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June 9, 2023


Feminine Luminary

Hi, I'm Amanda

Feminine leader, spiritual and personal development lover, adventure-seeker & mother helping other women tap into their inner authority and reclaim their true essence!

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Show Notes

The Feminine Luminary podcast is finally here!

Join visionary, trailblazing women as we ignite our impact and unleash our true leadership potential. This episode is an insight into my world and a taste of what’s to come. Get ready for powerful conversations with world-class guests, covering topics from feminine leadership to mindset, energetics, healing modalities and strategies to support your business. Each episode will nourish, inspire, and empower you to make a profound imprint on the world.

Follow us for the official launch on June 20th and get ready to elevate your business as you embrace your role as a Feminine Luminary.



Instagram: @iam_amandahunter



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Big love,

Amanda xo

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Hello, my love and welcome to the feminine luminary podcast. It’s finally here. And I am so excited to be able to create this incredible community where we get to come together and you feel. Just so deeply connected with other visionary trailblazing women. 

And when we leave, we get to leave feeling nourished. We get to feel completely lit up and ready to impact the world, our clients, and everyone through the work that we’re here to do. This podcast is for at six figure multi six figure and beyond entrepreneurs who are there wanting to scale their business and really take it to the next level. 

It’s for feminine at luminaries. 

So, what does feminine luminary mean? Feminine luminaries or women who are leading the way. They are a light for others. They are standing in their leadership. They’re creating change. They’re challenging the status quo and really just doing things on their own. And this has, because I have this big belief in that we are not designed to fit neatly into a box. I mean, we are multi passionate beings. We experience a full breadth of emotions. We have these deep, really deep soul connections to people, to places and the world around us. 

And what I know to be true is that once you’ve had a taste of what is possible. You just can’t go back to the, before. And this is really what feminine luminary is all about, because my love, you know, that you are worthy. You know, that you are deserving of everything that you desire. You get to have both and not either, or you don’t have to choose. 

And you’re here to show others what is truly possible. This is what feminine luminary means. Someone who is a true leader. And this is what this community and this podcast is all about. So each week I’ll be coming in here and, and filling your ears with some really incredible juicy conversations. It’s going to be a mix of solo episodes. 

And also bringing on some really world-class guests who I’ve already recorded a few of the episodes with. And let me tell you why. They are incredible. We dive into a whole range of different topics, ranging from a feminine leadership mindset and a genetics. Embodiment to things like healing modalities. We also talk business structures and systems motherhood, and just so much more. 

And the beauty of these conversations is that they are designed to support you where you’re at in your business and allow you to grow and expand yourself in your capacity as a leader. And what I love about these conversations is that they, they feel real. I think we’re in this world that is. So often feels devoid of any real true connection. 

And this is what I aspire to bring you here to have that sense of connection, to have these real conversations with real people that go into depth. And when you walk away from listening to the podcast, you’re going to come away just feeling like you’ve been at a soul nourishing, catch up with one of your best friends. 

I don’t know about you, but that just sounds absolutely delicious to me. Same. I love it. This is just a very short and sweet welcome into my world. And to let you know what is to come. 

So he followed to be notified when the podcast officially launches, which will be on the 20th of June. And if we’re not already connected on social media, then come say, hi, my Instagram is at iam@amandahunter

So my love, I know the imprint that you’re here to make on the world, so let’s make it happen. 

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