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June 20, 2023


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Breathwork is often said to be the key to unlocking your path towards healing, resilience, and personal growth. And in this episode of Feminine Luminary, we are joined by Kiki Rae, an inspiring and passionate expert in emotional healing and manifestation and known for her transformative use of breathwork is going to show us why!

We delve into the captivating story of how Kiki Rae’s life was flipped upside down when she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and explore how she transformed adversity into an opportunity for profound change.

Through our conversation, we discuss:

  • Breathwork + business – the importance of nervous system regulation + being able to take your clients deeper than just mindset work
  • How healing your trauma will help you become a better manifestor + how breathwork helps to facilitate that
  • How to get high on your own supply – turning to breath as a positive coping mechanism
  • We also shine light on the significance of authenticity and integrity in today’s digital world.

Kiki shares valuable insights into somatic healing methods for individuals coping with unresolved trauma, and we explore the potential of breathwork as a tool for enhancing emotional well-being, personal manifestation, and profound transformation.

Get ready to be inspired, empowered, and equipped with practical tools as we journey through this episode. This episode is sure to leave you inspired and ready to bring breathwork into your own practice!


Kiki Rae is a Trauma-Informed Quantum Coach, Energetic Alchemist, Healer, International Best-Selling Author, Digital Nomad, + Founder of the Quantum Creatrix brand. Her mission is to empower entrepreneurial women to create a legacy of impact + income by rewiring their subconscious minds, healing at the somatic level + learning how to alchemize their energy. Together we transform the impossible into your new normal. 

To enquire about joining Kiki’s Quantum Breath Academy Certification – connect with her on Instagram.

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Amanda: welcome back to the Feminine Luminary Podcast. I cannot wait to introduce you to our very first guest on the show, the gorgeous Kiki Rae. Kiki is a trauma informed quantum coach. She’s an energetic alchemist, a healer, an international bestselling author, digital nomad, and also the founder of the Quantum Creators brand.

[00:01:09] Her mission is to empower. Entrepreneurial women to really create that legacy of impact and income by rewiring their subconscious minds, healing at the somatic level, and learning how to alchemize their energy. Kiki, thank you so much for being on the show today. 

[00:01:23] Kiki: Thank you for having me. I’m so excited to be here and that we have finally arranged this.

[00:01:30] We have some time zone issues here. Yes, it is quite early for me and kind of late for you, but I am, I’m sure the magic will channel through. Exactly. 

[00:01:42] Amanda: We always make it work and I was invited on your podcast earlier and I think it took us a few months to make that happen. And the same here, but. Like you said, that’s the magic of being able to connect with others around the world is that we are in different time zones, but we just make it 

[00:01:57] Kiki: work.

[00:01:58] What is time anyway? Exactly. Time, 

[00:02:01] Amanda: space, all of these things. I love it. It’s all happening now. Definitely. Kiki, I know when we first connected, and one of the things that I had this like instant affinity for was just your work and the way that it aligned so much with so much of what I do. But you bring your own magic to it.

[00:02:18] You have so much of your own personality weave through it. And where you really shine is there’s this realness to you. There’s no fakeness, no filter. It’s just. Real and raw, but in the best way possible. And I think that so much of our growth, uh, in our own personal journeys, our business, our healing and all of that really comes through being able to witness other people going through it as well.

[00:02:40] And it just provides this permission seeing someone else do it, that we can do it ourselves. And what I truly love about you and that the way that you show up online and that you hold this space for your community is that. You really provide that permission slip to just be yourself and, ugh, it’s incredible.

[00:03:01] I really sort of wanna take my hat off to you and just to 

[00:03:03] Kiki: mention that. Thank you. I am fully receiving that. It seems like the hardest thing to do in the moment, and a lot of the time it is scary. It is so vulnerable putting yourself out there. But just like you said, it really allows to connect to like that human peace.

[00:03:25] Especially when we are in a space of so much smoke and mirrors in the online space, and I was just having a conversa. It triggered this. I went through this trigger the other day because my friend was out for her friend’s birthday and she wanted to capture a photo of her. There was this beautiful Toronto skyline and the girl whose birthday it was, she goes, no, you can’t.

[00:03:54] You can’t take a photo of me with a drink in my hand. I’m trying to portray a holistic life online, and I it like when I heard that story, it just gut punched me because one, just because you have a drink in your hand does not mean that you are not living a holistic lifestyle. It is all about balance and two, that’s just not.

