Womb Alchemy: Healing Trauma and Sacred Feminine Leadership

November 7, 2023


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with Lauren Megan

Your body holds the keys to wisdom, but whether you can unlock them depends on how connected you are to her.

In this episode, I’m chatting with Lauren Megan, a body-based trauma specialist, womb alchemist, embodiment mentor, priestess, healer, conscious mother and teacher. And we’re going deep into womb alchemy and how this is the answer in both life and business.

In this episode, we explore:

  • The pivotal role of somatic trauma healing and womb alchemy in shaping our personal and professional lives.
  • How birth can be seen as a spiritual experience and an initiation that propels us from ‘vanilla’ existence into the full spectrum of our work.
  • The significance of softening into your Queen energy in relationships, which paves the way for the King energy to emerge.
  • Unraveling the profound energetic significance of the number 7.
  • The process of breaking generational trauma and the healing journey it entails.
  • Conscious parenting and the deep connection that children have with their matriarchal lineage.
  • How the teachings of Mary Magdalene resonate with modern-day leadership.

Prepare to embark on a journey of self-discovery, connecting with the divine feminine within you, and harnessing the wisdom and power of the womb.


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Lauren Megan is a body-based trauma specialist, womb alchemist, embodiment mentor, priestess, healer, conscious mother, and teacher. She guides & mentors women on the path of womb-led business, energetics, and pleasure. Her mission is to help women heal, unravel and decondition from the beliefs and generational traumas that keep them from speaking their truth, owning their purpose and receiving the endless amounts of orgasmic bliss they deserve.

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[00:00:41] Amanda: Lauren, welcome to the show. I’m so excited to have you here.

[00:00:45] Lauren: Thank you, Amanda. I’m so excited too. I feel like it was really divine how everything came together, so I’m excited to chat.

[00:00:53] Amanda: Yes. We were just having this conversation as well before we hit record where I had a wishlist of guests that I thought would be really, really incredible and have such a potent and powerful message to bring to this community. And I actually had Lauren sitting on my list and then she happened to do an Instagram story asking about who has a podcast that might like to have me speak on, on a particular topic.

[00:01:15] Amanda: And I was like, you know what, Divine timing, you were on my list. You’ve reached out. Let’s do this. So here we are and I can’t wait to really dive into what it is that we’re gonna chat about today,

[00:01:26] Lauren: Yeah,

[00:01:27] Lauren: I feel honored, by the way, just to be on

[00:01:29] Lauren: your list. That’s always like, you know, like when you start off in business, you’re like, I wanna be on people’s lists. Like I wanna be.

[00:01:36] Lauren: So that’s quite divine and just an honor. Thank you for thinking of me.

[00:01:41] Amanda: and you are most welcome. I think one of the, the things in business is we often get so caught up in the money side of things,

[00:01:49] Amanda: the money goals, and this is just one of those other beautiful goals that we get to have that isn’t necessarily money related, but it does go to ticking those boxes, I suppose if you wanna call it that, [00:02:00] of business success and achievements and what it is that goes to, to show that you are actually moving along and you are making your way in business.

[00:02:09] Amanda: So I love hearing that. Thank you

[00:02:10] Amanda: so much for the feedback.

[00:02:11] Lauren: Yeah.

[00:02:12] Amanda: The question that I’d love to ask you, and it’s something that I ask all of my guests, is what makes you and your work

[00:02:19] Amanda: luminary?

[00:02:20] Lauren: I love this question. So my private coaching container is called Luminous, and the reason why I called it Luminous was because I was actually reading Magdalene manuscripts and in the book, like the word luminous, kept popping up. And in reference to the book then Magdalena and these codes of the womb and sacred sexuality, it was speaking about how when we connect deeper to our bodies and our womb and our sexuality, as women, we’re able to activate our C bodies, which is our light bodies. And there’s this luminosity, this radiance, this, you know, magnetism that just happens. So I think to, for me, that’s my work is helping women heal the trauma decondition from whatever false. Beliefs are there, and for them to come back into that luminous body, their radiance. And I think that that’s the core of who we are as women. We just have to, you know, clear everything out that essentially, and it’s not like we have to like be completely cleared. It’s like the more we heal, the more we come back into our bodies, the more we create safety and pleasure for ourselves. It’s like that luminous body just begins to activate and we just step into our radiance and our magnetism and our power and, you know, we’re just able to receive in such a beautiful way.

[00:03:57] Amanda: Mm, I feel that so deeply. [00:04:00] It’s something that is within, isn’t it? And when you get to be the person that activates that for others and allows it to come through, that is the definition of luminance and oh, it’s incredible. I love that. Love that so much.

[00:04:15] Amanda: So how did you actually get into this work, Lauren?

[00:04:17] Amanda: What’s your background and how did you end up doing what you do?

[00:04:21] Lauren: Oh my goodness. Well, ,it’s been quite a journey. It’s definitely been a spiral, so I think I’ve always been very spiritually connected. I was raised Catholic, so I went to Catholic school for 13 years and I didn’t really resonate with the church in that way, but I did love. The essence of it. And I was very much drawn to spirituality at a young age.

[00:04:51] Lauren: So in high school we took a world religions class and I was just like so fascinated by all of these different beliefs around God and connection to the divine. And you know, into my twenties, I graduated college and I was, you know, on this path of going into law school and I just had like this big awakening that it wasn’t really for me. So I spent a lot of my twenties healing. And really dismantling trauma within myself. And, you know, I wasn’t really raised in like, the most emotionally supportive household. So for me, my journey has always been how do I create safety with myself? How do I connect back to my power? How do I, you know, connect back to pleasure when pleasure wasn’t something that was readily available?

[00:05:41] Lauren: There was a lot of shame associated with my body and pleasure. And I, as far as my business goes, I’ve been coaching now for five years. I started my coaching business when I was six months pregnant with my daughter, and that was kind of out of like a dark night of the soul. I didn’t intend [00:06:00] to get pregnant. But when I did, I mean, I’ve always wanted to be a mother, so. I also was already like, kind of like stepping out of the medical system, so I set a really clear intention to birth her out of hospital. And I was met with, it wasn’t like, I feel like now in the online space, there’s like a lot of support for women. I felt like on an island I, and I,

[00:06:26] Lauren: didn’t really have like a lot of support, so I had to find, you know, the power within myself. And I found really beautiful midwives and a doula to support me. My husband was super supportive with that choice. But the birth one within itself was quite a. I think that was my first, like big initiation into the womb.

[00:06:48] Lauren: So I started my business at six months pregnant. I was doing spirituality and manifestation, co coaching. It was very like vanilla. It was very much the basics. And then when I had my daughter, I had this huge spiritual experience. I stalled out at about nine centimeters. She ended up turning on me, so she was sunny side up.

[00:07:08] Lauren: So I had a really intense

[00:07:09] Lauren: back labor for about 12 hours. And I mean, I experienced the whole thing, you know, and I, I chose that. I chose to experience the fullness of birth and to allow myself to really drift in and out of, you know, these veils of consciousness and in between worlds. And my midwife came up to me at kind of that point where I was like, you need to send me to the hospital.

