How You’re Diminishing Your Self-Trust as a Leader

September 19, 2023


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Ever made a decision from an ungrounded place and instinctively known you’ve messed up? It’s as though the intuition you ignored the first (or second) time around is now letting you know for sure!

When you’re operating from this place in your business, you’re distracted, disconnected, and lacking self-trust…which would all be listening out for those red flags otherwise.

In this episode, I’m diving deep into the consequences of not being grounded in your business and decision-making. From overlooking intuition to being led astray by trends, I’ll uncover the telltale signs that might be holding you back. But don’t worry; I’m not just here to diagnose the problem. I’m also here to offer solutions.

Here’s a glimpse of what we’ll explore:

  • How external distractions can divert you from your true path.
  • Why cultivating self-trust is fundamental to becoming an authentic leader.
  • The risks associated with following the latest trends instead of listening to your inner guidance.
  • The ripple effect of your lack of grounding on your clients.
  • How you might be diluting your unique essence.
  • How a lack of self-trust can lead to decision fatigue.

Ready to make empowered decisions and embrace your authentic leadership? Tune in now!

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Have you ever made a decision from an ungrounded place and instinctively known that you’ve completely f*cked up as your body is going through the motions of putting it all into place. Yep. This was me. Now. Let me preface it by saying in the scheme of things, it’s pretty darn insignificant, but at the time, I was still pissed. Now, you know that I love a good child latte. Yes, I do. And I want to tell you a little story. About my child, lotta experience. So. Pitcher this Sunday morning, the sun is shining. I’m out for a stroll kid free the world is my oyster. It’s all about me. Now feeling a little bit tired, a little bit foggy and know I’m not hung over, just suffering from a mouth sleeped. It. But I had this craving for a child latte. And so I’m not in my usual area. And I thought, okay, where am I going to go? I say this store has lots of people mulling around, outside the Daecon looks okay from the outside. But I step inside and my gut feeling is no, it’s not going to be very [00:02:00] good. So there’s red flag. Number one. But, you know, Ignore my intuition and I pushed, paused. I want this child latte. So I would go up and place an order and then let that $7 50. Thank you. Oh, gosh. That’s really expensive. I mean, child lattes are expensive at the best of times, but this has just taken it up a notch. So I might. Red flag number two. I really want to do this. Intuition saying back out, back out now you’re still got time. But it’s one of those moments where. It’s almost like in suspended and emotional, your mind has decided to disassociate. You’re floating above yourself and you’re watching yourself handing of your card, paying for this child. Lotto go. No, don’t do it. But there I was buddy going through the motions, paying for it. And so after this, my mind and my body have come back to one. And I was standing there nervous, awaiting my order. Oh, How’s this going to do it out. So I get my child lotto. The one that I’ve pinned, all my hopes on that is going to solve all of my problems, that the morning fog and my tiredness and all of these things. And I grab it. My gut is still saying no wrong decision. You made a bad choice. And I take a sip. Of this long awaited glass of chai latte. And it tastes like warm milk. There’s barely a hint of chai. And if you’re someone who loves a good child latte, Look, I’m very particular. I admit that I don’t do the powder. It has to be the spices, the sticky spices, whatever you want to call it. I don’t know how to order a steak. Always order it incorrectly. But, you know, the sticky chai. That’s the one that I want. And supposedly that’s what I got, but it didn’t taste like it. It was the most disappointing child latte in the history of disappointing child. [00:04:00]

And so as I walked away, Feeling sorry for myself, having made a really poor decision, having ignored my intuition. I was like, okay, well, what can I take away from this? What’s the lesson. Let’s not wallow in my sadness here because otherwise I’m just going to get really upset about this whole thing. But what can I take away from this? And I was sitting there thinking about it, go, well, my head was all over the place. I was consumed with a thousand other different thoughts. I wasn’t present in the moment. I wasn’t paying attention to what I was doing. I was ignoring my intuition, ignoring the red flags. And I know this is a child latte. It is small in the scheme of things. But can you imagine if this was my business? If I was showing up for my business in this way.

What would have happened if I’d ill spent thousands of dollars or missed opportunities because a decision was made from an ungrounded place. I’d end up with a lukewarm result. A warm cup of milk when I was anticipating a tasty child latte. And so that’s what we’re talking about in today’s episode. We’re focusing on the impact of being ungrounded and how it affects our ability to trust ourselves. And why clarity. Is the key to being confident in our decision-making.