[00:04:23] If, if you are trying to pretend like you don’t drink, but you do, that is not in integrity. And one of my core business values is being in integrity. And so to me that means sharing. All facets of the human experience. Just because I am a business owner and you know, have a coaching business, does not mean that I don’t go through trials and tribulations and ups and downs, and I don’t think enough people share.

[00:04:55] The realness of the entrepreneurial journey. So if I have to be that person to forge the path, I will. 

[00:05:03] Amanda: Yes, definitely a trailblazer in that respect. And I, I think so much of this is, is like a hangover from the corporate world and having this corporate image or this brand image that we’ve brought across into our own personal work that we feel that we need to really just uphold that.

[00:05:20] Perfection, but we’re not, we’re human beings. It’s 

[00:05:24] Kiki: so funny because I, you know, a lot of my mentors are, or past mentors have been these very luxury lifestyle brands, and it’s funny because I am. Parts of that, but I am also not parts of that. I am very much someone who loves the experience of flying first class and being able to stay in a five star resort.

[00:05:57] But I also like go and stay in hostels and I will backpack across, you know, central America or Europe or whatever. I’m actually getting ready to go to Africa and Portugal, uh, next month. And I’m like, I don’t really, I’m, I’m going for a month, but I’m like, I think I want to just pack everything in a backpack.

[00:06:18] I don’t wanna pay for checked bags and all of this cause I’m taking so many flights. And so I was just like, I’m just gonna backpack like that. That’s gonna be the journey for me. And so it’s really funny because these people that I’ve aspired to, they have such a clean cut image. They have such a air of perfection to them.

[00:06:39] But I. It stopped feeling real for me and I almost felt like I wasn’t measuring up. But in actuality, that’s just not who I am. You know, I can be very clean, cut and look, you know, have my my coach hat on and all of that. And at the same time, I love. Showing up in sometimes what I call the entre, well actually Jen Casey coined this term, which the entrepreneurial mullet of having, you know, maybe a presentable top on and, and not even wearing pants sometimes like that is who I am.

[00:07:16] That is the fullness of who I am. And so I think it’s really important to showcase that, that you don’t have to be perfect. And I left the corporate realm. So that I could do that. I did not leave the corporate realm so that I could be, uh, this heir of perfection. I want to be imperfect and I don’t actually want to be professional.

[00:07:38] That’s the whole reason why I became an entrepreneur is to get away from that. Exactly. So,, 

[00:07:44] Amanda: tell me a little bit more about that journey. How did you actually get into being an entrepreneur? Like what’s, what’s your story and how did you end up where you are today? 

[00:07:52] Kiki: Yeah. Thank you for asking. So it’s a bit of a, a long journey.

[00:07:56] It started, uh, you know, I have always been, I was having this conversation with someone the other day. I’ve always been. Connected spiritually. Uh, little bits and pieces I can pinpoint along my journey. Even in childhood, I had an imaginary cat and my mom was like, it was imaginary to the rest of us, but it was very real to you.

[00:08:21] Uh, I have always been drawn to angel numbers. You know, there’s a big shift in the industry right now going away from angel numbers. I will forever be. An angel numbers person. Me too. I too, they’re me. I don’t find anything wrong with them. Um, I remember the very first time I traveled solo and I was in Thailand and the.

[00:08:44] I remember feeling the energy of the people there and the gratitude that I felt, and this almost like overwhelming sense of gratitude of like, what is this feeling in my body? Like it was, I was on the verge of tears for no reason and that had never really happened to me. Um, So there was these, these pivotal moments, but the biggest one for me was, uh, at the age of 28, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and that was my hit the brick wall moment.

[00:09:17] I had been in the service industry being a bartender, you know, typical girl dancing on tables and like being that wild child, drinking, doing drugs, all of the things and. I was going down a very dark path and I am so grateful. For that diagnosis because it completely changed my life around. So at that time I was healing.

[00:09:46] I had moved to a, the other side of the country. I’m from Toronto, Canada, moved to British Columbia, moved in with a guy that I was seeing at the time and. Moved into a small Podunk town in northern British Columbia. Might as well have been Alaska friends, like it was in the middle of nowhere. And because of that, I had this desire to focus on my health, uh, and there just wasn’t much around.

[00:10:12] So I got started with a network marketing company, which was like at home fitness and workouts, and. While it took me a while to kind of get into the swing of that routine, it opened the doors for this world of personal development. And when I started working for the company, I develop or discovered podcasts and books on self-help, which is really, to me, personal development.

