Sneaky Beliefs that are Self-Sabotaging your Business

January 9, 2024


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Uncover the deepest, darkest source of your self-sabotage in only 10 minutes.


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The biggest obstacle standing in the way of your business success? It’s you… and your subconscious beliefs. And they’re showing up in a myriad of ways to sabotage your business!

In this episode, we’re peeling back the layer to unearth the beliefs that are hindering your progress, so you can get out of your own way.

We chat about:

  • What happens when we have sabotaging beliefs
  • How these are formed and how we can replace them with more empowering beliefs
  • How they can show up in your business and what to look out for
  • The most common sabotaging beliefs I see showing up
  • The way I help clients to move past that internal glass ceiling

So get ready to rewrite the narrative and slay that self-sabotage!

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[00:00:00] Your subconscious is unwilling to disprove the ingrained belief.

And so it’s always going to find ways to subtly undermine your efforts.

And we often see this in things like failed launches , or inability to attract clients or just financially hitting that same. Inner glass ceiling over and over again

Hello. Beautiful. And welcome back to another episode of feminine luminary. I have just spent the most incredible morning at the beach. The. Temperature was beautifully warm. The water was really comfortable. My, my standards, I don’t go in the water unless it’s really hot. I don’t know what it is, but it’s just too cold. The water temperature here.

In fact, it’s really cold. So that was beautiful and just, it was really, really relaxing. And so. I had planned on coming back here, having a shower and getting dressed, putting my makeup on and looking really professional. But instead as I’m recording this, I’m sitting here. Still salty. Probably still slightly Sandy as well.

And really just wanting to bring you the message. Rather than losing the momentum. And the reason that I did this, I was quite intentional behind it because I wanted to actually challenge a belief. I wanted to challenge this belief that we have around what coaches have a clack. And if you think about all the coaches that you see on [00:02:00] social media, There’s a general theme or a general thread that sort of weaves through everybody in there in terms of how they look and how they shop and how they present themselves. And so what I wanted to do is I wanted to challenge that. Because we have this belief that you need to look a certain way, or you need to act a certain way.

Your social media needs to be a certain way. In order to be a good coach. And so. What we have here, and this is actually what we’re going to be talking about today is that these beliefs. Are sabotaging. Us, they are causing us to self-sabotage and the way that we show up for our business. And I honest to challenge that. I wanted to challenge his belief that in order to bring a certain level of professionalism to our work. That we need to look a certain way. But what I’m bringing here is the message, the transformation, and just all the good stuff rather than how I look.

So obviously we want to bring that level of professionalism to our work. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be in terms of how we are looking every single moment. Because what happens when we do is we’re quite often a hiding behind this false facade of what we believe we have to appear as, rather than who we actually are.

And that then starts to hold us back. So, this is going to be such a juicy episode where really diving into these beliefs and how they get ingrained in our subconscious and how they affect us, how they affect our business and how we show up for all of it. It’s going to be a good, done, sorry. Sneaky subconscious beliefs that are sabotaging you and your business. Oh, let’s get into it.

So quite often we talk about our business not growing is that it’s very easy to look outside ourselves.

It’s very easy to go to the next business coach and say, Hey, the action plan that I was given by the previous one didn’t work. Let’s get a new one. But maybe the reason that it didn’t work with the previous business coach is that because you were procrastinating. You were given this really incredible strategy and his action plan, but he just couldn’t do it. And the reason you couldn’t do [00:04:00] it is because there was some form of belief that was causing you to self-sabotage. Or maybe your soul sabotage is showing up in a different way.

It’s showing up as perfectionism. Everything has to be perfect before he’ll actually proceed and do anything. Or maybe it’s showing up as needing to do another course or needing to learn more first or just needing more knowledge before we can actually take those steps. But the problem is that these behaviors they’re all keeping you stuck. And then you’re unable to create that growth that you were seeking.

SO before we dive into some of the top sabotaging police that I see with my clients. I want to actually talk a little bit about how these beliefs come to be. So you’re sabotaging beliefs, uh, pretty much like a hidden script that is embedded in your mind.

If you think of a computer it’s like the operating system or the program that exists. For all of the other things to be installed upon them, but you need that base level operating system in order to actually function. So these are the beliefs that are installed. And usually they are written during the early chapters of your life before the age of seven is typically when it happens. So, this is the time of your mind is most impressionable.

