Redefining Success: The Shift Towards Holistic Wealth

December 27, 2023


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We’re over the same rhetoric of big-income months at any cost. And in 2024 I’m predicting a shift towards something I’m calling ‘holistic wealth’. One that results in less burn-out and feelings of a richer life with more depth.

In this episode, we explore:

  • The shift I’m predicting within the coaching industry
  • The consequences of defining success solely in financial terms and the impact this has across different areas of your life  
  • Changing the narrative of wealth 
  • Understanding your values and aligning these with your business goals
  • The difference between shining bright and creating a legacy

This is the perfect time of year to get all contemplative and redefine what holistic wealth means for you!

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Hello. And welcome back to another episode of feminine luminary. I feel at this particular episode, topic that I’m going to be talking about today is really timely. Because. As this is being released, that period between Christmas and new year’s, it’s such a time of contemplation. And this is something that I really want you to contemplate around how you feel as an entrepreneur, how you feel as a business owner. And how you are showing up as a leader. How are you being in your business?

How are you being. In your life. How are you being as a leader? And how does this particular concept that I’m about to introduce. Fit for you.

So this past year in particular, I have seen so many coaches leaving their businesses. And I’m not just talking about coaches who, a brand new in the industry. I’m talking about coaches who have also been doing this for quite a while and are quite [00:02:00] established as well.

And I feel like one of the things that we’ve seen this year, this particular. I wouldn’t say trend, but there’s definite shift towards focusing on financial success. In the coaching space, these big income months, you know, the 10 K months, the 20 K months, the 50 K months, a hundred K months. At any cost. That this is leading to burnout.

tHe industry has also shifted. It has been a big change in 2023, compared to what we were a couple of years ago. Where. Those coaches who had the best marketing. They were the ones who got hired. They were the ones that had all the business. But they weren’t necessarily the best coaches.

I mean, some maybe incredible at marketing and also incredible coaches. But it wasn’t always the way. It was just the loudest. That generally had the most success. And they were the ones that were shouting from the rooftops about the big income months that they were making. And so there was this big focus in the industry. To make the huge income months.

Now I feel that people are definitely tiring of this messaging. We’ve almost become immune to it because it’s just the same message going on and on and on. And what we’re starting to see is a shift towards recognition.

That true wealth. Extends beyond monetary gains, which is what I’m really excited to see. And I think there’s going to be this real big emphasis on this moving forward. And as a result of that, I feel like we’re going to have women building much more sustainable businesses. They are going to be in it for the long haul.

They’re going to be the really good coaches who aren’t incredible at their craft. Not necessarily just really good at marketing themselves. But they’re going to be focusing on providing an incredible service for their clients. They’re going to be bringing in those transformations. They’re going to be giving a really. [00:04:00] Beautiful experience. For their clients and for their community. That is not focused on just bringing the big dollars. And as a result. Anyone who is striving for that? Is at less risk of burning out. Cause it’s not just go hard or go home.

And so this idea of focusing on more than just monetary gains or financial success. This idea of wealth being bigger than that. I’m actually going to term it. Holistic wealth. Because they’re taking it in, taking it a much more holistic stance. Or view around this.

So over my coaching career, I actually started out as a holistic health coach before moving more into the leadership style of coaching.

And so one of the things that I’ve recognized through that, or was actually solidified through my. Training around being a holistic health coach, it’s actually something that I’ve understood and seen for many, many years before.

That is just how interconnected everything is. We can’t take from one area of our life without it impacting another, everything is connected.

And so if we’ve been chasing wealth, And these huge income months at any cost.

Let me tell you there’s a cost. There definitely is a cost. But wearing your life, is it going to show up?

If you’re pouring solely into a business without focusing on your family. Then that’s where it’s going to show up. Or if being pouring Sophie into your business without worrying about your wellbeing. That’s going to take a hit as well. So you can’t take from one without impacting another. It is holistic.

So if we start to think about this term of holistic wealth,

Well, it allows us to actually rethink. What. Success is. What this idea of rich is. [00:06:00] And we start to look at it from a bird’s-eye view, this idea of having a rich life. Rather than just richness in terms of dollars.