[00:10:42] The first book book I ever read was, you Are a Badass by, uh, Jensen Shero. And that was. It for me. I fell in love. I became obsessed. People started noticing, I had so many comments of how inspiring I was and how, uh, I should consider a field in life coaching. And so just all of these things, these pieces came together.

[00:11:08] And once that happened, it was probably about two years in. I left my job $20,000 in the hole. I had no idea how I was gonna make it work. I just knew that this was what I was meant to be doing. I do not recommend doing it that way, by the way, it was, it was a little challenging on the nervous system, which is something we’re gonna talk about today.

[00:11:28] Definitely. It, it brought me to this point. I was financially supported by like unemployment. Uh, that, that’s a whole other story. Uh, but I had some income coming in and there was a fire under my ass to make this work because I knew I. With such conviction that it’s what I was meant to do. And then the pandemic came around.

[00:11:49] 2020 blew up my business. I had been in business for a year. My first year I matched my corporate salary, and then in 2020 I scaled to six figures, and it was the most insane journey. And then, you know, the realness came in of the worthiness and the mindset and the nervous system, and I lost it all. And so it’s been this beautiful journey of self-discovery, lessons learned, integrations, uh, and just getting to know myself.

[00:12:22] Even deeper than what I thought I already did. And so we are now in a rebuild phase and it’s been a beautiful process. I am now finally in a space where I can say it’s all happening for me, not happening to me, but there was definitely some moments of victim. 

[00:12:42] Amanda: Yeah. It’s interesting, isn’t it, when you are in the, in the thicker, but you’re thinking, what is going on Universal?

[00:12:47] Why are you doing this to me? And when you can just sit in that void and feel the emotions because they’re gonna come up. You’ve gotta just sit there and feel it. And as you start to come out the other side, you do begin to understand that it happened for you and it’s always happening for you. And I think this has been one of my biggest lessons, is that there’s been a lot of instances along my life where, I thought, what on earth is going on?

[00:13:14] Why me? And it’s so easy to fall into that victimhood, but when you actually then just learn to allow to embrace it, surrender and move through it, then what’s on the other side is just so much greater. I like to say it’s not rejection, but it’s redirection and it’s Yes, totally. There’s been so much of that throughout your own personal journey and.

[00:13:37] The lessons that you’ve learned along the way, and now that you’re at this point where you get to build your business in a conscious way and how you actually wanna build it, not based on what you think or what the shoulds are, or what you believed are the only way, you know, the good old six figure roadmap or the blueprint or six figures or whatever it is, that sort of gets handed out to early stage entrepreneurs.

[00:13:59] But when you come through the other side and you’ve had a, had a taste of what is possibly there, You go, that didn’t work for me. That did work for me. This is my business. I get to make it exactly how I want it. I get it to be feel nourishing for my nervous system. And I know this is something that you are really big on as well, is that regulating the nervous system and how this plays into our business.

[00:14:22] And so I’d love for you to talk into that a little bit more. 

[00:14:25] Kiki: Yeah, absolutely. So one of the biggest blocks that came up for me, As soon as I hit six figures, I went into 2021 with a little bit of, I think my high of the accomplishment, cuz the most I had ever made. Prior to that, I think I was making gross $52,000 a year, which was like take home 37 or something like that.

[00:14:53] And I matched that my first year in business, which I was super proud of. And then I think in. 2020. In 2020 that it was like two and a half times my, my salary. And it was just one of those mind-blowing moments of this is amazing and. Can I hold it? Mm-hmm. Can I recreate this and how am I gonna recreate this?

[00:15:25] And then starting Crazy Mindset Spiral. And the first few months of the year were actually really potent for me. And in April it kind of climaxed and I went through a rebrand and all of this stuff and I was really. Hustling my way through it a little bit, and it felt very much like I was overworking myself to the point when my rebrand came along, I also celebrated a multiple five-figure month.

[00:15:56] So it was the first time I made $20,000 in a 30 day period, which was again, just mind blowing to me. And in that moment, I had one of the most trying. Subconscious times of my life. It wasn’t a conscious activation, but I went into full self-sabotage mode. When a friend of mine, my longest standing friend at the time, I.

[00:16:24] Really like triggered my, she was triggered by my success and projected that back onto me, and I did not have the tools to move myself through it. I had the coach, I had the support, but I didn’t have the inner. Nervous system work to lead myself through that. And so I started completely self-sabotaging. I, um, decided, you know what?

