entrepreneurs who are over the "one-size-fits-all" approach to business success (which doesn't work) to get to know themselves on a deep soul level and clear up all that internal sh*t that's stopping them from having the business of their dreams.



*aka the inner work to build the confidence and self-concept you need to create a successful and fulfilling business that aligns with your values and purpose.

- Ana, Australia

This experience was beyond my expectations. I underwent a significant shift in self-awareness, unravelling limiting beliefs and gaining an enhanced sense of empowerment. The space that Amanda created felt safe and nurturing, allowing me to explore and conquer my internal challenges.


The Breakdown of 'The Breakthrough'

During our intimate coaching session, I’ll hold a safe space for you to dive deep and peel back the layers where you’re feeling stuck or overwhelmed within your business. 

We both know how our outer world mirrors our inner world, so we're going to hold up that mirror and get to the root of it all.

You spend your days holding space for others, it is now your turn to feel safe, to be held and to be honest with yourself (perhaps even for the first time in a while!).

1:1 90 Minute Coaching Session

Our session can sometimes feel intense and things will bubble up afterwards. It takes time and space to fully integrate everything we uncover so being able to come back for ongoing support as questions emerge is invaluable!

Think of this as that support in your pocket as you navigate the shifts you felt over the next two weeks.

Two Weeks Unlimited Voxer Support

Creating a truly potent shift is not a matter of ‘thinking change into effect’...

...it must occur beyond the conscious mind.

This breakthrough tool allows the impact of your transformation to be more intense and occur in a shorter space of time.

Customised Breakthrough Audio

This is for the woman who…

is on a mission to fulfill her soul’s purpose but  can feel something holding her back

Is ready to take big, bold action  even if she is scared.


WANTs TO STAND FIRM IN heR BOUNDARIES and stop bending over backwards for everyone, KNOWING heR TRUE worth.

Amanda is a masterful coach and leader who embodies feminine leadership in powerful ways. 

 Her coaching containers are curated with the utmost care for her clients and the mirror she holds for their greatness is bona fide. As an entrepreneur and visionary operating my own successful coaching business, I can speak to the gift of having Amanda hold you in your own vision and the ways that can accelerate your own expansion.

- Robyn Gooding, Business COACH & Mentor

“What can I take away from the breakthrough intensive?”

So much of the work within the spiritual and mindset space is esoteric so it can be difficult to translate tangibility. I love to frame it instead of how you'll feel after the session and what you'll noticed in the coming days, weeks and months. During our coaching session we'll create a safe space where we're able to dive deep and allow you to to have epiphanies and ah-ha moments that may have otherwise taken years to arrive upon. Past clients have described feeling lighter, more assurance and having a greater ease through which they're able to approach their work. You'll have a sense of direction about your personal next best step to take, rather than trying to guess what this may be as is often the case in large cohort groups which offer cookie-cutter advice.
You will feel grounded and supported to be freely all of you. The magic of this type of work is that internal shift will continue to play out long after our session.

“But I already have my own practice?”

That is great news! I wholeheartedly believe in having a (almost) daily personal practice and the most successful people in this industry will echo this. What they also believe in, is continued investment in our own personal development and growth to leap our learnings and evolution. Having an outside perspective mirroring back our inner world and illuminating our blind spots can provide greater insights than we can see alone.

“Can I extend the Voxer support / work with you longer?”

At this stage, support is offered for 2 weeks only with this package, but please contact me on hello@amandahunter.net to discuss a bespoke package


I’m currently located in Perth, Western Australia (GMT+8) and typically am available Mon-Thurs 9am - 4pm. I will always do my best to accommodate my international clients with alternate times if these aren’t suitable.


I would love to answer any specific questions so we can see if this is the right fit for you. Send me a DM on Instagram and let’s chat. @iam_amandahunter


90 Minute Coaching Session
2 Week's Voxer Support
Bonus Customised Audio

ENrol now

1 x $800USD


90 Minute Coaching Session
2 Week's Voxer Support
Bonus Customised Audio

ENrol now

2 x $450USD

Payment options

To say goodbye to stagnation and whatever it is that has kept you stuck.

To shatter that internal glass ceiling and get you back into momentum again.

To uplevel into that visionary leader you were always destined to be.

Now is the time...