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February 20, 2024


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Maybe business is ‘okay’ but you didn’t start one to settle for mediocre. You desire to create impact and leave your legacy on the world, so let’s talk about why that’s not happening.

In this episode we’re chatting about:

  • The ‘invisible barrier’ which is keeping you stuck on the merry-go-round of ‘grind and repeat’.
  • How your personal life and business life are interconnected…what happens in one affects the other
  • How to spot where your subconscious beliefs and thoughts are tripping you over
  • The process to be able to break through this barrier and take your business from surviving to thriving

So if you’re ready to step into your Legacy Leadership Energy era, then this episode is for you!


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Big love,

Amanda xo

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Turn your business from meh to F*ck yesssss

[00:00:00] I’m not saying business has to be bad. Maybe it’s okay, but we want it to be great. And we get to have that. That’s the thing we are allowed to desire more. We are allowed to create more in our businesses.

We don’t have to settle for mediocre.

Hello. And I love and welcome back to the feminine luminary podcast. I’m really excited to bring you this particular episode, because it is something that is near and dear to my own heart. And it’s certainly something that I see happening for so many women. Working in their online businesses. And what I’m talking about here is feeling as though you were on that constant struggle.

Merry-go-round. Where it’s just in this repetitive cycle of putting in so much effort and energy time and resources and not quite seeing the proportionate results in your business. And I get it. It’s frustrating. It’s really frustrating. And there’s a quote that actually comes to mind, which says.

The night is darkest before the Dawn.

And what happens is that quite often, It can feel as though you are getting nowhere. And then all of a sudden that is right before the tipping point. But there’s usually something that has to change before that occurs. And that’s what I’m going to delve into today. Exciting.

So I totally get it.

It can [00:02:00] feel so frustrating just to be stuck in this really repetitive cycle. I’m trying to break through taking our business to the next level. And I mean, business can be okay. I’m not saying business has to be bad. But I’m just saying businesses not going as well as we’d like it to be. Maybe it’s okay, but we want it to be great. And we get to have that. That’s the thing we are allowed to desire more. We are allowed to create more in our businesses.

We don’t have to settle for mediocre. And that’s one of the things that I actually love about entrepreneurship. And one of the reasons why I dove into it. Is that. I want it to be able to have more, to continually be striving for more. Rather than just settling for mediocre. And actually recall one of the conversations that I had with someone many, many years ago. Where I was talking about, I want to do this and I want to do that.

And I want to do all of these things. And I said, what is it that you want to do? Do you love your job? Do you love what you do? And you said. Yeah. It’s okay. It’ll do. And it’s just stuck with me ever since that. I never want to settle for. Okay. I never want to settle for. Eh, mediocre is good enough. I want to feel fulfilled. I want to FCD love what I do and for it to light me up. And so that’s why I got into entrepreneurship so that I could have that. So that I could make a difference, make an impact and help other people do exactly the same thing. And so this comes back to the point of when we are feeling as though it is constantly stuck in that never-ending grind.

We are putting in so much effort, but just not seeing the results. It can feel unfulfilling as well.

And what I really don’t want to happen is to get to that point where you just feel so unfulfilled and feel as though you’re hitting up against that same wall over and over again. And able to break through that invisible barrier. That we give up. Definitely not. I don’t want [00:04:00] that at all. And I’m sure you don’t either. ’cause my love.

I know. Deep down. You know, that you deserve more, you know, that you are capable of more, you know, that you were determined, you have the wisdom and the skills that you bring to your work and you want to have an impact. You want to leave a legacy that has felt beyond just simply the work that you do now. I know that I know that’s true.

But if we’re stuck in this cycle, And we can’t seem to break out of every key hitting against that. Invisible barrier. Then it starts to feel hard. It’s draining. It sucks. The creativity out of us. It sucks. The inspiration out of us. It just feels like an absolute chore. And that is the last thing we want. When business feels hard when business feels boring, when it’s not fun.

That’s when it’s so easy to give up.

So one of the things I often see happening is that when we get stuck in this really repetitive cycle, The way that we try and break through it. Is triangle the different strategies or even resorting to different hacks. You know, the social media hacks that we’ve seen, where they try and say, all I did was this one simple thing, and that completely just blew up my business. But the problem is that maybe you did that one thing that blew up your business, but you don’t actually understand how, why it was just a fluke. Or maybe the reason it blew up your business, it was because you are working in social media. And you’re telling everyone how to do these social media hacks. And people are then performing those hackers, working for you to blow up their business, but not to actually blow up yours because you’re in a completely different industry as doesn’t resonate with your people.

So rather than trying to find different hacks to solve the problem. We actually want to go deeper. And understand well, what is it exactly that is. Causing us to hit up against that invisible barrier.

They are hidden factors that are actually standing in the way to your success.