[00:16:56] I’ve worked so hard, I’m gonna take a month off. No, don’t ever do that. Don’t ever, there’s a 

[00:17:04] Amanda: difference between, yeah. Having a time to rest and a reward. Yes. And just yes. What? Put up the pedal 

[00:17:10] Kiki: away. I go, yeah, full hard. Send in the opposite direction. But this was my trauma response and I had no idea at the time that that’s what I was doing.

[00:17:23] I went into a full freeze trauma response of, Oh my goodness. This is too much. It is too good. The other shoe is gonna drop and it, it did with the friend. And then it was just this cascade of all of these other things. I, um, had a very challenging time with an ex-partner of mine who had turned into a best friend.

[00:17:49] He exited my life. Um, there were. You know, at that time I welcomed in a new relationship that was maybe not of the highest good for me energetically. And so that started taking a lot and in already vulnerable time, and I couldn’t see it when it was happening. But then fast forward a couple months, clients started dropping off money, started dipping all of these things, and then it was an immediate, oh, now I’m in survival mode.

[00:18:21] Now I’m in, I have, you know, payments coming out for the person who is making 10, $15,000 a month, and now I can’t afford my life. And so it was this entire journey of, again, I am a one three in human design, so I am the person who literally has to go through the things in order to be able to teach them.

[00:18:49] Yes. And. I’ve got a one line as well. I’m the same. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. So the teaching piece is, is so beautiful. Um, and that, that tr I’m still learning to embrace the tr the trial and error of the three line. But, um, it, it was a journey and it was a two year process of going through all of this and, you know, going back down to making.

[00:19:16] Two to $3,000 a month for a very long period of time, and having to one, realize that A, I’m still here. I’m still alive. B. I am so in love with my business that I am willing to do whatever it takes to make it work. Uh, even if that meant swallowing my pride and my ego and going back to get a j o b to support myself.

[00:19:46] And three, I. Learning deeper tools. And so in that two year period, I got certified in, um, I got a, a trauma informed certification to be able to understand these things. And it’s funny because these things choose me. I don’t choose them, I don’t actively go looking for them. It’s like, oh, this is something that I think you need, and the universe just sits around, pushes it on me.

[00:20:13] So I went through that and it was so eye-opening around. What it means to be dysregulated and what it means to hold safe space for your clients. This was one of the things I really wanted. It was more so about my clients of like, how can I serve them better? And then it became such a beautiful self-reflection around what.

[00:20:37] What I needed. Yeah. And then breath work also found me at that time. So it was a very beautiful blend of two modalities that were so closely, uh, intertwined and interlinked. And through the trauma certification, I also learned inter child healing. And so all of these things kind of came together. And once I released, The relationship, which happened very recently.

[00:21:02] Um, I just felt this like reclamation of my energy and all of the life being poured. Like rather than my energy going outward like this and leaking it, like the universe started sending it back to me and I was like, oh, this is what I’ve been missing. 

[00:21:23] Amanda: And I’ve certainly noticed that as well in your stories and how you’re showing up online.

[00:21:26] It’s just this new sort of light that comes out from you have, having since done this kind of work, it’s, it’s really incredible. And so I know a lot of the stuff that you go into with your coaching is around mindset work and so, Being able to then incorporate these other modalities and bring these other tools into it, really allow you to dive so much more deeper.

[00:21:45] I’d. I’d love to speak a little bit more into that if you could. 

[00:21:49] Kiki: Yeah, totally. So mindset work is wonderful because it allows you to, especially within coaching, what I love about, um, mindset work, I’m formally trained as an N L P practitioner, neurolinguistic programming, speaking directly to the subconscious mind.

[00:22:08] So learning how to get you out of your conscious brain and into the subconscious, which is funny because we try to make change at the conscious level, which is only. 5% of our brain activity, the 95% is unconscious. So it’s really about learning how to communicate there. Once that goes into the unconscious, if you are dysregulated in your nervous system, if you are.

[00:22:40] Dealing with unhealed trauma, you are constantly in a state of fight or flight. Your nervous system is actually going to prevent you from allowing that mindset work to be integrated. And so the power of having mindset work is like, yeah, if you’re just starting out, And you are, I, I mean, I see value in both.