[00:07:34] Lauren: Like you need to get this baby out. I just, I don’t have it in me anymore. And she’s like, listen, you’re fighting your contractions, you’re fighting your baby coming out. Just, you have to surrender to her and to your body. And I just had this moment where everything stopped and I leaned back in the water and I had, know, the presence of God with me. [00:08:00] Up until that point, I never like even referenced God, I was just using universe and all these other things, which I don’t think is good or bad, but it was like this deep presence of like, I’m held by something bigger than me. I saw Mother, Mary, and Jesus. And it was just, you know, this initiation of like, there’s a path for you and there’s a purpose here. So I’ve ran my whole business while navigating motherhood which comes with so many lessons. I think that surrender piece has always been probably like my medicine more than anything. ’cause while do I live to control things and, you know, there’s like a sense of like safety in that. But I’ve had to learn how to, you know, find safety and receiving, find safety and surrendering, find safety and riding the waves of business, riding the waves of motherhood. So I kind of have this point within my. Both within mothering and then also it was being mirrored back within coaching where I was only taking my client so far. I also realized that I was carrying a lot of trauma, so I kind of dove into two different worlds. I got trained in reiki. I studied the KIC records, like I went into like the quantum ethereal understanding energy, and at the same time I studied somatic trauma healing.

[00:09:21] Lauren: So really understanding how the body holds trauma. And I did a lot of work on myself first before I actually like began to work with clients in that way. And then I had the womb present herself to me and Mary Magdalene, and it was like the two worlds were bridge. It was very much like my birth experience where it was like a very spiritual, but also like there was. Real physical pain. I was actually in birth, right? So there was like the earthly aspect of it, but it was also very divine. So I, in my work [00:10:00] now, it’s the bridging of the two of we’re souls and body. We’ve experienced trauma as women. We carry seven generations worth of trauma within our mother or within our womb space, from our mother’s lineage. And you know, we’re holding onto our own experiences. We’re holding onto sexual experiences to all of these, you know, times in which we even like the micro moments of just abandoning ourselves and just dismissing our needs and our desires. And essentially like doing the work. I came back to my yoni, I came back to my body, I softened within myself. And yeah, everything’s kind of shifted from there. And it’s really like fascinating to see how much the womb and the yoni mirrors back into our day-to-Day relationship with money, our relationship to power, our relationship to authority. I mean, it’s like such a direct mirror in business. So that’s essentially what I do now, is I work with women in that of like, okay, let’s come back into the body.

[00:11:06] Lauren: Let’s heal a little bit and clear that stuff out so that you can be a woman that’s of influence, a woman that has impact, a woman that’s, you know, financially well-resourced, and also, you know, a woman that essentially has it all. ’cause I think

[00:11:26] Lauren: we’ve been told it has to be either or. And I think that if we, I think that there’s a notion this is, this might be like another conversation, but it’s like if you have it all, you have to be masculine. And I believe very fully that there’s a way to have it all. And be in your feminine. And obviously there’s masculine aspects like discipline and devotion and that, but I don’t know, I feel like what’s the point of having it all if you’re stressed out or if you’re like just overwhelmed or [00:12:00] just doing, doing, doing without actually like tasting the joy of life, you know?

[00:12:05] Amanda: Yeah, absolutely. What a journey you’ve been on to arrive where you are and as you said, you, you needed to experience it all to be able to arrive exactly where you are. You needed to go through that phase of trying to control everything and really being so much in your masculine, forcing everything, and even in your birth, even when you were giving birth to your daughter, when you’re in labor, you were still in that, that sense of control.

[00:12:31] Amanda: And it was only then when you slipped into surrender and softened that. Everything came into place.

[00:12:39] Amanda: The before that was control. That was vanilla. That wasn’t really you standing in your power and being able to invoke everything that you wanted, kind of slipped away,

[00:12:50] Amanda: and then having your daughter coming out the other side.

[00:12:54] Amanda: It is, birth is an experience like no other, isn’t it?

[00:12:58] Amanda: And when you get to do it in a, in a setting that isn’t overly clinical, it is on your terms, and you have got the support of people who actually do understand so much more than just from a medical aspect, it allows, I don’t know, it is just. It’s a life changing experience.

[00:13:17] Amanda: I had a very similar thing with, with my own two children. My, my daughter was, she was induced. She was in a

[00:13:22] Amanda: hospital setting. It was very clinical and it didn’t really allow me that connection that I would’ve had, had it been a very natural birth. My son, on the other hand, it was in a birthing center. It was a water birth.

[00:13:35] Amanda: It was very

[00:13:36] Amanda: natural. unmedicated And just the connection that I had there, the, the release of the hormones, the, the way that our body operates. You get to feel into the power of the womb,

[00:13:48] Amanda: and I love that you talked about that and that’s how what you’re actually incorporating into your work these days, bringing in the womb alchemy into your work and helping other women do the same thing in [00:14:00] their business.

[00:14:00] Lauren: Yeah.

[00:14:01] Amanda: What I, I wanna talk about is this idea of somatic trauma healing and the wo alchemy and, and how does that actually then come through in business? I know we touched on that just a little bit, but as women who are running in their own businesses trying to step into our leadership, how does that actually make a difference if we start to embrace it a little bit more?

[00:14:22] Lauren: Will the body hold to all the coats?

[00:14:26] Lauren: I think that. It’s so silly to think that the mind is what is running the show.

[00:14:34] Lauren: Your body is holding on to experiences that most of the time your mind can’t rationalize or your mind doesn’t remember, or your mind is trying to justify your body, specifically. Your womb is also holding on to generational trauma, so you know what’s running through your veins, what’s etched in your bones, what’s, you know, what you’re bleeding out every month. That releasing of the uterine lining, I mean those are the codes of your grandmother’s and your grandmother’s mothers and you know, so there’s like this deep imprint happening within the body and also. The body is so readily available to heal, you know, and so somatic somatics within itself is the soma, is the body and somatic trauma healing is taking that, understanding that trauma lives in the body and actually being able to experience nuances within the body.

[00:15:46] Lauren: Being able to experience sensations. Taking a moment to, you know, close down your eyes to breathe, to just like have this awareness of, okay, my chest is closing up, my throat’s tightening, feel constriction in my solar [00:16:00] plexus. Or I feel expansion, I feel my yoni pulsating. I feel sensation coming alive like this feels exciting.

[00:16:07] Lauren: It’s like all of those little nuanced experiences, that’s what guides you in business. But we’ve been

[00:16:17] Lauren: so conditioned, especially those of us that you know, and we all like, society teaches this, be in the mind, be rational, be logical, and the feminine does not operate from that. The feminine operates from nuanced experiences, from sensations, from, you know, a like pulsation of yes or no.