It’s absorbing all those beliefs and all those patterns from all of your surroundings. You’re seeing things, you’re hearing things. And particularly if they’re coming from someone who is an authority figure, so a parent, a teacher. Those around you in that circle of safety that you believe are people that you can look up to. They’re going to carry more weight.

And the thing is the more that you receive this messaging, the more that it becomes reinforced and hard-coded into your system.

So these beliefs are essentially like seeds that are planted into that fertile soil of your subconscious. And over time, they crew routes and they influence your thoughts, your decisions and actions. And they also really shape the lens through which you view the world.

And most importantly, Yourself. [00:06:00]

And so when we think about in terms of business, what happens is that when these beliefs are left unchecked, They could actually then start manifesting into those missed opportunities that self-sabotage, and that constant, like hitting up against that invisible barrier, that glass ceiling, they just can’t seem to break through. And so you ended up finding yourself, repeating those same patterns.

You’re facing the same challenges over and over. And just wondering why is that success? Just so close. Yet still out of reach. So that’s why, that’s why this is all happening. So Let’s dive into the top 10 more common beliefs that I see coming up. Now the first one is I’m not good enough. And this one, if you think back to your childhood. So imagine yourself as very young eagerly sharing an accomplishment with someone that you’re looking up to. So a teacher, friend, a parent, someone like that. And instead of receive that expected encouragement or praise. You’ve instead received response that kind of tells you your effort.

Wasn’t good enough.

And so now, if you look at your business journey, what’s happening here is that you’re going to start setting these really substantial goals. That are driven by this desire to prove your worth in the world. And they might be these crazy ambitious goals that you think, you know, what. I’m going to go for it because then I’m going to prove that I am good enough. But. The problem is that your subconscious holds onto this belief, this deep core belief that you’ve had from childhood that says I’m not enough. And so it creates this misalignment between your goal that you’re going to prove you’re good enough. And the belief that you have that I’m not good enough.

And due to this subconscious belief yes. Of conscious doesn’t want to be proven wrong. So it’s going to actually make that happen. You’re not going to achieve that goal. And then you’re going to have that message reinforced that I’m not good enough. So you get stuck in this perpetual cycle. That you are trying to achieve these goals. You’re setting the goals, trying to [00:08:00] achieve these goals. You’re not reaching the goals and therefore you’re not good enough. And so you try again and I’m not good enough. That’s why I didn’t achieve the goal.

Your subconscious is unwilling to disprove the ingrained belief.

And so it’s always going to find ways to subtly undermine your efforts.

And this often shows up when we’re facing familiar challenges. And we often see this in things like failed launches over and over and over again, or inability to attract clients or just financially hitting that same. Inner glass ceiling over and over again. Because. You also conscious is saying I’m not good enough.

Now the next one is I’m not worthy. And this one is something that has always come up for me. My self-worth has just been an ongoing belief that I’ve been working on. And it’s definitely getting better. Absolutely.

SO, if you think of this one in your childhood, Maybe received a response that really literally thinking that your worthiness was conditional. And it was dependent on external validation. You need others to tell you that you’re worthy or you needed to do things to have other people make you feel worthy. It wasn’t something that came from within. And so now in your business, what’s happening, is that again, you’re setting these really ambitious goals, not out of genuine desire. Not at a genuine passion or this personal desire that you have, but with the underlying belief that it can achieve, these goals will finally deem you worthy in the eyes of others.

And so what you’re also doing in your business is that you’re constantly looking for external markers of success, whether it be the big income months that you’re striving for at any cost. You don’t care if it’s coming at the cost of your health. Your relationships or anything else that’s going on in your life because you’ve now got the big income months. You’re deemed worthy in the eyes of others. Or maybe it’s having a huge social media following. Which you really don’t enjoy.

You don’t enjoy having such a large community, but in the eyes of others, because [00:10:00] you’ve got such a large following you’re worthy. Or maybe it’s around having prestigious speaking engagements. Or other achievements that again, will validate the worthiness.

But they aren’t leaving.

You fulfilled.

And so once again, what we have is that. Your subconscious doesn’t want to be disproved. It’s going to find ways to undermine your efforts. It’s that you can’t actually achieve those goals or fulfill those achievements that you’re trying to create. And so there’s just this. Constant cycle of striving for the external validation. Without experiencing this true fulfillment. Because worthiness comes from within not externally. The next one is I’m not capable.