[00:23:04] I went from mindset work into the body, but there is also a, a ton of value to go body into mindset. So it’s just about your personal journey. Um, but what we call mindset work is a top-down approach. So you literally are going from the brain. Inward, whereas, uh, nervous system regulation is a bottom up approach.

[00:23:29] So when you combined combine the two, it is that much more amplified, that much more powerful rather than just trying to mindset your way or talk your way. Like there is definitely a time and place for talk therapy and C B T and all of that, uh, but it is my. Personal and professional opinion that you just get so much further when you’re working with the nervous system as well.

[00:23:57] Amanda: Hmm, definitely. I, I agree with that. Cause I work with both of those myself and just having the combination of the, the top down and the bottom up approach just really is that whole encompassing that embodiment of everything that you desire to be. And I feel like the, the change is just so much more prolonged.

[00:24:15] Totally. And so, I know breath work. This is something that I, is a modality that I, I have delved into a little bit. It’s not something that I teach, but it just is of so much interest to me. How do you use breath work when it comes to regulating the, the nervous system? How do you actually do that? 

[00:24:33] Kiki: Okay, so one of the things that I will do is like in a coaching session, for example, if I notice that a client is in a state of activation, if they’re, you know, their breathing is labored, they’re, they’re starting to tense up.

[00:24:51] You know, speaking about, about events, it’s an easy shift. You know, you’re trained to notice. Be physical sensations. It’s called sensory acuity. And that is something that, you know, you’re, you’re trained to do through getting certified. Um, but the, the reason why it’s so powerful is again, it brings you out of your mind.

[00:25:16] You’re disconnected from your conscious brain and you’re in your body and there’s so much when we shift from. Thinking about our emotions to actually feeling our emotions. It’s a world of difference because the thinking about it is not actually doing anything about it. It oftentimes, it actually makes the situation worse.

[00:25:42] Whereas if you can learn to drop into your body, and this is what I support my clients with, I. In a session or, you know, um, I’m actually right now considering putting some breath work onto insight timer where I’m a teacher. I’ve got a bunch of meditations there, but I’m like, okay, now, now I think the, the next level is to, to bring the breath work there.

[00:26:03] So even just having a daily practice of. Five to 10 minutes a day can radically shift the way that we feel because it’s a grounding into your body. It’s a regulating of your nervous system. And so when you are tapped into your physical body, This ability to release now in five to 10 minutes, you may not get that deep transformation, but it can certainly set you up for success for your day.

[00:26:41] Um, in a 45 to 60 minute session where we’re really diving deep, that is where you can. Access the trapped emotions, the, uh, trauma that has been stored and kept in your bodies. So often when we respond to a trigger, it’s not about what’s happening in the moment, it’s about what happened or what was said when we were 5, 6, 7 years old by a parent friend, you know, whomever, teacher, and.

[00:27:18] It’s been carried with us our entire lives, and that one little poke then turned into, you know it, you think about like a bullseye. You’re getting the target. It’s getting bigger and bigger. We call this a gestalt where you know, it links, it’s almost like a string of pearls so that when you go back to that actual first event, you’re able to release everything that has been built upon it since.

[00:27:48] Amanda: It’s incredible, isn’t it? One of the books that I’ve been listening to recently just on, audible, uh, I’m trying to think what it’s called. The Body Keeps a Score and he’s talking about how it’s such a good book, isn’t it So good? And it, it really talks about trauma and how it is trapped in the body.

[00:28:04] And one of the things that he talks about in the book is, post-traumatic stress. So from, uh, veterans from the Vietnam War, I think he was referring to, and they are having these symptoms of all of these stressful events playing out today as though they were still trapped there.

[00:28:21] And it’s simply because all of these traumas are still coming out in the body as though they’re happening right there. And then the pulse, the fluttering heart, the sweating, everything that they were feeling in the moment is coming out now. And so what you’re talking about there with those triggers is that, It could be something so seemingly insignificant that isn’t anything related to what’s happening in your life right at this very moment.

[00:28:46] But if it’s triggering that past trauma, all of a sudden that comes rushing back and talk therapy that we’re talking about here, that just isn’t gonna cut it. It’s gotta be something that really is dealing with the body to be able to release that. And so breath work, like you’ve mentioned, is one of the really powerful things to be able 

[00:29:03] Kiki: to do that.

[00:29:04] Yeah. , it’s interesting because what happens, a lot of people don’t realize, they think, oh, I have a thought and this is then making me feel a certain way. When in actuality there is something that happens within your nervous system. First there is, you know, a ping of like, oh, this is, this is familiar to me, which then sends a signal to your brain and activates the thought, which then creates.