[00:16:37] Lauren: So when I work with women, oftentimes if they’ve had trauma, there’s usually like a shutdown within the body where they actually, there’s a few things that happen. There’s a fear of exploring the body because they don’t know what’s there. Some women are numb, so they’ve just like completely opted out. And it usually happens at like a pretty young age when this happens, or it happens from like a pretty traumatic experience where essentially the soul, the spirit of you has decided that the body just simply doesn’t feel safe because of the environments, because of circumstances, because of, you know, how you’ve been spoken to. all of these things. And so your body, your soul’s left the body and you’ve numbed out, you’ve disassociated or maybe you’re anxious or clinging. Like there’s all these different like coping mechanisms that we’ve essentially established so that we can have this illusion of safety within the body, but until we actually feel safety in the body, it’s gonna be really hard for us to expand our capacity to receive in business. So like a big thing, kind of like what you were saying in the beginning around like the podcasting, like podcasting is visibility, you know, it’s sharing your medicine and there’s no way to like plan for a [00:18:00] podcast. I think at this point in my career, I’ve probably done over 50 podcasts and I would be so embarrassed probably to listen to some of the first few episodes.

[00:18:10] Lauren: I think like one of my first ones was on moon manifesting and. But I did it. Like, I remember pitching myself to, you know, pretty big podcast names, and it was so, like, I could feel it in my body, but I did it anyway. And this, you know, there’s like, for a lot of women, it’s like there’s a freeze there. It’s like you go to put, put the post out to the world and then you freeze or you actually do it.

[00:18:38] Lauren: You pitch yourself, you show up, you allow yourself to be seen, and then you ghost, you go away, you hide, you get the dmm of the dream client, and she’s ready to work with you and you avoid her message for a few days. Right. Or you’re, you’re, you overexplain like she’s already said yes. And you’re like, okay, I gotta convince her.

[00:18:59] Lauren: It’s like all of those. Things that are happening, it’s not happening in the mind. That’s not a like mindset, belief thing. That’s a body response of, can I feel safe in receiving this? Can I feel safe in being seen? Can I feel safe in not being vanilla in business? And actually like sharing my truth with the world And this somatic experience for so many women is like being seen isn’t safe. Sharing your truth isn’t safe. Being fully expressed isn’t safe. Being in your power isn’t safe. Doing this coaching thing isn’t safe. Being spiritual isn’t like we have. So being in body, you know. Isn’t safe. And that goes back through history. Throughout time we’ve had witch trials, we’ve had priestesses that have been exiled and shamed.

[00:19:50] Lauren: We have the story of Mary Magdalene who was deemed a whore because she was a sexual tantric priestess of isis. And she used sex magic [00:20:00] to support Jesus and his resurrection and his divinity. And all of those things have been washed away in history. And we’ve been told this lie that a woman deeply connected to her womb, into her power is bad.

[00:20:16] Lauren: And we see it too in the birth. And I, I just wanna like honor you for a moment. ’cause I think it takes a lot of courage to have that experience and to say there’s another way and to. Choose the unmedicated birth, you know, because we’ve been told, and this isn’t to shame anyone for their birth experience, but we’ve been told that that’s safer. Rather than a woman actually trusting her body, trusting her womb, trusting the timing, the rhythm, the contractions, the pressure, right, the pain that comes with labor, the release. You know? So it’s like we’ve been so conditioned to essentially not trust ourselves as women. And when we come back into the Soma, when we come back into the womb, we have no one there option.

[00:21:02] Lauren: But to trust that, you know,

[00:21:06] Lauren: and it shows up in business over and over and over again in so many little ways.

[00:21:12] Amanda: yeah. There’s such a disconnect isn’t there? Between trusting ourselves. We, as we start to do this work and start to deepen into it, in our minds, we know the power and the wisdom that our body holds, but there’s still so much noise out there, and if we allow our minds to then listen to that noise, it’s telling us that no.

[00:21:33] Amanda: Stick in the logical mind don’t drop into the body. And so it becomes this real disconnect between the two. And I think this is where it is so important to really keep up our own practices, to ensure that we are dropping into our own rituals, have our own practices, and doing this on a regular basis.

[00:21:50] Amanda: Because the more we do it, the more it starts to reinforce the messages that our body is telling us. And we can feel the proof, we can [00:22:00] feel the it resonating within us and we know it is true rather than just what our mind is saying and what society is saying. I wanna speak a little bit to this idea of generational trauma, and we

[00:22:10] Amanda: quite often hear about there being seven generations deep of trauma.

[00:22:15] Amanda: Can you explain that a little bit more? Because I think it’s this, this thing that is often said, but we don’t actually understand the truth behind it. Could you speak into that?

[00:22:23] Lauren: yeah. So. There’s, okay, I’m gonna speak about the energetics of it for a moment because the number seven shows up a lot in spiritual regeneration and healing. So we have seven days that the earth was birthed and, you know, created and, you know, then we also have we just have like the number seven show up in so many different ways. Our cells regenerate every seven years. So every seven years our cells are essentially like cleansing themselves and releasing. So the gen seven generations worth of trauma. I think it’s showing us that our body, like the epigenetics, the coding within our DNA, within our cell cellular structure, it takes about seven generations for us to reestablish a new way of being, right?

[00:23:17] Lauren: The behaviors, the belief sys, like our belief system is in our body. So when I say belief system,

[00:23:22] Lauren: I’m not talking about like the mindset beliefs, I’m actually talking

[00:23:25] Lauren: about the body, with the body beliefs to be true. So. I always love talking about like scarcity and like wealth and abundance in this regard because we’re holding onto that coding. So oftentimes in business it’s like, okay, we desire to be wealthy. We desire to, you know, make the six figure year and have the high income months and all of these things. But there’s coding around what feels safe. So for example, my mother is a Cuban immigrant and she came to the [00:24:00] United States from Cuba escaping a communist country in the 1960s. And the story of that is very much that, you know, when you’re, you immigrant and I work with a lot of Latino women and just immigrants in general, there’s two stories that tend to run in the cellular structure of these women. There’s no, there’s no home anymore. There’s no safety in home. ’cause you’ve completely. Left home, you’ve left your land. And I think as women we’re very deeply connected to our roots and to our land and to our

[00:24:32] Lauren: home. It’s probably why we stay in our home, but there’s a reason for that, right? We’re deeply connected to that, to the land in which we live on. And the second thing is this idea that when you come to another country, oftentimes you’re living in scarcity and safety and survival. So that’s, that’s been deeply encoded and my lineage and my, you know, connection to my worth and being able to receive and money and all of those things. And on top of that, it’s, you have to work really, really hard to get a stake in this new country to get a claim, right? So these are all the coatings, but this pattern goes back generations, right? It’s. I can see it in my grandmother. I’ve heard the stories of my great-grandmother, like it goes back generations of just women not feeling worthy, not feeling enough, not feeling financially safe, abundant, free, all of these things, right? So like we’re connecting to that. So the number seven, again, energetically there’s a deep spiritual connection with the number seven. And honestly right now all I can think about is like the seven days And I’m like, I know there’s more, but it’s fine. It’s late here. We’ll just let it be. But then we also have, you know, the number seven in relationship to, it takes seven years for [00:26:00] your cellular structure to, you know, recoat itself. But we’re holding onto that and the womb specifically is holding onto that. So the science behind the womb is quite fascinating because our eggs are developed within our mother’s ovaries when she’s in her grandmother’s womb. So we’re going back to this pattern of like, okay, that means that our mother’s eggs were developed in her grandmother, in her grandmother’s womb, and her mother’s eggs were developed in her grandmother’s womb, right?