But quite often, the problem is that we can’t see them. We are too close to what’s going on. And there’s actually a Carl Young quote that Springs to mind as well.[00:06:00]

And I’m going to butcher it completely portrait. It’s along the lines of. How am I to be whole, if I did not embrace my shadow or see into my shadow.

But the point that I’m getting here is that we do have this shadow. We can see what is in the light. We can see what is in front of us, but we can’t see in the shadow and we need someone else to eliminate what’s going on unnoticed to us that maybe someone else can see it a mile away. Because these are the things that are actually impacting our business growth. Because these are the things they’re going to make that long-term change for that sustainable growth. Not just some hack that maybe is going to work for one particular reel, one particular post. Because, yes, it’s a one and done, but it’s not, as you gonna block your business, I’ll bring you those clients that you want to do.

It will create that community. You need to create that long term sustainable growth. So let’s eliminate what some of those are. I want you to have a listen to some of these examples and see if you can pick them as well. In the first example, this person wants to always refer to their coach or their mentor for guidance for anything that they do. They’re not sure what to post, maybe. They’re not sure what to call their course and our short to. I’m not sure what offer to create. They’re not sure what title. They should give to maybe a podcast episode they’re creating. They’re not sure which color they should be using in their branding. They just really unsure.

They need to double check. Any little thing that they do. They feel the need to seek that external validation. To them, be able to implement that.

And in this example here, what’s happening is, is individuals become so reliant on their coaches, their mentors, other guidance. Before making any decisions that it’s starting to erode this old trust. It’s really reinforcing that self doubt that they have over any decision-making. That they just can’t proceed without having that guidance from someone else.

Now, if we look at this person’s personal life, what we might also notice is that they are really [00:08:00] struggling with making those small everyday decisions. What am I going to cook for dinner? What am I going to wear today? What should we do on the weekend? This lack of self-trust exists in both their personal life and their business. It’s crossing over between the two.

And even though they’re seemingly small minute decisions in their personal life about what should I cook for dinner? I watched her eat. The repercussions and their business are actually huge. Okay. The next one. So a lot of us go into entrepreneurship and it’s not a traditional or mainstream career. It’s becoming more well-known and more accepted these days. But I know for myself and for many of us that when we first started out our businesses, it was like, why on earth? You leaving your prize career? What are you going into the unknown for?

That’s a little bit weird. And so in this example, this individual has gone into entrepreneurship. And they felt as though everyone around them is just sitting back, waiting for them to fail. So that I can say. You know, I told you so we shouldn’t have done it. You should have stuck with what you were doing before. And the problem is, is what happens in this situation is that rather than throwing yourself fully into your business and trying to create something and taking the risks that are required. They’re playing safe.

They’re not wanting to completely jump into the deep end. They’re simply just dipping their toe in at the shallow end of the pool. Because Hey, one foot in one foot out who doesn’t work, the smart, I can just ease on back into what I was doing before. If I don’t try and make it big, there’ll be loud and proud about it. No, one’s really going to know if I just fade away into the background. But what happens here is that by listening to other people’s projections or judgments around what you think they might say or not feeling good enough to have what it is that you want to create. Is that going to cause you to play small in your business? And that’s exactly what happened in this example, this person was playing small. They. We’re too afraid to go big and fail fast so they could learn and to move into the next iteration. Instead, it [00:10:00] was just tiny little moves that didn’t necessarily work. Didn’t necessarily fail. But all that it, man does that business just goes nowhere. And when you do that. Really it’s just a slow death to your business.

Okay. Third example. As mothers there is this in built quality that we have to want to over-give to. Share and put others ahead of ourselves so much. And we also live in a society where mum goat is so real. Mothers are judged. If they dare put themselves ahead of their children, if they dare put their own needs or the requirements of self care first. Rather than that of their child, they are completely shamed and judged. So that is part of it. But what actually happens then as mothers, when we are always coming from this place of over-giving that inflows between personal life into business. And so. Boundaries can be really sloppy. And by that, I mean, Rather than having conversations with your clients or prospective clients around. These are my boundaries. These are the times that I work. These are my expectations and what our container might look like. It’s so much easier just to say. I’m not going to have those conversations.

So they’re a little bit difficult and maybe I’m going to scare away potential clients, or I don’t want to upset someone. So it’s just a little thing that I’ll do for them. I’ll just give them that. The problem is you’re setting a precedent. You’re setting a precedent that then becomes. Need to give a little bit more. Need to give a little bit more. And the client’s going great.

This is amazing. I’m receiving all of this extra thing on top. But the problem is when you’re doing that, you’re just giving, giving, giving, giving, and maybe that’s multiplied by multiple clients.

