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June 20, 2023


Feminine Luminary

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Have you ever found yourself contemplating the true meaning of leadership? Is it merely a title, or does it encompass something much deeper?

In this debut solo episode, I invite you on a thought-provoking exploration where we delve into the depths of leadership. Together, we will peel back the layers of conventional wisdom and uncover the transformative qualities that define a true leader. Join me as we explore the emergence of feminine leadership, a new era that holds immense potential for our businesses and clients alike.

Get ready to challenge the status quo and discover how integrating these principles can create better outcomes and pave the way for a brighter future.

In this episode we’ll:

  • Uncover the potential of feminine leadership in reshaping the coaching and personal growth industry.
  • Understand how empathy-driven collaborative coaching fosters deeper connections.
  • Dive into a holistic coaching method that addresses mental, emotional, and physical wellness.
  • Delve into the importance of feminine traits in powerful leadership roles.
  • Recognise the role of self-awareness in honing your leadership skills.
  • Explore the shift towards a unilateral style of leadership.

Get ready to expand your perspective on leadership and embrace a new era of possibilities!

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Big love,

Amanda xo

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Hello, my love and welcome to the very first episode of feminine luminary. I am so excited to be launching this particular platform and really growing this community of visionary trailblazing leaders who I like to affectionately term feminine luminaries. I am so glad to have you along on this journey with me and I know you were going to fit in right here. 

[00:00:58] I really wanted to dedicate this very first episode to exploring this concept of a new era of leadership that I see emerging where it’s all about transformative power of feminine leadership. It’s being really embodied and shifting to more of this unilateral relationship rather than this hierarchy or top down kind of old paradigm leadership that we’ve seen for way too long. 

[00:01:23] Because at the end of the day, we really are this community of powerhouse women who are here creating generational change. We are here for impact and we are going to shake things up. So what exactly is this new era of feminine leadership? And I think before we can actually step into and explain what that is. 

[00:01:42] We first needed to define, well, what exactly is feminine leadership? And I’ve kind of touched on there. So it’s really that shift from the old paradigm of traditional notions of leadership, where it was really sort of top down. You were a leader because you were given a title. It didn’t necessarily mean that you embodied all the qualities of a leader. You were simply given a name, such as a manager. You were given a name such as a CEO. 

[00:02:08] But with that, it was purely just a title that you were bestowed rather than actually having the intention of a leader, having the embodiment of the qualities of a leader. And this is what I really see as being the difference for feminine leadership. It’s embodying qualities, such as empathy, intuition. 

[00:02:26] We’re collaborating and there’s this nurturing aspect that comes along with it. It’s really about recognizing the innate strengths and the wisdom that women bring to the table as well. And emphasizing the power of feminine energy and creating this positive change. 

[00:02:43] So in essence, it’s really these core qualities and attributes of feminine leadership that set it apart from the more traditional model. So let’s break them down a little bit more. When we’re talking empathy and compassion. We as women we’re really prioritizing that understanding and connecting with our emotions and the needs of others. 

[00:03:05] Because we’re all human. We are human. Our clients are human. We are interacting with other human beings. Everyone has needs. And when we’re able to actually meet the needs of our clients, as well as meeting the needs of ourselves and understanding that we all have emotions behind things that are being settled, done. 

[00:03:22] It allows for that connection. It allows us to feel seen and to feel heard. And it then strengthens that connection and allows us to move forward as one. It really cultivates that empathy and compassion and creates a really supportive and nurturing environment. That is going to lead to really incredible transformations for our clients. 

[00:03:47] Next up there’s a collaboration and inclusion. And as I sort of touched on there. As a feminine leaders, there’s this real big emphasis on collaboration. And you’ve probably heard that old sort of saying collaboration over competition, but really not sort of thought too much about it, but this is something that is so big. 

[00:04:07] Within feminine leadership. This idea that we can raise up the collective. It’s not a case of one person wins and therefore everyone else loses. No. Everyone can win. Every single person can win. Is this. Idea abundance. Need to shift out of the scarcity mindset that has been around for so long, that there is only one winner. 