[00:26:31] Lauren: So there’s like this thread of us connecting to our matriarchal line. And that’s not to say that like the wounding of, of like the trauma or the experiences or even the goals of our father’s line, like that patriarchal line isn’t present within the, within the feminine spirit, but that relationship is de deeply different. We find self-worth through the way that our fathers showed up for us and loved us, right? We find a sense of safety from our fathers. And so that’s different, but it’s external. It’s external safety. It’s external self-worth, it’s external validation. Whereas the coding of her mother is deeply embedded internally within us.

[00:27:21] Lauren: And it is the coding that is flowing through our bloodstreams, right? So we see this too. It’s like, oh, well my mother has gut issues and her mother, and this was like my story I’m so happy ’cause I’ve like healed so much of my gut issues. But it’s like her mother, like my, my grandmother had, has terrible gut issues.

[00:27:43] Lauren: My mom has terrible gut issues and it’s like. I’m just, I’m pa and there’s science to that. You pick up on your mother’s gut microbiome, right? So it’s like

[00:27:53] Lauren: there, it’s d it’s so ingrained in us, the coding of our mothers. Whereas the [00:28:00] coding of our fathers is very, it still matters. It still plays a role in our story, but it’s like that external piece of, am I worthy to receive love? Am I worthy to receive? Am I worthy to, you know, feel enough? Am I worthy to be in my power? Am I wor, you know, like, how is this going to be met? How am I gonna be seen? Right? Where the mother, it’s like, it’s that little whisper at 2:00 AM of like, yeah, you can do it. Or, yeah, that’s not gonna happen. You know, Does that make sense?

[00:28:33] Amanda: It does. It does. It goes deep, doesn’t it? And like you said, it’s from so many different angles as well. So, and it’s, it’s grounded in science. It’s not just this airy fairy woo kind of thing

[00:28:42] Amanda: that I think so many people think it is. They think, well, how, how can it be seven generations deep?

[00:28:47] Amanda: But it does. It goes really, really deep.

[00:28:50] Amanda: And I’m actually reading a book at the moment called The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton, which is all about, he’s very big on epigenetics

[00:28:57] Amanda: and how our environment actually influences our genes. And we aren’t necessarily stuck with what we’ve been given.

[00:29:04] Amanda: We don’t have to accept that just because my mother had stomach issues, that I’m gonna have stomach issues as well.

[00:29:10] Amanda: We get to actually break that. We get to break that cycle for ourselves and the generations to come as well.

[00:29:17] Amanda: And I know that you’re a mother. I’m a mother. It’s something that I am so conscious of being a conscious parent, being a conscious of my own growth, my personal development, my own inner work, just to

[00:29:32] Amanda: Ensure that I’m not then passing on anything that is going to be a burden to

[00:29:38] Amanda: my daughter, and I’m not saying that I’m perfect or anything like that. Definitely not. I’m sure there’s gonna be plenty of things when she grows up that she goes, oh my gosh, , I had this issue with my mom, or She gave me these particular beliefs, or whatever it is.

[00:29:51] Amanda: But I truly believe that we do the best that we can with the information that we have.

[00:29:55] Lauren: Yeah. And we heal seven generations forward. So

[00:29:59] Amanda: [00:30:00] Mm.

[00:30:00] Lauren: like, what’s fascinating, and this is why I went into this work, is because I didn’t, I’m the same way. Like I didn’t wanna pass this down to her. And you know what’s so fascinating is like, I think the biggest thing that I give my daughters permission to be authentically herself. I mean, this girl literally dresses like a princess most days. Like she’s wearing like a tutu and a leotard and just like, you know, it’s just, there’s. That was never my experience. But because I, and she’s very, it’s interesting. She looks exactly like me. Everywhere we go, they’re like, oh my gosh, you guys are twins. I’m like, I manifested that. I said that when I was pregnant with her. She’s gonna come out looking exactly like me, And she does. And you know, she also has so much of my spirit. And that spirit often, you know, it sometimes can rub up against my wounding and that little girl that lives within me that remembers, yeah.

[00:31:03] Lauren: But it wasn’t safe for us to be allowed, be loud or fully expressed, or have big energy. Right. And it’s like, I’ve worked, I had to work so hard to like bring that forward again and to feel safe with that again. And I’m giving her permission of like, you’ll never know what it’s like to not feel safe, to feel fully expressed, you know?

[00:31:23] Lauren: So we heal this like, and I feel like so many of us right now at this time are. We’re the chosen women, like we’re the chosen ones right now to heal for the generations to come and to show them, like, you know, you get to create and to manifest and to be whoever you desire to be. And yeah, so just know, like when it comes to, and if you’re listening to this, know that when it comes to the SEMA somatic work, you heal for yourself.

[00:31:57] Lauren: But in shifting that DNA and that cellular [00:32:00] structure, you’re, you’re healing for seven generations to come. And that saying of like, it stops with me and ends with me is very, very true. You know, and I see it. Even like my husband, like I always am so amazed by him ’cause he was, you know, raised by an alcoholic or his father was an alcoholic. His mother then married an alcoholic and I, you know, we were sitting in the kitchen. I was like, is it weird to you that we literally don’t have like an drop of alcohol in our house? And he’s like, it’s kind of always been this way, but he’s like, that was a choice that I’ve made. So it’s like, you know, like this is how we shift it.

[00:32:40] Lauren: He’s like, I decided it stops with me. You know, the drinking and the self abandonment. You know, like hint, and I love this too, is like the more I’ve shifted into like my feminine queen energy, I’ve really initiated my husband into his king and his masculine energy, right? So it’s like daughter, sometimes she gets. So silly. Like when we kiss well, she always like wants a hug. She, you know, she wants the love too. So we have to do like family kisses. But I told her the other day, I was just like, you know, like daddy and I weren’t raised by parents that showed affection and love. Like I didn’t even know my parents kissed until I was like 12 or 13,

[00:33:23] Lauren: No, joke.

[00:33:23] Lauren: Like I didn’t,

[00:33:24] Amanda: think I’ve ever seen my parents kiss

[00:33:25] Lauren: yeah. And it’s like, and I’m just, and we have a really beautiful story. We, we’ve been together for 13 years. We took a year apart when she was two and that was the year that like, I really went into the yoni and the somatic like wo work and everything shifted. I mean, I have like a post written about this, but he was definitely someone that was like, I will never get married. And you know, we got married in April and it wasn’t through like me asking, begging, manipulate, it was just like [00:34:00] I was just in my soft queen energy. And, you know, my desire happened just by holding the vision and the desire for our family. And, you know, it just, he made the choice. He stepped up. So I think that this is like all of the ways that like this work ripples, you know, of like, wow, my daughter’s gonna be like raised in a household where like her parents show affection and love and she gets to witness that and then hopefully she doesn’t have to have all the toxic relationships that I had you know, and just like, like knows like, this is what you’re worthy of, you know?