All of a sudden that little bit that you gave. Is huge. It becomes a drain. It becomes mental and emotional just, oh, physical drain as well. And then you start to become [00:12:00] resentful. You start to resent the clients every time you say their name, pop up in social media or box or aware of it is that you communicate with them.

So, oh God. It’s that client again? What do they want now? What are they going to ask me for? That is well outside my scope of my work. Because you’ve set that precedent and you’ve started to over-give and oversharing your boundaries, a sloppy.

And then it starts to lead to burnout. It leads to that resentment that I was talking about. And you just don’t want to pay that. And so subconsciously what can actually happen is then you start to push away prospective clients before you’ve even signed them. The fear out of actually having that conversation with them. It’s a slippery slope. We don’t want to do that. What is the key theme that we are starting to see through these. And that’s what I really want to aluminate here because it’s quite easy to sit back and look at it objectively and go, you know what? I can start to spot that. But when we’re actually in the thick of it, when it is us, when it is our situation, when it’s going on. It’s like, I dunno, I’m just scratching my head. Why, why am I feeling this way?

I can’t actually understand what’s happening. What’s actually going on is what is occurring for us in our personal life. It’s actually subconsciously affecting our business.

And that’s always keeping us small.

At that scene, visible barrier. That is coming up over and over and over again. Now the flow can go both ways. Business, interpersonal personality, business. But the point here is that everything is interconnected. It is all integrated. We need to take a holistic approach whenever we do any of this kind of work.

And when we actually start to then approach that and start to work through it. Through all of that inner work, the inner healing. All of that. So work that sometimes people go, oh, I don’t want to do it’s just too hard. I’m going to take the easy hack because yeah, sure. It might be easier doing a short clip on Instagram, do a reel and just put some texts over [00:14:00] the top.

Easy. And someone said at a training audio worked for me. I all of a sudden blew up my Instagram. Maybe it worked for them, but chances are, it’s not going to wait for anyone else. That’s the easy way out that doesn’t actually work. Doing this inner work. Whilst maybe a little bit more difficult that is what’s going to give you those long term sustainable results. And so what does that actually all look like? Well, I dive into this in a lot more depth inside my new master class, which I’ve just released. Which is called legacy leadership energy. And that’s what we’re doing, where she’s stepping into that leadership energy, the one that’s going to help us to create that legacy business that we are wanting to create. Now, I’m not going to give away all the specifics or tell you what it’s about, because I really want you to go and have a listen to that masterclass because it is jam packed full of value.

Absolutely incredible. But what I will tell you. Is, it comes down to a couple of things. It comes down to recoding your subconscious mind. This is where our beliefs, our thoughts, our limitations are sitting they’re all in the subconscious. So that’s one part of it. Another part of it is actually shifting our energetic frequency. So starting to embody who it is that we want to beat. Who we desire to be rather than being stuck, where we are now. And the other part is actually changing our gene expression through epigenetics. Which is all very incredible.

There’s a whole field of science around this, which is phenomenal. And if you want to actually delve into that further, a highly recommended book by Dr. Bruce Lipton, which is called the biology of belief.

So it sounds a little bit more daunting than some sort of hack. And to try and create that change in your business or implementing a new strategy. These one size fits all approaches, which just don’t work. And that’s how we want him to do this work, to get to understand ourselves. That know, like, and trust factor that they have that’s so often talked about, but to ourselves, to know ourselves, to love ourselves and to really trust ourselves in everything that we do. Let’s call it the know love and [00:16:00] trust factor. It sounds a little bit better.

Doesn’t it? But that’s what we’re doing. That is exactly what we are doing here.

So my love let’s take your business from mare. To park. Yes, because that’s where I want you to be. I want you to be loving everything that you’re doing your business. I want you to be off that never ending merry-go-round of putting in the effort to receive on fulfillment. We want to break that cycle. We want to break through that invisible barrier. To be able to have a business that just lights you up. Feels fulfilling and just feels so rewarding as well. Because that’s what you just have my love. So head on over now and check out the masterclass.

It is. available for you to watch immediately. So you don’t have to sit around for a certain date and time, which usually never works for us. And we figured all about it. We signed up for these things and it’s just disappears in our inbox. No. This is something that is available for you to watch immediately.

It’s only half an hour. And it’s going to give you that process that is really going to create those shifts in your business.

To check out the masterclass, head over to Amanda hunter.net forward slash legacy. I will pop up the details into the show notes as well, so you can head over there and check it out. It is highly worth. It, it is not death by slides. And I cannot wait for you to watch.

Take a screenshot, send it through to me as you do.

Let me know your, your biggest aha moment or your biggest takeaway, because I love to hear that quite often, we sit here podcasting and it really is a one-way medium. We. Put all that thoughts and our wisdom and everything out into the world and don’t necessarily hear it back. So please watch the masterclass, let me know your thoughts and I can’t wait to speak with you next week. See you, my love.


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