[00:04:31] And that is something that we see in traditional leadership is that if you think about the normal top-down hierarchical structure of traditional corporate business, there is only one manager. And then below them, since all the workers. And if you are wanting to step up to that level of management, 

[00:04:51] Well, then you’ve got to climb your way of everyone else. You win. They lose. But when we’re talking about. This idea of inclusivity and collaboration. Everyone can win. Especially in the online coaching space or within the online entrepreneurial space. There is room for everyone to win. 

[00:05:10] And so when we recognize this, we start to invite so many more collaborations into our realm and through doing so it is benefiting them. It’s benefiting us. Everybody wins. The next one that I want to touch on is this concept of intuition. Intuition and being able to trust our own innate wisdom. 

[00:05:30] Trusting your intuition is something that is often looked down upon. Beyond the personal development, entrepreneurial space. If we look beyond that, 

[00:05:39] One of the things that female leaders are so good at doing is learning to trust their intuition. You have this innate wisdom, this inner knowing this inner guidance, this light. Which is going to help you in all of your decision-making. It moves beyond logic. It moves beyond data. And it is something of justice feeling. 

[00:06:02] This gut feel. Your intuition that needs to be followed. 

[00:06:09] And the problem is. In patriarchal society, we have been taught to distrust this. We’ve been taught that. Hang on. Your mind, use your mind that knows the answers. And the problem is the more that you use your mind to override your intuition, to override that gut feeling the quieter it becomes. Until one day you’ve simply just said no, no, no. To the intuition too many times until it’s pretty much just a whisper. 

[00:06:39] And if we don’t learn to actually listen to it too. Cultivate the strength in it. It slowly goes away. And I know for me, this is something that took years of practice. I was very much sitting in my logical brain. Everything was analytical. It had to be analyzed to determine whether it was the right or wrong decision. 

[00:07:02] And it was only then when I started delving into my own personal development journey over the past half a decade, that I was really able to hone in on my own intuition and I was able to then start to strengthen it. And it’s a practice really is it’s something that is done bit by bit. You believe in it. And then something happens and it reaffirms it. 

[00:07:27] You believe in it, something happens and it reaffirms that again. And so bit by bit, you start to bring it back from that darkness, but it’s only through learning to trust it. And sometimes it feels like a completely for faith. That it starts to bring forth that knowing in it. And this is something that, as I said, that feminine leaders are incredible at doing. 

[00:07:52] The next thing that feminine leadership is all about is being able to balance the power with vulnerability. And again, this is complete contrast to patriarchal conditioning where we’re told, be stoic. Don’t show any emotion. Power is. Putting on a brave face. 

[00:08:12] And the problem that we have is that this creates such a disconnect from your authenticity. So instead, what we’re talking about here is a feminine leadership is about embracing your vulnerability. It’s about being authentic and recognizing that this is actually a strength. Rather than a weakness, like you’ve been taught that it is. 

[00:08:33] So when we start to get really transparent about what it is that we’re going through. Our challenges where we’ve maybe failed and the lessons that we’ve learned. Where is she creating this environment for others to feel safe, to do the same? And this is what leadership is all about. It’s about going first and giving permission to other people to come along on the ride. 

[00:08:56] It’s not about telling them what to do, telling them to just suck it up and move on. No. Definitely not. That is not power. True power is being able to embrace your vulnerability. To be able to recognize what’s going on and to allow others to feel safe. To openly share your struggles and encourage other people to do the same because 

[00:09:18] That’s fostering a culture the trust and support amongst others as well. 

[00:09:24] And then lastly, feminine leadership is really about leaning into the feminine. So our feminine nature, I’m talking about here. We are not the same as men. I know it goes without saying. It should go without saying. But we are different. We are designed different. And when we look at how we operate in business, 

[00:09:43] We are still largely sitting in the nine to five culture. We are not designed to work that way. Women are cyclical. We have a 28 day cycle, not a nine to five, seven day week. All exactly the same. That is not how we work. That may be traditional business, but that is not us. We are cyclical 28 days. 