And this one is the name suggests is just not feeling as though you’re fully equipped or capable or knowledgeable enough to be able to do that particular task. And maybe this came from your childhood where you put yourself forward for something and you were shut down and said, Nope. You’re not good enough for that.

You’re not capable. I’m going to put someone else there to do it instead. And I know for me, when I reflect on my earlier career in my corporate career. I would quite often sit there as a result of having these experiences prior. Going, you know what? I really want to do something or I want to put my hand up or I want to respond about this particular thing, but I don’t feel like I’m capable. And the problem was. Is that. Others would sit around the table.

They would put their hand up. And their response was far less than the one that I was going to give or the suggestion I was going to provide, or they answer. The solution. But the problem was because I had this belief that I’m not capable. I don’t know enough. I’m not knowledgeable enough. I’m not going to put my hand up and share it. And instead, those who had the confidence. They didn’t care whether or not they were knowledgeable enough or not. That has put it out there.

And so how this shows up for us in our business is that it’s this [00:12:00] passion of continually seeking more information. It could be enrolling in course, after course after course, or accumulating more knowledge before taking any action. And then that leads to that procrastination. We don’t actually do anything.

And particularly when we are in such a fast paced world, if we are constantly sitting back waiting, if we are waiting for more certifications, more knowledge, And we’re not actually putting any of that into action. Everyone around us as passing us. We’re simply sitting there. Months or years of past. And when we finally feel ready. The whole landscape has shifted. So once again, you’re going to feel. I’m not capable enough.

I’m not ready because where I would have been ready in 2020, it’s now 20 23, 20 24. Everything has changed. And I need to study some more. I need more, more knowledge before I can go ahead and start. I think the answer to this one is really just starting. But of course, that becomes hard when you have this belief that you’re not capable.

And so what ends up happening is it manifests in the form of like missed opportunities. We have delayed launches. We have this perpetual feeling of unreadiness instead of actually being confident, just

to take the action.

The next belief is I’m not significant.

And this really originates from this deep desire to prove your importance or to gain respect or contribute something of value. And it’s sometimes fueled by these experiences where maybe you’ve been overlooked or undervalued.

So this again comes down to the idea of looking externally. And trying to prove your value, trying to prove your significance externally. Three markers of success. That aren’t necessarily yours. But it just something they can prove your value to others. So it might be a mess in that large following on social media, which doesn’t really align with.

You are [00:14:00] pursuing other endeavors, which again, just don’t align with your values. For example, putting yourself forward for a Ted talk and you. Have no interest in giving a Ted talk. But because others are all giving Ted talks, you think that’s the thing to do? Then you’re like, yup. That’s going to prove I’m significant.

So what ends up happening in your business as you start to take these actions that don’t actually alarm with your true respirations. You’re pursuing goals solely for that external validation. And creating this cycle of really unfulfilling achievements.

And when we look at people burning, wanting to burn their businesses to the ground. If you’re going through the motions of following other people’s goals, that aren’t your own. That’s certainly going to have that same effect of you wanting to bring your business to the ground.

Your business is there to create fulfillment for you to love. And if you’re doing things purely for others, To prove yourself to others to prove that you’re significant. Then that is not in your favor.

Now the next belief is I’m not perfect. Oh, gosh, the amount of pay hall that this shows up for this perfectionism.

It’s really around. I desire to control how you’re perceived by others. And it quite often comes up from experiences that we had in the past where we’ve been criticized or rejected. Or. Despite his pressure to conform to a certain standard. And any deviation for this standard of perfection. It’s just been met with so much disapproval. That you like, okay. I couldn’t do that again.

I must be perfect.

So in our business, can you imagine what would happen if we only showed up when everything was flawless? Or if he hesitated to share your authentic self for fear of judgment. Hello, I’m sitting here from the beach. [00:16:00] I didn’t go and PR myself jumping on video. No. And certainly not flawless. I am here sharing a message because you need to hear that message. Not because you want me to be perfect.

So what can also happen while we are having, so what can also happen when we have this place that I’m not perfect. Is that we start to really hesitate around showcasing our genuine selves. We are striving for this. Flawless image all the time. We’re hiding behind a mask. We want to give the impression that our lives are perfect.