[00:29:33] The emotion around it, but it is first a sensation, some sort of trigger within your nervous system to then create the thought that leads to the feeling. Yeah. That whole thinking, 

[00:29:45] Amanda: feeling lobe, it just keeps going on and on, doesn’t it? Yeah. So one of the things I know that you talk about is this whole idea of like getting a high on your own supply.

[00:29:54] You like to term, like turning breath into this coping mechanism. I think it’s such a, it’s a brilliant term. It’s a play on word. Thank you. So what is something that we can do, whether it be outside, say a. Breathwork sessions. Something that we can do on our own to help cope If we are going through a stressful time or something like that, or maybe we’re about to have a coaching call with one of our clients and we’re feeling a little bit worked up or something like that, what is something that we can do ourselves to 

[00:30:21] Kiki: help regulate our nervous system?

[00:30:24] I’m so happy you asked. So there’s, there’s. I will, I will share two really popular breath patterns with you. Um, one of them you actually learn how to facilitate inside my, uh, breathwork certification, which is called the Quantum Breath Academy. And so it’s called, uh, box breathing or Riti Pranayama. So that is the traditional term I always want to as.

[00:30:55] In the world that we are living in today of cultural appropriation, I really want it to be known specifically within my certification. Um, That there is an origin and to honor these origins and where this breath work comes from, it is not developed by, you know, the western world. Mm-hmm. It really does come from a lot of breath work comes from India and so some of Ricci pranayama is, um, At the, oh my goodness.

[00:31:31] Okay. I wanna say Sanskrit. I apologies if that is, is wrong, but I believe that that is where it comes from. Um, So that is where we are. The biggest thing when we are activated is we want to bring ourselves back into our parasympathetic nervous system that is the rest and digest the calming. There are breath patterns where you can actually activate and energize yourself, but the one that, um, We want, especially if we’re feeling, you know, triggered or, or activated before a session.

[00:32:06] Definitely using your parasympathetic nervous system. So, uh, the Sam Riti is where you are breathing in, holding, breathing out, holding all for the same count. So usually we go four or five counts. So this would sound like inhaling for four.

[00:32:30] Holding for four,

[00:32:35] exhaling for four, and holding for four. Now you can practice this. It’s literally making a box with your breath, and that is why it is called box breathing in the Western world. Um, but you could do simply just that. For seven to 10 rounds and you would notice a shift within your system. So that’s a really great one.

[00:33:05] They actually teach that technique to, uh, Navy Seals. It’s used in the US military to help with anxiety and P T S D, so, Fun fact there. And the other one anytime where you, if you really wanna shift into your parasympathetic, anytime you are exhaling longer than you are inhaling, you are going to create that shift.

[00:33:32] So another one is called 4 7, 8 breath, where you would inhale for four, hold for seven, and exhale for eight. So that would sound like. In hold

[00:33:52] and exhale.

[00:33:59] Like I can just feel that in one round of that I can, I can feel a shift 

[00:34:03] Amanda: as well. Isn’t funny how we both close our eyes initially when we go to do that as well. Why is it that we do that? 

[00:34:09] Kiki: Because it’s. Even more peaceful. That’s true. It’s truly closing your eyes is a process of going inward, right? Mm-hmm.

[00:34:17] It’s about helping you to ground in and, and connect into the body. Um, another way that you can also do that, a lot of times when you’re working with people who have trauma or uh, P T S D, Sometimes it doesn’t feel safe for them to close their eyes. So you can also always invite your clients to, everything’s an invitation.

[00:34:37] Like if you’re really wanting to lead from a space of safety, it’s not. Okay. Now close your eyes. Yeah, it’s. If it feels good for you, if it, if it feels safe, close your eyes. Always an invitation. Mm-hmm. And, um, if that doesn’t feel safe for them, you can always invite them to just stare softly at a certain spot.

[00:34:57] So, you know, my, my mouse pad is in front of me here, so I could soften my gaze and slightly close my eyes, but not fully so that I have a focal point. And that’ll also, um, help with the relaxation process without that trigger. Yeah. 

[00:35:15] Amanda: Oh, there’s such, such incredible tips there. Thank you so much for sharing those with me.

[00:35:20] And I know one of, one of the other things I really wanted to dive into, and this is something that you are the queen of. I know recently you’ve just run a course around this, or I think it might have been a masterclass. It was certainly something around it, around manifestation because yes. Definitely the queen of manifestation, so thank you.