[00:34:40] Amanda: Yeah, this work isn’t just about business. It’s not just about family. It it’s, it ripples, like you said, into all these different areas of life

[00:34:48] Amanda: and it’s just absolutely incredible. I love what you talk about there with you not having to ask to get married. Your husband being someone that was like, no, I’m never gonna get married.

[00:34:57] Amanda: But this comes back to this idea of softening and really standing in your, your queen archetype and that she’s not about controlling,

[00:35:06] Amanda: she’s not about forcing anything. She’s simply just standing there knowing what she wants. And when you create that space and you’re not trying to control and force and dominate, say, let’s get married.

[00:35:16] Lauren: Yeah,

[00:35:16] Amanda: You’re creating a space for him to step into him in his king energy.

[00:35:21] Amanda: And I love that. I love that we both get to be equals in our own right.

[00:35:26] Lauren: yeah.

[00:35:27] Amanda: Absolutely. Incredible. And I, I think looking at like probably my own parents’ relationship, and I think a lot of people in that generation, they didn’t have that.

[00:35:38] Amanda: They didn’t get to have that. And so we get to be the change for the generation

[00:35:41] Lauren: I know. I don’t think they love

[00:35:42] Lauren: themselves though. Like I’m just

[00:35:44] Lauren: like, you know, it’s hard to like, it’s hard to show up for someone else when you’re like, so in it,

[00:35:53] Lauren: you know, and marriage is funny and just being in a relationship and being like. [00:36:00] I have this post channeling in and I’m hesitant to post it because I’ve kind of decided like I will not take relationship or business advice from people that don’t have children because of two reasons. The first one is this, and this is more of the relationship until you’ve been up all nights and can still love each other or are dealing with a taller tantrum. It’s really easy to be in love and to be, and you know, we’re in the feminine embodiment world, so we see the feminine relationships and it’s like be feminine, be soft.

[00:36:40] Lauren: When you’ve just dealt with a toddler tantrum or you’ve been up all night, or you’re breastfeeding, or you know, whatever, it’s right. Like that’s a different ball game. And also you’re working and you know, and then I think the business pieces is that. We have to, there’s like a lot of hate right now of like mom entrepreneurs and like, it’s like be a mom and be a business owner, be a mom and have to get on a call at 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM and have to like coordinate and navigate your schedules and also write content in emails and launch and show up and still be like in the vibe, like still be in your power and in your softness, but you’re also working with, you know, a six year old and a three year old and navigating emotions and all of these things.

[00:37:32] Lauren: So I’m like, okay, this is like an edge. I also have a lot of friends that are not mothers and fantastic business owners, but I think for me in this season, it’s like I need people that get it. I need people that see that it’s not easy. And to be a mom and an entrepreneur and to have the desire to be in yourself feminine, to hold queen energy, there’s a lot of life circumstances that [00:38:00] consistently are trying to derail you. I think it’s a really fucking powerful that we’re women, that we come back like, it’s like, oh, we’re knocked

[00:38:10] Lauren: off course. Okay, we’re back. Oh wow. We’re really consistent and yet we’re being mothers and partners and all of these things, you know, and taking care of our health. And like, it’s just like, that’s not for the week you know?

[00:38:24] Lauren: And it’s, and still being feminine, you know, like still like that. To me it’s just amazing. Like I look back and I’m just like, I cannot believe that. Especially like if you would’ve known me. Even like four years ago, and I have so many women that have followed me, like some of my close girlfriends in the online space, and they’re just like, you’re just like embo embodied.

[00:38:49] Lauren: Like, and that’s like my favorite compliment. And like, you’re just

[00:38:52] Lauren: em embodied. Like you just like have this energy. I’m like, I’ve honestly have worked so hard to, to have that energy. Thank you. And also it’s a lot of moments behind the scenes that no one sees and it’s a lot of moments of, you know, somatically touching my yoni and my low belly and my womb and my breast and opening my heart and actually like physically showing my body that it is safe to soften and to breathe and to release and to cry and to orgasm and all of these things like that’s to and like. Sometimes that’s after bedtime. Tell me what, it’s not sexy doing You know, it’s like I always have women

[00:39:45] Lauren: that are

[00:39:45] Amanda: the kids to bed and it’s like, all right, now

[00:39:47] Lauren: okay now it’s me time. But it’s like that’s discipline, right? Like

[00:39:51] Lauren: that’s where the masculine comes in of like, yeah, but that’s the devotion to this work, right? Like that’s the devotion. [00:40:00] Because the feminine would be like, oh yeah, just do what feels good. It’s like no 9:00 PM just got kids down to bed. So much easier to just put on Netflix and numb out. It

[00:40:12] Lauren: takes real courage and real devotion to show up for yourself and to touch your body. And when I say touch your body, it’s not specifically for like pleasure, but it’s like touch your body to see where the tightness is, touch your body to see where the resistance is.

[00:40:26] Lauren: Touch your body to see what feels good, what feels expansive without an expectation of an outcome. Like that’s this work, the somatic womb experience, know?

[00:40:40] Amanda: Yeah. I’ve just gone through something myself of needing to lean much more into my masculine when it comes to scheduling my life, because

[00:40:49] Amanda: it’s just . There’s so much going on,

[00:40:53] Amanda: and my husband works away a lot. And so a lot of the time it’s just myself and the two kids. And when I was really just going with the flow, because I, I tend to, I was swinging, I swung for the masculine way too hard into the feminine

[00:41:05] Lauren: Yeah.

[00:41:05] Amanda: and that wasn’t working for me either. And that’s, that’s what we all tend to do. We tend to rebel generalizing here, but we tend to rebel. We go one or the other and then eventually through this work we start to come into the middle and reside in this place of our homeostasis. We get to embrace the, the best of both. We get to be in our divine masculine and divine feminine.

[00:41:24] Amanda: And what I’ve just gone through as a process is really structuring time in my day for myself, for my pleasure, for my self care, for my learning, for my connection, for all of these things that make me me, and scheduling time for my kids and scheduling time for my business. But it had to be in the diary and it doesn’t sound

[00:41:46] Amanda: sexy, but. If it’s not in there and I’m not actually making time for it, as you say, it’s very easy to go, all right, kids are in bed. I’m just gonna go and lounge on the couch and to watch Netflix or I can’t be bothered going to the gym today. [00:42:00] But when you start to allow these things to slide, you just don’t feel right and it’s very hard to reside in that embodied energy you find yourself.

[00:42:09] Amanda: I call myself the Dragon woman

[00:42:11] Amanda: when I don’t actually allow that to happen. I get very quick to, I get very fiery. I get very quick to snap at the kids, and if I’m not doing my work, she comes out.

[00:42:22] Amanda: And so it’s not a matter of stuffing her back into a dark box or anything like that, but it’s about being able to embrace her in a way that is going to be productive and helpful and allowing all that energy to move through my body rather than just stuffing it down.

[00:42:35] Lauren: Yeah.