[00:10:06] On average. I can be shorter, can be longer, but every single day of our cycle, Our hormones are different. Which means that from day to day, we are shifting slightly in how we feel. What our emotions are doing. How we operate in business, whether it be more creative or whether we’re needing rest. And one of the things that we need to lean into and really understand is how we work best. 

[00:10:33] Understand that our creativity and our productivity can ebb and flow depending upon where we are in our cycle. And create our business in a way that allows for rest. It allows for self care. And really just allows us to bring out the best in what it is that we are trying to create. 

[00:10:52] And again, this goes back to, if we can do this, we can show others and be that permission slip for our clients for those around us to do exactly the same. And I know for myself, I have a young daughter and this is something that I am really passionate about. Chain creating that change. Between our generations. 

[00:11:13] It is something that my generation, it wasn’t talked about at all. We didn’t talk about our hormones, our cycles, or anything like that. And this is something that I’m having age appropriate conversations with my daughter. And it’s something that I really want to celebrate as well as that. Hey, don’t push through. 

[00:11:29] If you need to rest when the time comes, when you get to that age. Rest. If you’re on your bleed, have a rest day. That is fine. Lean into it and listen to your body. Listen to. What your body needs and make sure she’s nourished. And this is how you can design your schedule as well. And your business. 

[00:11:48] Don’t design, don’t schedule a launch for when you know that you’re going to be. On the first day of your bleed. If you can shed a lot around or if you can’t, then that happens too, but make sure there are other ways that you’re allowing yourself to rest so that you feel rejuvenated and you can actually then show up fully for your business. 

[00:12:07] So these are awesome qualities of the really negative feminine leadership and something that I so strongly believe about and integrate into my business and also into the businesses of my clients as well. 

[00:12:18] Which brings me on to part of the shift that I’m also seeing as well, which is this idea of uni natural leadership. 

[00:12:25] And I think the best way to understand what exactly you need. Lateral leadership is, and it’s, and the significance of it. Is to look at how it is different from hierarchical leadership. So hierarchical leadership is more your traditional top-down approach where. In say the context of online coaching, the coach holds all the decision-making, all the power, all the authority. It really is a case of I’m telling you what to do. 

[00:12:49] But in contrast uni lateral leadership in the online coaching space. Really emphasizes more collaboration it’s shared decision-making and it’s really distributing the authority between the coach and the client as well. And I think this is just so important because in reality, The client is the best authority on themselves. 

[00:13:11] Now, whether this is you with your clients, or whether it’s you as a client with your own mentor. The client is the authority on themselves. They have known themselves their entire lives. The coach in that particular container has only known them for the length of the container. And yes, the coach will bring in their expertise. 

[00:13:29] And help guide them along the way. But really what we want to be emphasizing and trying to promote is that inner knowing that the client has that. Is this right for me? To encourage that use of discernment and understanding like, is this right? If it’s not, how can I with the help of my mentor, make this right for me. 

[00:13:51] And the other thing that I’m also noticing is this shift from the idea of trying to climb the ladder of coaches and mentors to achieve the next level. And what I mean by this is where someone will find out who a particular coach there may be wanting to be work with who their mentor is. And then they go to their mentor. 

[00:14:07] And maybe they even find out who the mentor’s mentor is and then go to that mentor. So it’s kind of like trying to skip their way up the hierarchy and access, the better level coach or the next level coach. We want to call it that. But really what that’s doing is that Sen hurting, it’s hurting everyone, work with a person you want to work with that. Say not try and get to their coach because you think their coach is better. That’s not why you’re attracted to that person in the first place. 

[00:14:32] But I digress. 

[00:14:34] What I think is actually really beautiful. And I’m also seeing happen quite successfully in a number of occasions is where at coach can hire their own client and be part of their program. So I’ve seen. A number of cases now Where a one-on-one coach client situation has ended up with a coach actually joining the clients group program. 