[00:35:37] Let’s sort of riff on this a little bit more, and I know one of the things you talk about is this intertwining of breathwork and manifestation, how using breathwork can make you a better manifester. So how does that actually work? How does that come together? What’s the marriage of the two? 

[00:35:52] Kiki: Okay. So the way that I have always led everything from mindset work to spirituality to the body and the nervous system, you know, that’s really my trifecta, like my three core pillars of my coaching. Container is working the, the synergizing I call it, of the mind, the body, and the spirit. And because if you look at a triangle and you are missing one of those corners, the rest are gonna fall, right? If you don’t have those three points, you don’t have a secure structure and foundation. So my um, My coaching really focuses on the blend of all three, and when we speak about breathwork and manifestation, everything is a frequency first.

[00:36:44] Mm-hmm. Right? Everything is energy. So even, you know, my umbrella of what I do is really focused around healing, but what I was actually having a aha moment around the other day is not so much. Healing, but just like energy, I always tell my clients it’s frequency first. It is always about shifting the energy around whatever it is, and it’s from that space, you know.

[00:37:14] One of, there’s a famous quote, and I think Einstein said it. I am going to paraphrase it because I will butcher it, but you cannot solve a problem in the same energy through which it was created. Mm-hmm. So you have to shift yourself in order to shift the problem. And so this is, and you know, Tony Robbins talks about this.

[00:37:36] You’ll hear this from like many great, , personal development gurus, so to speak, and. When we are speaking about breath work and manifestation, breath instinctively shifts your frequency. It helps you to feel calmer. We right, we just talked about going from an activated state into the parasympathetic nervous system.

[00:38:03] You are creating a sense of calm. Now. Do you think you are going to find more solutions when you are activated or when you are in a. Face of peace. Right. It’s definitely in that state of calm. Yeah. So from there, We become more in alignment to what it is that we desire. So when we can use breath work, we are literally shifting not only our emotional state, but that those emotions all hold frequencies to them.

[00:38:33] They are energy. Emotion is energy and emotion. Yes. So from that place, our manifestations actually get amplified. I have a, um, maybe I will include this for your community. I have a really beautiful sounds. Yeah, I have a really beautiful breath work session on manifestation. So I will give you the link for that and then that would be brilliant.

[00:38:58] Community. Thank you 

[00:38:59] Amanda: so much for that. They’ll love that. I’m gonna you listen as well. Yay. 

[00:39:04] Kiki: Yeah. So the two are so beautifully intertwined because, um, it really goes to work at the somatic level. And from that space, our energy just instantly shifts, which then creates so much more room for our manifestations to come into our world.

[00:39:25] Amanda: Oh, you’ve summed it up so beautifully. You make it sound so simple. It’s so simple. It’s so simple. Exactly. Anyone can do it. It really, I suppose anything that we do, doesn’t it, it comes down to practice and making it as part of our, our daily practice, and the more that we do it, the easier it becomes and we do start to magnetize those things towards us.

[00:39:43] And so, For someone who is looking at, say, someone like yourself or someone who’s actually does this constantly, they’re thinking she does it so easily, but the truth is that anyone can, as long as they actually then practice it, they change their energy. It’s something that they’re bringing into their daily lives and.

[00:40:03] Things just start to happen. You start to see those angel numbers, things start to start to happen. 

[00:40:09] Kiki: It’s so funny because I, I share this with, with my community, but I actually hated breath work when I started. I had Me too. So much resistance to it. And it’s funny, the things I invite you, just like into curiosity, if you’re listening to this and there’s something you are really resisting, whether that be journaling or breath work or some sort sort of healing modality to just invite you into this exploration of why is that?

[00:40:45] Could there be something to unlock in this space of resistance? And when I realized, That breath work because in the coaching industry, they’re, all the coaches we’re using this one breath pattern and I hated it. I still don’t really enjoy it. I don’t do it often. And it’s only, which one 

[00:41:09] Amanda: is that that you’re talking about?

[00:41:10] Kiki: It’s, it’s the tri active breath. So you breathe into your belly, into your chest, and then out, and it is all done through the mouth. So it sounds like. And I, it’s so, it’s way too activating for me. Mm-hmm. And so a lot of people who I work with who have trauma, they feel very similarly. So I actually started, you know, going down a different path and a facil, um, past client of mine actually started her own breathwork certification.