Our business is perfect. Everything that we do is perfect. And we’ve just seen so much of this fakeness online over the past couple of years that I think we’re all sick of it. We are really sick of it. And we’ve done. What we want to do is want to connect with that, that genuine person on the other end. We want to have those connections, those deep connections with our audience, with our community. And if we’re holding onto this belief that I’m not perfect. You’re going to have this fear. Of being authentic.

It’s going to start holding you back and you’re going to end up with this highly curated version of yourself. That just isn’t you. People want the real, you.

Now the next one is I don’t belong.

This is such a deep belief that relates to our human need for acceptance. And it can actually stem from experiences maybe where we’ve been rejected or we fear that being authentic and ourselves. Just was so unsafe. And so we avoided it.

This need to belong was actually identified by Maslow. He’s an influential psychologist of the 20th century in his hierarchy. You might’ve heard of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Is this physiological need twice you belong and it sits along this need for light, love and connection. And it’s one of our drivers of human behavior. And so if you’re not actually feeling as though you belong, that is certainly going to impact how you [00:18:00] shop for yourself, your business, everything that you do in life.

And so when we think about our business, this becomes a really huge driver around everything that we do. The goals that we set, the actions that we take. They’re all gonna be based on what you believe others expect. Rather than what it is that you want to do. Rather than expressing your authentic self. Because there’s this deep seated fear that if I don’t do what others expect, if I do what is true to me, I might be rejected. I might be criticized. I might be cast aside from the group. And if we actually think further back. Into that the history of humans and how we are. We existed in tribes. And if you were cast out of the tribe, you were pretty much set to die. You couldn’t survive on your own.

And so there’s this like deep need for us to belong. And so even though nowadays, if we were to be cast aside from our tribe of people, We could. Pretty much survive in modern society. But it’s this deep belief and this need for safety. That extends from centuries ago.

And so when we come back to thinking about our business, We are sabotaging ourselves when we’re influenced by this belief that I don’t belong. Because it’s compromising your authenticity. You’re trying to fit in instead, and it’s creating a cycle of not fully expressing your uniqueness. And as I mentioned, we want to be unique.

We want, we are craving this uniqueness, your quirks. We want to connect with that. That’s what we love that makes you human rather than just the robotic. Exactly. Like everyone else.

The next one is I’m not lovable. And this belief has often roots in the moment. So maybe haven’t felt loved or worthy of love. Potentially you’ve been rejected or that as a child [00:20:00] love was conditional.

And so as a child, if you imagine there were times where you felt your love was condemned, contingent on meeting certain expectations, or it was conditional and certain things that achieving certain grades or something like that in school. If that was how you were made to feel. Then those early experiences, we’re going to plant those seeds of I’m not lovable. I’m not loved.

Now, when we talk about that in a business sense and how this is affecting your business. If you are engaging in relationships or pursuing collaborations, other endeavors with this underlying belief that you’re inherently not lovable. It’s going to lead to these different actions that are driven by a desire to prove your worthiness. So, again, it comes back to these external validation to feel loved and to feel worthy. And you’re basing everything that you do. On what you believe will earn that for you. How you’ll be accepted and how you’ll be loved. By others. So once more, what happens is that you’re going to then be pursuing different avenues that aren’t necessarily there for your own fulfillment. But they’re just there to meet that particular need is not necessarily what you want, what you desire. It’s just to meet this need. This need to be loved because you have this belief that you’re not lovable.

The next one is such an important one to work through. And that is, I’m not deserving. A financial abundance.

This belief would often take place in say childhood where there were notions of scarcity or unworthiness around wealth. And they’d really shape your perspective on financial success.

If you think back to some of the money stories. That you would have heard. So, whether it was money was steeped in this idea of scarcity, maybe that’s what life looked like. Or maybe there’s these negative connotations around having wealth. So, for [00:22:00] example, it was some of the sayings that I would hear was that money doesn’t grow on trees.

So there’s that scarcity. Or you have to work hard for every dollar. So making money isn’t easy. Or when we talk about people with money as say, filthy rich or money is the root of all evil, say money is evil or rich people. They aren’t nice people. And so these are all as experiences that can really plant these seeds of I not deserving a financial abundance, or I don’t want to be rich. Because I don’t want to be an Eagle person.