So when we are in grounded, how minds can resemble this chaotic room they’re filled with too many different items. We are distracted. We have bombarded with external distractions. We have our own doubts. We had the noise, the world around us is this mental clutter that just completely overwhelms us, making it really challenging to focus on what matters. And it’s cluttered mental space. Ends up leading to this lack of clarity. Really poor decision-making and even decision fatigue. And so what happens is we end up second guessing every single choice [00:06:00] and simple decisions become so exhausting. when we talk about external distractions, what does that actually mean? External distractions can come up in all kinds of different forms. It could be industry trends. It could be something your competitors are doing. Or it could just be that constant need that you feel like you’re missing out and you need to keep up with everyone else’s doing. In Australia, we call it, keeping up with the Joneses. I don’t know if that’s a universal thing, but that’s certainly something that we call it here. Now while it’s essential that we do stay informed what’s happening around us. Sometimes when we are paying too much attention. They can actually draw us away from where we are meant to be. These distractions pull us away from what is our true path.

So let’s say you have a marketing plan in place, you know, what’s happening with all of your promotions and then you’ve realized, Hey, black Friday sales are coming up. Everyone’s going to be doing a black Friday sale. Maybe I should too, because I don’t want to be left out. But if a black Friday sale doesn’t align with your vision, your mission, what you stand for. Then don’t copy everyone else. Stick on your own path and follow that.

The other trap that we often fall into is that when we are trying to make decisions. We fall into this illusion of more information is better and all it then leads to is information overload. So we believe that consuming more data. The trends, the opinions of everyone else will actually lead to wiser choices. But what actually happens. Is that this approach ends up leaving us more confused and disconnected from our own inner wisdom. We are too busy handing over our power to everything outside of us, instead of just looking within. Yes. We always want to be in a growth mindset. We want to be continually learning and up leveling, but there comes a point where we do need to say enough is enough. Stop taking on the opinions [00:08:00] and information and just over-consumption, that’d be go through and focus on what’s inside.

And this quite often happens in the online space. When we look at different techniques, different tools and approaches that are constantly around. So let’s say that you have an coaching practice, which is doing really well using your own approach, your own different principles, your own methodology, but you happen to see this trending new coaching technique online? And it seems like everyone else is doing everyone’s buzzing. It’s going to be the new hot thing. And so you feel this pressure to incorporate it into part of your approach and your own coaching practice. Because you fear that if you don’t well, you’re going to be left out. You’re going to fall behind. And so you spend all your time and resources mastering this new technique. You go to try it out on one of your clients. And even though it doesn’t feel right, it doesn’t align with your philosophy or your client’s specific needs. You try to squeeze it in there. And what happens is that because your decision has purely come from a place of wanting to follow the trends, not wanting to be left out, copying others in a sense, you actually end up diluting your own uniqueness of your coaching style. And it leads you and your clients feeling really disconnected from what it is that you do. And so by attempting, just to keep up with the industry trends, you’ve lost this clarity in your own self. The way that you show up and it says misalignment to what it is that you do.

So in essence, when we are on grounded. Our minds are just so clouded with distractions doubts and this external noise that’s going on around us. And that then leads to this real lack of clarity, this poor decision-making and this decision fatigue as well. These external distractions that is pulling us away from our true path. And this illusion of information overload. It can actually leave a feeling more confused than ever.

So when we are on [00:10:00] grounded. It’s not just affecting our decisions. It’s also eroding our self-trust and our intuition. A bit like what was happening when I was ordering that child latte.

As a coach, You know that self-trust and intuition, I let your north star. They are going to guide you in creating such powerful experiences and fostering that deep transformation for your clients. And similarly in your own business, your self-trust and intuition are your allies. They help you to make really aligned decisions and stay authentic to your mission. Now when these external distractions and information pull you away from your inner wisdom. That self-trust starts to waiver. You begin questioning your abilities. You begin doubting your decisions. And that self doubt then ripples into your coaching as well. Making you second, guess your methods, your effectiveness and what it is that you’re actually bringing to the table.

So when you’re not grounded. These intuition gets drowned out by the noise. And when it gets drowned out by the noise. You start to seek external validation oh, you’re constantly looking to others for direction, which further then disrupts that intuitive flow that is guiding you in everything that you do.

But by staying grounded, you get to maintain that self-trust you get to nurture your intuition. And make really aligned decisions that are going to affect your business in the right way. It’s something that we often hear and we think. That doesn’t mean anything. What does it actually mean? What’s the impact to my business. But coming from a place of grandness. Being rooted in your decisions being rooted in yourself. Just allows you to have that confidence. And clarity. To show up. To lead yourself and lead your business.

Which [00:12:00] at the heart of it is really all about authentic leadership. Isn’t it? This is the heart of success.

Now authentic leadership. Isn’t just a buzzword. It really is the heart and soul of everything that we do as entrepreneurs.

Especially if we wanting to show up and have a soulful business. It’s about leading from this place of unwavering. Self-trust. It’s about embracing your unique voice and making decisions that really align with your true core values.