[00:41:45] She’s who I got certified through. And I said to her, I was like, okay. But what breath pattern are you using? Like what, what is the thing? And so she, she was the one who introduced me to conscious connected breath. Mm-hmm. Which is, uh, still a very powerful and transformative breath pattern, but you don’t actually get as activated.

[00:42:09] So this was where just by being open and being curious, I was able to find. A breath pattern that works for me. And I didn’t realize that there are actually so many out there. When I discovered breath work, I thought it was just that one breath pattern. And so inside I, I took that, I ran with it. I started then exploring all these o other patterns for different things that you can use it for and.

[00:42:38] Inside my certification, you now get certified with eight different types of breath so that if one doesn’t align for you, there’s more for you to choose from. 

[00:42:50] Amanda: That is so good and there is so much freedom and opportunity when we do start to explore these things and it, it’s something that I was just reflecting on earlier today, is that.

[00:43:01] Quite often we feel restricted and so we are simply just sort of putting up a block going, you know what? We can’t, can’t get going with this. But when you pause and you do take that moment just to sort of step back and go, okay, well, What if, what are the other possibilities? And you start to think, okay, well let’s look beyond this.

[00:43:18] Let’s, let’s sort of do a little bit blue sky thinking and how can we actually create something that is gonna work for us? And it sounds like that’s exactly what you’ve managed to do with your certification. And so where can we find out more information about that? 

[00:43:31] Kiki: Yeah, so right now I am actually working with my graphic designer to hopefully by the time this episode comes out mm-hmm.

[00:43:37] There will be a sales page for it. I have built my, this is also another permission piece. I have built my entire business without a website. I. I am only now just starting to implement landing pages and, and building a website behind the scenes, uh, full permission to do your business without one. It is not the most important thing you need when you were building a business.

[00:43:59] Exactly. Do it your way. Um, do it your way. So I actually, it was like a challenge. I wanted to prove to myself that I could get to six figures without. A website and I did. Um, so anyways, you can find more information either on my Instagram or just by reaching out to me personally. In, in my dms, I hang out on Instagram the most, so that is where we can connect and have a conversation.

[00:44:25] I also love, just like when someone is interested, getting to have a conversation with them and, and knowing what it is that they are looking for the most support with, so that I can see if it’s a good fit as well. 

[00:44:37] Amanda: Yeah. Perfect. And so where can we find you on socials? Instagram’s your main place of hanging out.

[00:44:42] What’s your Instagram? That was 

[00:44:43] Kiki: the main place. I am @quantumcreatrix, which is the word quantum, and then C R E A T R I X.

[00:44:52] And you can also find me in my Facebook group where I host tons of challenges, freebies, I do weekly card polls, so lots of opportunity to come and receive free value. And that is the quantum creator co c o over on Facebook. But I’ll send you. I’ll send 

[00:45:11] Amanda: you a link. I will pop them in the show notes so that way they’re nice and easy to find.

[00:45:16] Amazing. And Kiki, is there anything else that you’d love to leave us with? Any sort of parting words of wisdom or anything like that? I know we’ve chatted about so much today, so, so much. Anything to sum it all up 

[00:45:26] Kiki: beautifully. 

[00:45:27] I think honestly just one of the biggest things that I want to reiterate from today is if you are feeling blocked in any area of your life and you are trying to think your way out of it. It’s probably not going to work. You need to go a little bit deeper and that is really the power of doing somatic work and, and leaning into breath work.

[00:45:54] So if you are interested in finding out more about breath, I would love to talk to you about it. Or if you’re interested in getting certified to help support your clients as well, that would be absolutely amazing. 

[00:46:08] Amanda: Yeah. Oh, beautiful. I’m feeling. So relaxed and calm and just feeling, thank you so, so nourished.

[00:46:17] After that conversation and hearing about all the possibilities that there are, because like you mentioned, I’m someone who’s been a little bit on the fence about breath work. It’s something that I haven’t found the right style for me, and I think once we do get a chance to delve into that a little bit more, I know I’m gonna find the right way.

[00:46:35] So yes, absolutely. Thank you so much. Yes. Just for remain open. Definitely. So Kiki, thank you so much for coming on the show today. I really do appreciate all the wisdom that you’ve been able to share with us. And thank you once again from the bottom of my heart being my very first guest. 

[00:46:49] Kiki: Yay. Thank you for having me.[00:46:50] It was my absolute honor.

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