I don’t want to be a bad person. And so what happens in our business then is when we bring you through all of these money stories, when we bring through this idea of I’m not deserving, a financial abundance, Is that. You’re then hindering your ability to earn. You believe that you’re not deserving of achieving that? And so you’re subconsciously sabotaging your efforts in achieving that financially financial success.

I know for me, one of the beliefs that I had was that. I would never out earn my mother. And it created this financial glass ceiling for me for many, many years, is that I would get very close to her income. I would meet her income, but I could never surpass it. Until it finally happened. But it was just this belief that I had, that I would never outearn my mother. So it’s funny where these stories come from. But by having these stories and not actually dealing with these underlying beliefs. They are going to hinder your efforts. Because at the core of this quite often, what happens when we’re talking about financial abundance is it’s this. Deep seated belief in unworthiness. And so we don’t feel that we were having that financial success. And so quite often you might see this manifesting in under pricing, dropping your pricing because potential clients are saying, I can’t afford that. Or you are hesitant to invest in your business [00:24:00] or even resistant to other financial opportunities that are coming around. Whatever it looks like there are so many different ways, but this particular belief, it can actually show up for you.

The next one is I’m helpless without control. And what this belief is essentially around is that when there’s unexpected events or changes that happen. If you are not in control of everything, it creates this real sense of helplessness. And there’s this belief that your control is this lifeline for security. So you’re in control.

You feel secure. Without control you feel unsafe.

And so maybe as a child, there was certain circumstances where all of a sudden the situation expired out of control. Just leaving you feeling really vulnerable and powerless, or maybe not even you, but seeing it in your parents. And so that then created this belief that without control. You don’t have safety. You feel vulnerable and you feel helpless.

And so when we think of that in our business, If you’re trying to grow your business, you’re trying to expand. You’re trying to scale. And you have this intense need for micromanagement over everything or this reluctance to delegate.

It’s coming from this place that without the control, you feel helpless.

And what that’s going to do is it’s then going to slow down your business. You’re not going to be able to scale. You’re not going to have to grow and do all of those things you want without releasing some of that control. And I get it. I absolutely do get it. It’s very easy for us to anchor into control in such a chaotic world that we live in.

But it is going to sabotage. Your ability to just trust the process. Collaborate on things and release control of what is outside of your control. You can control how you react to certain things you can control, what is within your control, but anything outside of your [00:26:00] control release it.

It’s going to relieve so much mental bandwidth. And it’s got our layer actually then grow your business. It’s going to strengthen that muscle as well around. When things are unpredictable. Because the thing’s going to happen outside of your control. And you’ll simply gonna have to choose Addy react. The more you do it, the better you get at it. It’s going to then allow to have greater opportunity for innovation and release that perpetual sense of stress that you have over. What’s going to happen next.

I need to be in control. You don’t.

Now, the last belief is I’m not allowed to out shine others. And this is such an interesting one, particularly for entrepreneurs because in the entrepreneurial world, the idea is to go out on your own to do your thing and your way. And yet if we’re hope at, by this belief of, I cannot shine others. That is going to be so detrimental to your business, to your success.

ANd where this belief often comes from is maybe on your childhood.

You really excelled at something. And you’re made to feel guilty for doing so. You had others jealous of you? Or maybe you’re even punished. It’s funny. What happens when people seem to stick their head up above others, they Excel in certain areas. They out shine others. They get pulled back down. There’s a thing called tall poppy syndrome here in Australia.

I don’t know if it exists elsewhere, but I believe it. There’ll be some form of it. Where instead of actually allowing people to shine and seeing it as inspiration for you to rise to their level, we like to pull people back. It seems so backwards. Instead of actually rising up. We want to pull them back down.

And so this creates this belief that I can’t outshine others.

It’s not safe for me to shine others. You’re gonna be met with disapproval jealousy criticism from others around you. If you are out shining [00:28:00] others.

And so in your business, It quite often leads to us, not fully showcasing all of your talents. It’s this reluctance to fully embrace your achievements and to toot your own horn. That’s the old saying CO’s. Because he don’t want to be seen as arrogant. We don’t want to be. Cast aside again, that that needing to belong. If we at shine others. We have this fear that whether we stand out academically, creatively, whatever it might be, there’s going to be this backlash. And so in order to then avoid those negative reactions. We self sabotage. Again, it’s subconsciously we don’t know that we are doing these things, but our subconscious is trying to keep us safe.