And what I really see happening. In 2024, is that there’s going to be this changing of the narrative around wealth in the coaching and entrepreneurial space. As I said, we’ve seen so many coaches who have Sean really bright. And that they’re just completely disappeared off the face of the earth. They’ve been incredible. But then are gone. And the biggest question in my mind is where is the long lasting impact? If they are their business, if they are the face of the brand, if they are the one who is doing everything. And they have just put themselves out there. Going really hard, Sean Bright and then burnt themselves out. Take on. And so has everything that they’ve stood for that is gone as well. And so something that I’ve always said is that this is bigger than business. It’s always been bigger than business.

It’s about being a leader.

And I’ve actually been really honing into my own mission of late, which is all about focusing on helping women to be leaders across all areas of their lives. Not just when the camera’s rolling. Not when they’re showing up on their social media or on their stories and showing the world how great their life is in those highlight moments. But what are they doing behind the scenes? How are they being with their family? How are they being with their credit, their wider community offline, not online. But how are they interacting with others?

What are they doing to look after their own health? What are they doing to look after their mindset? How are their relationships with people?

What is the environment that they live within their home environment, their working environment, all of that? Like, how are they. Actually showing up as leaders. Are they being [00:08:00] embodied? Is are they embodying this idea of leadership? Or is it just in this small snippets that we’re seeing online, just when they’re being in their business? When they have that business persona on that we see on Instagram.

And so if we come back to this idea about defining success solely in financial terms, Sure someone might be striving for the six figure, the multi-six-figure the seven figure business, but they burn out and disappear. And as I said, when a business is gone, Where’s the legacy. What’s happening in the rest of their life.

Now that the money’s gone, are they still wealthy?

Oh, was the wealth only when the money was coming in.

Did they pour everything, all of their energy into the business. And were they chasing the financial riches? That every other part of their life is feeling depleted.

I don’t know. That’s not a question that they can answer. But for me, I know what I desire.

There’s this balance. There’s a balance that has to be struck between all areas of our life. We need to look at wealth from a holistic standpoint. And I remember having this conversation with my coach when I first started working with her a long time ago. Around this concept of a rich life. And rich, not in terms of the monetary riches, but this rich in terms of these depth that we get to have.

This depth and richness with our family, with our friends. With the things that we enjoy traveling. Visiting nice places. Having fun experiences.

They don’t have to cost money. Maybe they cost you time. But that allows you to be rich. Is this rich life, this idea of wealth.

That’s what I want.

So [00:10:00] what does that actually look like when we go do go down that path of holistic wealth? When the focus comes off, just the financial figure. That financial success, the money. And don’t get me wrong. We’re not saying that we want to be poor. I’m not saying that. I don’t go earning anything.

We not saying that money is a bad thing. All I’m saying is that money is not the be-all and end-all. Money does allow you to have those other nice things. The nice experience has to go traveling all of that kind of thing. We do need to have money. Money is great. But it is not the sole part of our focus.

We want to be focusing on holistic wealth. All of the parts of our life that come together to create that idea of wealth. This richness.

So, first of all, it’s really about understanding your values. Because my idea. I have a rich life. My idea of holistic wealth. Maybe very different to yours.

So, for example, as a family with two young kids,

if you will, someone that does not have kids. Then it’s going to be completely different. Then, if I’m saying, I want my kids to go to a certain type of school, I want them to have a certain type of education. I wanted them to be able to be brought up. In a certain type of living arrangement, where we go, where we travel, what we do, our beliefs, that’s going to be very different to someone who does not have kids, for example. And that’s just one example of how our values. We’ll defer.

So it’s first of all, about understanding our values. And we need to actually align these personal values that we have. With our goals. As an entrepreneur. As our goals as a business owner for that sustainable success.

So if we don’t know our core values, Then [00:12:00] how can that be that compass for our decision-making?

And there’s quite a few different ways that we can come up with what our core values are. And when I say core values, we have core values, which ones that really are intrinsic to us. They’ve always been there that really deep level. And then we have our other values, which can change depending upon our life circumstances, our situations and things like that. But generally our core values will always remain the same. Unless there has been a major life event.

So there’s lots of different ways that you can actually determine what your core values are.