[00:42:36] Amanda: And I was actually reflecting the other day about the resilience that children have to bounce back. And you were just talking about being able to. You can have your moments, but you come back quite quickly and this is something that I, I truly admire in children is that they have this ability to have their outburst and then within the next two minutes they’re completely loving and dotting

[00:42:57] Lauren: they’re like

[00:42:58] Lauren: Sour Patch children,

[00:42:59] Amanda: in play.

[00:43:00] Lauren: Oh my gosh. I always say that to my husband. I’m like, she’s like

[00:43:04] Amanda: Yeah.

[00:43:04] Lauren: patch kid. Like she is like, you

[00:43:08] Lauren: know, and it

[00:43:09] Amanda: going. We into the sweet center.

[00:43:10] Lauren: like, you’re just like, you never know what you, but it’s, it is so true. It’s just like, because I think that they allow themselves to express it, and I think the way that we’re choosing to parent is creating that safe space, you know,

[00:43:24] Lauren: of like, okay, you’re angry right now.

[00:43:26] Lauren: You feel upset. There’s ways in which, you know, you can’t hit, you can’t kick, you know, like those aren’t healthy ways. And obviously you have to consistently work with children too. Navigate what is a safe way to express your emotions? But I think like I was never told, I mean, I was constantly told, if you cry, I’m gonna give you something to cry about

[00:43:51] Lauren: or you just need to st

[00:43:52] Lauren: right. It was like everything was like stuffed down into a box and just like hidden in a way. And it was because my [00:44:00] parents. Didn’t know. Well, they didn’t know how to regulate their own emotions, so they didn’t know how to regulate mine. And children are looking to their parents, specifically their mothers for co-regulation, you know, so that’s why I say it’s not easy being a mom and doing this work and being ACEO because you, you’re not just regulating your own experience.

[00:44:24] Lauren: You’re co-regulating another human’s experience, and you also have a huge responsibility to show them that their experience is valid and their emotions are valid. But they do. They’re just like, they let it out, they release, they cry, they scream, you know, they run into their room, like whatever they need to do, and then they come back out.

[00:44:44] Lauren: Like, my daughter just had it. She got mad at me. I don’t even know what she got mad at me for. Sometimes it’s the most silliest thing, like put ice in a cup. I really don’t know what it was for And I went into my room. So fold laundry. And she comes back in and she gives me the biggest kiss and a hug, and she’s like, I wanna rub your back, mommy.

[00:45:03] Lauren: I’m like, oh, thank you. Of course. And you know, she was just like so loving. And I’m just like, I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings. She’s like, I’m sorry too, you know? And it’s like, that’s what we’re teaching children is you don’t have to be perfect, you know? But this is how we handle it, you know? And if you, there’s just so many like lessons and, I don’t know.

[00:45:27] Lauren: I think it’s, I think children are fascinating and I, I just always see my daughter of like, she’s probably my biggest teacher right now. Like, she is my biggest spiritual teacher and she’s so wise and you know, she’s just, you know, she shows me play, she shows me pleasure, she shows me. Devotion, she shows me, you know, emotions and just like the rawness of, of the human experience and it’s such a gift. And I saw, like when you sent me, you’re like, my husband’s gone a lot. And I’m like, [00:46:00] oh my gosh. Bless you. But I’m so lucky. My husband used to work like 50, 60 hours a week and sometimes

[00:46:08] Lauren: like six days a week. And I do have a lot of support from my family, but it’s so, you know, it’s so hard. So luckily he works from home now and I’m so grateful ’cause he just can

[00:46:21] Lauren: open up the door and help me if I, and I just

[00:46:23] Lauren: took my daughter out of VPK, so she’s homeschooled with me now.

[00:46:26] Lauren: And that’s a fun experiment

[00:46:30] Lauren: as

[00:46:31] Amanda: yeah, I did see that

[00:46:32] Lauren: Yeah.

[00:46:33] Amanda: It’s a lot of fun. I did that last, last year. It was

[00:46:36] Amanda: Daughter and yeah, it was, like you said, it’s quite an experience and where we are at the moment in just with my husband being away and trying to coordinate everything we needed our independence and so for

[00:46:49] Amanda: us, the decision was made for her to return back to her school this year.

[00:46:52] Amanda: But it’s a tiny little community school

[00:46:54] Lauren: Oh,

[00:46:55] Amanda: it. Actually embodies all of the, the values and everything that I wanted from homeschooling. And I thought, oh, why am I keeping her at home?

[00:47:04] Amanda: Is this for me? Is this so I can call myself a homeschooler?

[00:47:07] Amanda: Am I, and the ego pretty much came in and was like, you know what?

[00:47:10] Amanda: You’ve told everyone, you’re a homeschooler, you’re gonna keep her home. And I was like, you know what? I’ve gotta work through this.

[00:47:14] Amanda: And so for this year, she’s returned. And so I, uh, am always in such admiration of people who do homeschooling and it works for them. So I’m really excited for you

[00:47:24] Lauren: yeah. You know what though? Like when she goes into kindergarten, because she, she’s young, she’s only in VPK, and there were reasons why we took her out and like she made it. You know, she was in like pre, pre-K, pre V, VK, I don’t know. And we took her out and I think she really needed that. Like she needed to be home.

[00:47:47] Lauren: But there’s, I’ve been looking at like, there’s a forest school there. I really love, like Montessori. We do a lot of Montessori. So I

[00:47:55] Lauren: think when she is at that age, like kindergarten, the [00:48:00] Montessori starts at first grade. Like I’ll look into it and we’re just, we’re just seeing what it’s like right now. And I think that that’s so important.

[00:48:07] Lauren: It’s like I don’t have to attach myself to like this, like I am a homeschooler. I just wanna create the most supportive environment and also be like in tune enough to know like, okay, that wasn’t supportive. Do what I need to do to adjust that. If her being home isn’t supportive for her. Then we’ll find another option.

[00:48:29] Lauren: You know? And I feel so lucky of like, I can have her home with me and I can still run my business and like I’ve restructured my business so that, you know, I can have her home

[00:48:40] Amanda: Yeah, it, it, that is the beauty, isn’t it, of being able to adjust and adapt and not necessarily attaching ourselves to one thing, and

[00:48:49] Amanda: this comes back to the whole idea of when we see a lot of women going, I’m a mother.

[00:48:53] Amanda: I have to be my mother mode, or, I can’t allow that to bleed into my

[00:48:56] Amanda: business. We get to have it all, we get to have both, we get to be mothers who are in business. And so this whole idea of the, the shame on the mompreneurs, it breaks my heart

[00:49:08] Lauren: It’s so weird to

[00:49:09] Lauren: me. I’m like, why do you care?

[00:49:11] Lauren: And then

[00:49:12] Lauren: when like, I’ve just like have seen like random comments and like one person was like, we don’t call dads dad preneurs. I’m like, well, dads don’t birth babies. Nor do they

[00:49:23] Lauren: breastfeed. Like there’s not as much as a demand for dads, dads play a

[00:49:27] Lauren: very important role, but there’s, there’s just such a demand for moms.