[00:14:54] And it’s really beautiful for a couple of reasons, but the one that stands out to me apart from being this reciprocal relationship. Is this idea of mutual learning. So being part of a client’s container. Allows the coach to understand their client’s needs even better, enabling them to provide better and more effective coaching support. 

[00:15:16] So it kind of like this roundabout, a circular relationship, which I think is really, really cool. 

[00:15:22] So when we start to think about union lateral leadership in the realm of online coaching, It aligns so beautifully. With the feminine leadership principles. So embodying this idea of collaboration, this empathy, this inclusivity, and all of these things that sit at the core of it all. 

[00:15:38] So I’ll break these down a little bit more. So collaboration. I have gone on and on about this, but it’s really about this. Idea of mutual trust and respect. And in the union lateral relationship, it’s like the coach and the client are both actively able to contribute to this coaching process. There’s this open dialogue, there’s active listening. There’s co-creation of strategies. It’s not just the coach talking down to the client. 

[00:16:02] Which really isn’t going to provide the best outcome. And so what we’re seeing is that because it’s all completely tailored to exactly what the client needs. There’s a sense of empowerment and they want to take ownership over the process and really a so much more motivated towards creating that result. The other thing is this idea of empathy and inclusivity.

[00:16:22] So it’s about creating this really safe and nonjudgmental space. It’s a place where everyone gets to feel really comfortable expressing their emotions, expressing their thoughts and their challenges. And it’s a two way street. So, this is also where the client feels safe enough to provide feedback to the coach. 

[00:16:40] And I highly encourage that as a coach. It’s something that you do work into your business. This. Openness to receiving feedback. Because how are we meant to get better if we don’t actually know what’s going on? Last thing we want is our clients to turn around in the container. And then all of a sudden they are bad mouthing us to someone else. 

[00:16:58] No. They could assigned again, how do we actually ask for feedback? So when we actually create this environment, there’s going to be really respectful of each other. It is this safe space to have this back and forth dialogue. It creates the most beautiful, productive relationship that really allows further progress towards those goals. 

[00:17:17] And then lastly, unilateral leadership really is such as beautiful holistic approach to coaching that understands we are multifaceted beings. We have complex lives, who’ve got stuff going on outside of our business. 

[00:17:31] And this is something that actually got me really interested in personal development. As I began my own coaching journey. Is this concept of this interconnectedness of every aspect of our life. One thing affects another. We do not operate in silos. 

[00:17:45] Every single part of our life is interconnected. From our personal track, professional 12 well-being. 

[00:17:51] And when we approached in this manner and see our business as being all encompassing and our client’s businesses as being everything. 

[00:17:59] It gives them so much more permission to have the ups and the downs and the ebbs and the flows because life happens. 

[00:18:06] It gives them permission to be more gentle on themselves and by doing so. It releases the pressure, but then produces more of a result of the end. 

[00:18:15] So ultimately feminine leadership is not something that we simply does say, or we talk about. It’s something that we embody. It requires this level of self-awareness that serves as the foundation for really effective leadership. It’s encompassing all the different qualities that we mentioned. Empathy, compassion, collaboration, inclusion, our intuition, and balancing this power and vulnerability to really make up this juicy human being that we are. 

[00:18:45] It’s about recognizing these strengths that we have innately and the wisdom that we as women, we bring to the table. Because these are all the things that actually distinguish feminine leadership from the traditional model. And they are so integral to the ongoing shift that we see towards this more of a unilateral style. 

[00:19:03] To truly embody feminine leadership. It’s essential that we cultivate this embodied leadership presence in our everyday lives, in our leadership roles as well. 

[00:19:12] And it’s something that I highly encourage you to reflect upon as well in your own leadership journey. Are there any opportunities that they can identify to lead with more impact to embrace more of the feminine and really bring that into your own coaching your own. Interactions with your clients. 

[00:19:28] Because as feminine luminaries, we stand at the forefront of this new era of leadership. Ready to inspire, ready to empower and to create these lasting transformations in ourselves, our clients, our teams, and the world at large. So my love. Thank you so much for joining me on this episode of feminine luminary. And I really look forward to continuing in this journey of expansion and growth together. 

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