There’s different quizzes online. There’s a few different processes that I use with my clients that I’ve done myself as well. And if you’d like to know what they are to send me a quick DM and I can send that through to you. But once you do actually know your values, And you know what your business. Goals are. What that success? Looks like. You can make sure the two of them are aligned. Because going back to the, the example in my life. Where I am a mum with two young kids. One of my values is making sure that I am a present mom and my family spending time with them. So I’m not going to be pouring myself into my business, 80 hours a week or anything crazy like that, that I used to do my nine to five. That is why I left my nine to five because I was spending all of my time in there and neglecting my family. So that didn’t align with my values.

That’s why I left it. Along with everything else that I wanted to achieve in my own business and who I wanted to help. And there was a lot more that went into the story, but still, that was just a very simple little example that. If my values aren’t aligned to my goals. Then it’s not going to work. So when we come back to this idea of holistic wealth, it’s like, okay, well, understand what your values are.

To me, it’s spending time with my family being present with my family. It’s also around creating an impactful business. It’s [00:14:00] around. Yes. Generating wealth, financial wealth. But that’s not going to come at the cost. Are those other things.

I also really enjoy having. Time. Time to travel time to experience life. One of my highest values is also this idea of experience. And adventure. And play. And again, if I’m sitting there pouring all of my available time into my business. Then I’m not necessarily allow myself time to go and be able to play and explore and see new things and do all of the things I want to do.

So for me. It’s around chasing less of the financial goal. And more around the other areas of my life that I also enjoy.

So when we actually started looking to what our values are, understanding what these are, what are the other aspects of our life that are going to allow us to feel rich that are gonna allow us to feel wealthy.

It then. Gives us that permission. To take focus off this financial goal, the 10 Kmarts, the 20 Kmarts, the 50 K months or whatever it is at the industries. Telling you to do. It takes pressure off that and gives you the permission to step out of that relentless hustle. It allows you to go at a slower, more sustainable pace.

That is right for you.

Because only, you know what that pace is. You know what your values are, what it is that makes you feel rich gives you this holistic wealth. And then empowers you to be able to pursue that.

Because there’s nothing worse than building a business that doesn’t align with you. Because when it doesn’t align. It feels hard. It doesn’t feel fun. You’re going to feel resentful towards it.

And if you’re feeling all of those things, And you’re spending [00:16:00] way too many hours with your bombs sitting on the seat, just focusing on bringing in the money, money. Then it’s going to be a fast track to that burnout. You’re going to shine bright. And you’re going to burn out and be gone. And if you’ve been neglecting all of those other areas of your life. That’s where your values lie and what makes you feel rich? And now your business has gone. Well, the other areas are empty. The financial side of things. Is dwindling. What’s left. And it doesn’t feel very wealthy. Does it? So this is the importance of actually creating that feeling of rich across all areas of your life. It’s beyond the financial gains. This is interconnectedness that exists around everything, around our relationships, our health, our personal growth, our family, all of that stuff. All of the good stuff. When it all comes together and we’re making sure they pour time and effort into all these different areas. We have this overall sense of fulfillment. This overall sense of wellbeing. And let me relate that to health for a moment when we do actually have. This overall sense, sense of. Wellbeing and health. It actually impacts our physical health. It impacts our mental health. So we’re less likely to get sick. We are less likely to feel. Burnt out. Phil unwell and all of these different things. Because we are filling our cup up. It is all interconnected. I keep saying it over and over.

I feel like a broken record, but it truly is. He truly is. interconnected. Everything is interconnected. So my love, this is really just a short and sweet episode for you to mull over. Because it is that contemplated [00:18:00] time of the year. And I want you to think about how you’re going to take this information into 2024. This idea of holistic wealth and the concept that success extends beyond just the financial gains. Because when we actually start to redefine our wealth and encompass things like our wellbeing. Our passion. All of these things that create that rich life across all the different dimensions. It is going to leave you feeling so much more fulfilled. It is going to take you through the ups and downs of business because Hey, we’re entrepreneurs. It is not a linear journey. There are ups.

There are downs. There are good days and bad. But on the whole. If you take this holistic approach. To your wealth. It’s what’s going to truly fulfill you. So my love I’d love to hear from you. You’re like, how does this impact your idea? The traditional thoughts around success in your business. And what does holistic health look like for you? Let me tell on my DMS. I want to keep this up as a conversation. I’m wishing you the very best for the rest of 2023. And I can’t wait to speak to you again in the new year. Oh, my love. Bye.

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