[00:49:31] Lauren: You know, like

[00:49:32] Lauren: when your, when your kid’s sick, who do they want? They want their mommy. And my

[00:49:37] Lauren: husband’s like, so nurturing, supportive, but it’s like there’s just something, there’s something different because our babies, we’re in our wombs

[00:49:48] Lauren: and we just,

[00:49:49] Lauren: they, it comes back to that of like the umbilical cord, the connection to our bodies. There’s something just so primal about children needing [00:50:00] mothers. So

[00:50:01] Lauren: it’s different. Dads are amazing too. Entrepreneurs. We can make it a thing, but to be a mother and to be an entrepreneur is vastly different. And

[00:50:13] Lauren: yeah, it’s like I think it’s just, I’m always like, do you have children Like do the people that are shaving that have you, I don’t know. I don’t know.

[00:50:23] Amanda: Yeah. I’m not sure.

[00:50:25] Amanda: My guess is probably no, but I’m not going to , not gonna project that onto

[00:50:29] Amanda: anyone who knows. Who knows?

[00:50:31] Lauren: exactly. I’ll

[00:50:34] Lauren: wear it with

[00:50:34] Amanda: to talk very quick. Yes, same here. Same here. I’d love to talk for a moment into Mary Magdalene, because I know she was such a pivotal part of your journey

[00:50:44] Amanda: going through birth and her showing up for you.

[00:50:47] Amanda: What were some of the teachings that you’ve received from her in your own journey and bring into your work as well as you do work with other women?

[00:50:56] Lauren: Yeah, so the biggest thing with Mary Magdalene and I have a nine month mystery school where it’s essentially the mysteries of Mary Magdalene and the womb. My biggest, I have to smile about this. My biggest connection to her was my pleasure and

[00:51:15] Lauren: the reclaiming of my sexual energy again, and just releasing that shame from Catholicism being raised in the church around my connection to my body and my yoni. And you know, just the fact that us as women, like we are designed for pleasure that our yoni is not just like this thing that we birth babies out of.

[00:51:41] Lauren: And you know, we have sex. Through or whatever. I had such a fascinating relationship with sex where if I were to masturbate, it was just to get off. And

[00:51:56] Amanda: Mm-Hmm.

[00:51:57] Lauren: prior to my husband and [00:52:00] I, right before we ended a relationship for a year, he said something to me that like really stuck out. And he said, I feel like I know your body better than you do. And I had already read a few of, you know, Mary Magdalene’s books, so I had started to explore this. bUt when I read Magdalene manuscripts, it was like this big, like I have to actually know my body and my desires and to trust the desires of my womb and to trust the desires in my heart and just let that live through me without having the shame and the guilt and to, you know, be able to discern. between like soul desires and ego desires and all of that. And I feel like, you know, it was really interesting. This might be like personal, but I used to like clench up and I’ve experienced sexual trauma. I’ve also had many, you know, sexual relations where I didn’t necessarily want to have sex, but I did it anyway, or I did it to please or, you know, whatever the situation was. And so I used to clench up and tighten up and, or I would giggle or I would be like really dismissive. And that’s an experience I feel like so many women can relate to of just like I, you know, like the second something touched down there. I didn’t want it. And when I started doing the work with Mary Magdalene, so like the spiritual, energetic work of like understanding her story, I feel like all of us can relate to Magdalena’s story because she holds the codes of the holy grail. And you know, when we, there’s just so much there. It’s like she holds the codes of the holy grail and within the holy grail is what we think is, you know, the nectar of life, but it’s actually [00:54:00] the blood of the womb. It’s the blood of the mother. And that blood symbolizes fertility in our life force and our creative energy as women. That’s all been demonized. And so

[00:54:12] Lauren: it gave me this like permission of like, my blood is sacred. My blood is holy, my pleasure is sacred. My pleasure is holy. My desires are sacred, my desires are holy. I have to know this again, like I have to reclaim this for myself again. So Magdalena has just been, you know this, and she comes through in such beautiful ways.

[00:54:37] Lauren: It just, she comes through for my clients too. I’m in this launch of womb codes and I just had a client send me a voice memo. She’s like, I’ve had, I woke up in the middle of the night and have this initiation with Mary Magdalene, and it’s just like the moment you connect to the womb, you’re gonna connect to Magdalena and her story.

[00:54:56] Lauren: Because I feel like her story is the story of women, the shame, the being casted out. You know, Magdalena, after Jesus died, she. Had to leave, she had to go into exile, into hiding. Right? And we’ve never heard the love story of Jesus in Mary Magdalene, right? We’ve been told that Jesus was a virgin and that sex is a sin. But they used sexual alchemy to, you know, perform mystical miracles. And Magdalene was the left hand of Jesus Christ, that feminine essence, that feminine being. And she initiated him. And you know, his journey of resurrection, death to resurrection as the story of the feminine, because that’s exactly what we do as feminine essence beings, and that’s the healing of the traumas we have to allow ourselves to go through these deaths so that we can be reborn again. Jesus was reborn in the luminous body. He was reborn in [00:56:00] the co body. Right. It was his luminous life body that came through, not his physical body. And it’s like that whole story has been washed away. So there is a reclaiming and knowing magdalena’s story of reestablishing a, a beautiful connection with Jesus and the divine masculine as well. But her story I just think is really the story of all women, of just, you know, our sexuality is sacred. Our sexuality is holy, our desires are sacred and holy. And the fascia, the bones, the cells, the skin, the organs within our womb, within our yoni, all of those things, when we begin to soften them and just unravel them, they hold the nectar of life, which is, you know, the truth of us as women. So yeah, I’m like looking at my altar of there I’m list as I’m. So as I’m listening to the things that are meant to channel through to come in So I hope that that landed.

[00:57:05] Amanda: Yes it did. That’s really beautiful. And I think there’s, it’s such a different story that you’re telling to what the general portrayal is of what actually happened,

[00:57:16] Amanda: isn’t it? And it’s like so many different things is that the power that women hold has completely been washed away.

[00:57:25] Amanda: We hear a toned down version of not nec, not necessarily just Mary Magdalene’s story, but so many different things throughout history where we are made to feel small.

[00:57:35] Amanda: We are made to not step in our power and to really seem as though we are weaker nothing.

[00:57:41] Lauren: yeah.

[00:57:42] Amanda: And so if someone’s wanting to actually learn more about Mary Magdalene, where do you suggest to start? Is it the Mary Magdalene manuscripts?