It’s going to sabotage our efforts. Because we have this belief that I’m not allowed to out shine others. We’re going to downplay our success, going to avoid the visibility. We’re going to resist police stepping into the spotlight, and maybe those are conscious things. But there’s also going to be the subconscious sabotaging that happens as well.

And so we’re always hitting up against that same edge. We are playing small. It is holding us back and holding back your business.

So, how do we actually overcome these. We know what some of them are. We know that we have these self-sabotaging beliefs, but how do we actually do with them? And the keys actually should rewrite the narrative.

It’s about reclaiming your power. And reshaping the way that you perceive yourself. So that you can consciously grow your business and subconsciously stop sabotaging yourself in the process. And there’s a few different ways that we can do this. So the way that I work with my clients is a lot around. Reprogramming the mind. And that’s through mindset coaching.

I also do neurolinguistics programming, which are really incredible tools that help us to dismantle these limiting beliefs right at the core.

So we get to explore the police. We get to challenge the police. And we get to [00:30:00] actually then re-install new beliefs in their place. So you remember, I previously mentioned that these beliefs are like the operating system. To our bodies in our mind. And through these different exercises that I take my clients through, we get to actually uninstall that program and re-install a new, more powerful, beneficial program that is going to be there to support them. I also worked through these blades at the somatic level as well. So the body holds the score. It’s been written about and documented in many, many books. And one of the ways that we can access these beliefs is through the body as well at the somatic level, at the level of the Soma, which is the body. I work with my clients and a variety of different experiences.

I have one-on-one coaching, which we dive really deep into in either like a four or six month container. I also have a breakthrough intensive, which is where we take one or two of those really big limiting beliefs that are keeping you up against the inner glass ceiling. We add install that belief and. Uh, lay to have much more empowering ones. And then I also have a group experience, white space, which is coming up next month.

Actually, I will be opening doors for that one soon. And that’s more of an experiential journey it’s through somatics. It’s through visualizations. Is through meditation’s and it’s all about. Recoding the DNA, which is really, really cool.

So, if you are interested in any of those, please send me a DM and I can always send you through more information.

But I do actually have one more thing, which is really incredible. It’s a cheat sheet, which I’ve just created code slay, the self sabotage in 10 minutes.

And this is a deep dive into your core beliefs that might be holding you back. So that you can discover what they are and how do I share the come them? So you can grab your hands and not simply by heading over to the show notes, which I’ll pop all the details in there. Otherwise you can head to the website, which is Amanda Ford slash slay.

So my love, this has been such a juicy episode, and I know there is so much information here. But I really wanted [00:32:00] to outline what are the ways that we are sabotaging our own businesses. We are self-sabotaging through these beliefs that we have

barry Dan and our subconscious and more often than not, we’re not actually aware that we’re doing it.

This is not an exhaustive list of the different subconscious beliefs that are out there. They’re uh, numerous ones are, might be a blend of a few different ones, but I just wanted to let you know some of the more common ones that I see coming up over and over again, just to see if you felt yourself in any of those.

But I highly recommend heading over downloading that cheat sheet and see which one it is. That’s coming up for. You. Same. I love it. Just know that you are enough exactly. As you are. Your worth is not determined by any outdated beliefs or societal expectations or requiring any external validation.

You, uh, perfect.

Just as you are. So my love. If you have any questions at all, after listening to this episode, please pop over slide into my DMS. I love to hear from you. And if not, I will see you next week.

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I believe in a world of omnicolour, not beige— where we're not designed to fit neatly into a box, but to be multi-faceted, multi-talented and multi-dimensional… just like you.

My mission is to redefine what feminine leadership means, helping you break down generational barriers and achieve your vision, creating a legacy that will be felt for generations to come.

I coach female entrepreneurs who are over the "one-size-fits-all" approach to business success (which doesn't work) to get to know themselves on a deep soul level and clear up all that internal sh*t that's stopping them from having the business of their dreams.



*aka the inner work to build the confidence and self-concept you need to create a successful and fulfilling business that aligns with your values and purpose.

The only thing standing between where you are now and where you want to be is YOU.
And we're here to put a stop to it!

Get ready to slay because you're only 10 minutes away from uncovering the deepest, darkest source of your self-sabotage.


Slay the

in 10 Minutes