So if we think about. Grounding yourself and your business and building self-trust has been like the foundational pillars of authentic leadership. They essentially become that bedrock upon which you can confidently stand and allow your authenticity to shine through. If you went out grounded. You can’t cultivate that self-trust. And if you can’t cultivate that, self-trust. Then it makes it really difficult to shop in an authentic way because you are lacking that confidence to do so.

Now intuition is something that comes into this. It often takes a back seat in the noisy world of entrepreneurship, but really as an authentic leader, It calls for that reconnection with your inner guidance system. Your inner wisdom, your inner knowing that self-trust.

Because when you were grounded, And trust yourself. You get to tap into that intuition. And you get to make decisions that come from within. That inner knowing. Because we all have this wisdom very deep within us. And it’s just a matter of quieting down the noise of it around us so that we can then tap into it.

when we do tap into this, this inner knowing this inner truth, this.


We get to embrace our unique essence. And allow it to permeate through every aspect of our business. We stop mimicking others are following trends. Yes. [00:14:00] Maybe we look to them. But it doesn’t mean that we simply copy them. We don’t need to.

We draw upon our own inspiration. We draw upon our own creativity and we feel confident in doing so.

We feel confident to embody our authentic leadership. And Baden an authentic leader. This is all about speaking our truth. That becomes a superpower. It’s about expressing our thoughts, expressing our ideas and our perspectives. All without fear of judgment.

Because if we can’t speak. Our truth. If we’re hiding behind a mask. If we’re pretending to be someone else, because we don’t feel confident, we feel that we’ll be judged. Then is that authentic leadership? Hm. I don’t think so. We need to be the embodiment. Of our truth, our thoughts, our ideas. And when we do that. When we are grounded and when we trust ourselves, We become this magnetic force. We become magnetic. We draw our community out audience towards us. And he said, don’t resonate it. Well, that’s fine. We repel them. But that’s what bang magnetic is. And that’s what magnetism is all about. It’s a PA both attracting and repelling. But you need to be grounded and have that self-trust in order to shop, has that the authentic leader.

And this is what we’re doing inside my group program. Widespace. It becomes this catalyst for authentic leadership.

By clearing away the noise and finding your focus, nurturing yourself, trust your intuition. White space provides an ideal environment for your authentic leadership to flourish. So it’s more than just a program. It says real holistic experience designed to empower you as the leader and CEO of your business. [00:16:00] And it aligns perfectly with the principles that we’ve just discussed. So the grounding and self-trust now whitespace provides that safe and nurturing space for you to ground yourself within your business. There are guided practices and support. So that you can build that on wavering self-trust in your decision-making. It’s about allowing you to connect back to your intuition. And enabling you to tap into your inner guidance system so that you can make this decisions that do align. With your true essence.

It’s about embracing authenticity. And Widespace encourages you and celebrates you authentically.

It encourages you and we celebrate you to show up as all of you. You’re never too much. We encourage you to be who you are. And you’ll have the freedom to express your unique voice, your ideas, your perspectives, without fear of judgment.

It’s about encouraging you to stand out as an authority. Because that’s what we want to do. We want to stand out from the noise. There is so much noise happening around us. We want to rise above that. We want to elevate above that. And that’s where your authenticity shines through.

So, what can you expect inside white space? Is there to provide clarity and focus. So achieving that mental clarity in that laser sharp focus that you can make those confident decisions without hesitation. It’s about cultivating your authentic leadership. Empowering you to embody that. Leading our business with joy. Magnetism and, and I’m waving authenticity. It’s about strengthening yourself, trust and intuition. And reducing that need for constant, external validation and direction.

Is there to help you cultivate that mental clarity and the space for your creativity and inspiration to flow freely.

And it’s about breaking through the noise.[00:18:00] Releasing the influence of external distractions and industry trends that may pull you away from where you’re trying to go It said to help you make decisions from a grounded place Listen to your inner wisdom and avoid that decision fatigue as a result And this is only part of it There is so much more that we tap into through energetics and really taking on a guided somatic journey what we Rico the subconscious mind and yourselves as well It is incredible And so if this is something you would like to explore and it’s calling your name i highly invite you to join It’s a six week experiential journey Which is designed to support you as the leader and the ceo behind your business So that you can embrace that real authentic leadership And show up for yourself your business and your clients as well Spaces are limited as this is going to be a really beautiful intimate container and we commence on the 4th of october so it is happening very soon I will pop all the details in the show notes you can check it out and if you do have any questions at all slide into my dms i am there to answer them for you So my love if you want to avoid the child latte situation that i had but in your business or anywhere else in your life It’s all about Turning down the noise on your external distractions And turning up the volume on yourself Reconnecting back into you Being grounded in your body Cultivating that self-trust and listening into your intuition to your inner knowing your inner wisdom that you have inside And then you won’t end up with a luke Warm cup of milk Until next time i love with speak then by

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