[00:57:48] Lauren: So that might not be the best place. That’s a good one. So

[00:57:52] Lauren: Mag? Yeah. The Magdalene manuscripts is a channel. Record. It’s essentially [00:58:00] like

[00:58:00] Lauren: a channel transcript where Magdalene actually came through a man and channeled this. And then there’s the

[00:58:08] Lauren: back. Half of the portion talks about tantra and energetic heart arts from like all different perspective, DAOs and Buddhism, ancient Egyptian, uh, tantric mystery, things like that. My first was Mary Magdalene revealed by Megan

[00:58:25] Lauren: Waterson. I, I would say that’s a fabulous book to dive into. I think because it gives us the seven, the seven, the seven sins

[00:58:39] Lauren: of the heart, the seven, there we go again, the seven desires of

[00:58:43] Lauren: the heart, and these are the seven descents into the underworld of the feminine. So there’s a story of Anana, and I’ll share this really quickly. So the story of Anana is a goddess that was essentially like she was praised for her beauty, and she was given all earthly possessions of like gold and beauty and just pure desires of the earth. And she was praised by the heavens and the gods and the goddesses, and she had to venture down into the underworld. And as she descended, she had to essentially reveal herself in her raw form. So completely naked, raw. That’s the descent of the feminine. That was the journey of Jesus dying and being resurrected again. And there were seven descents. So it talks about what is known as what the Catholic church would say are the seven deadly sins. These are the seven essentially desires of the heart. So it talks about that, and again, it shifts the story because when you step into feminine work and the womb mysteries, you realize that sin has been used to betray [01:00:00] women as evil. And I mean, the first story is Eve. How she bit the Apple Eve’s story is actually her following desire with the wombs desire of pleasure of taste, so that we could have polarity on the earth, which is needed. So. I would say Mary Magdalene Revealed is a really good one. And then Magdalene Mysteries is also really fabulous. And that’s kind of like, it’s a pretty thick book, but it goes through the history, more of the history of Mary Magdalene, the Womb Mysteries. And I’m, I studied history in college, so I like the books that also explain like the histories and the stories and like the archetypal text to understanding, um, and mag mysteries as good as, because it tells us like the truth, right?

[01:00:52] Lauren: Like it tells us

[01:00:52] Lauren: like, okay, this is what the holy grail is, this is what the flower of life is. This is like what all these symbols that have been really betrayed from a masculine space of spirituality. Like even when you step into spirituality, like you’re. Instantly thrown into like the masculine perspective.

[01:01:12] Lauren: And it’s like it’s giving us more of that feminine perspective, which is the left hand path of Mary Magdalene, the left hand being the feminine. So those would

[01:01:21] Lauren: be like my two My I have a lot. Yeah.

[01:01:26] Amanda: They sound fascinating. And if

[01:01:28] Amanda: anyone wants any more, then properly chat to you on Instagram, I

[01:01:31] Lauren: I

[01:01:31] Lauren: actually made a YouTube video yesterday

[01:01:34] Lauren: of

[01:01:34] Lauren: my five favorite books to

[01:01:36] Lauren: dive into for like the womb and Somatic and Magdalene. Yeah. So,

[01:01:42] Amanda: Yes.

[01:01:43] Amanda: Oh, how incredible. So what else are you working on at the moment, Lauren? You mentioned that you have a launch at the moment.

[01:01:49] Lauren: Yeah.

[01:01:49] Amanda: else? What else are you working on? What other programs are there that you’d like to share with this community?

[01:01:53] Lauren: Yeah, so essentially when I’ve revamped my business, I’ve stepped away from one-on-one private [01:02:00] coaching. So at the moment, you can’t work with me privately. There’s just two ways to work with me. The first one is my nine month mystery school. It’s called Cosmic Rose Mystery School, and it’s essentially a descent into the womb body. And it is everything that I te, I mean, it’s everything that we talked about on this podcast episode of. Activating your intuition, your psychic gifts, but also descending in and doing the somatic womb healing. And its focus is the rose mysteries and the teachings of isis, Mary Magdalene. And it’s a beautiful experience.

[01:02:41] Lauren: I mean it’s really, and it’s really beautiful because I actually teach you, so for those of you that are wanting to learn this work for yourself, but also wanting to facilitate this work, I teach you how to facilitate this with clients, create a safe space, do this work on yourself. So that’s why it’s nine months because you know, it is that rebirth for you as woman, but also the integrity piece for you to take this and change the world. essentially. And then

[01:03:12] Lauren: I have a business mastermind, so body base feminine leadership mastermind called womb led, CEO, and. That’s essentially for women that are in business, they’re intuitives, they’re coaches, and they value the somatic work. They know that their, the body is the missing link within their business. They want business to feel good, to feel pleasurable, and they’re really desiring to expand their capacity to receive more impact, more influence, more visibility, and more wealth. So those are my two main offers.

[01:03:53] Amanda: Fantastic.

[01:03:55] Amanda: Oh, that is brilliant. And I believe you also have a discount code as well for this community,

[01:03:59] Lauren: [01:04:00] Yeah. 20% off. Yeah.

[01:04:01] Amanda: Yes.

[01:04:02] Lauren: Yeah. And I

[01:04:03] Lauren: I think

[01:04:03] Lauren: I named it

[01:04:04] Amanda: in the .Yes. I’ll pop those details in the show notes as well so that we have that there for you. And where’s the best place to find you? You mentioned that you have a YouTube channel podcast, I believe, and also Instagram.

[01:04:17] Amanda: Is that where you like to hang out?

[01:04:18] Lauren: Yeah, so I’m most active on Instagram at I am Lauren, Megan, the YouTube channel’s. Coming back, I’m creating a segment called Womb Wednesdays, so I get a lot of questions about how to like start the womb work little pieces. So they’re just really short videos to kind of drop you into the womb body, just give you some drops of wisdom and knowledge and really support you.

[01:04:42] Lauren: They’re both like the tangible pieces around like your cycle, your health, all of that. And then also the energetic pieces. And then my podcast is the Womb Wealth and Wellness Podcast. And same thing, it’s, it’s everything. It’s how to support your body so that she’s thriving, support your cycles. And then also the wealth that I feel like women connected to their womb are just wealthy. We create the abundance codes live in our wombs. So there’s the wealth piece and then, um, yeah. Womb the womb piece,

[01:05:18] Lauren: which is everything

[01:05:20] Amanda: Yes. It’s all encompassing.

[01:05:21] Amanda: It’s everything.

[01:05:22] Lauren: Yeah,

[01:05:23] Amanda: Brilliant. And is there anything else that you’d love to leave as a, a parting word of wisdom or anything like that?

[01:05:32] Lauren: yeah. I think the biggest thing is not to

[01:05:40] Lauren: overcomplicate this. I know that there was probably a lot of information that was shared and that was given, and I don’t want you to feel as though you have to know it all or rush to anything. The womb is designed to heal. She’s designed to birth, so just take a few moments [01:06:00] every single day just to place your hands on your low belly, feel the softness of your skin, and just breathe and just begin to listen to her. You know, oftentimes that’s what she’s needing more than anything is just presence and connection, so. That’s the like most simplest thing that you can do. And then everything else will kind of follow from that space. But don’t feel like you have to overcomplicate this or rush it and just trust yourself.

[01:06:28] Lauren: Like trust your next step. And like in the frozen two movie trust your next best step. That’s also

[01:06:38] Lauren: the feminine story, by the way,

[01:06:40] Amanda: It is, isn’t it?

[01:06:42] Lauren: Yeah.

[01:06:42] Amanda: Oh, amazing. There is so much brilliance and wisdom that has come out in this episode, and it has been incredible chatting with you. Lauren,

[01:06:51] Amanda: thank you so much for coming on the show.

[01:06:53] Lauren: Thank you. Thank you for having me. And thank you everyone for listening.

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