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October 10, 2023


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with Suzy Cherub

We are all intuitive. But only very few are awake to their gifts.

In this episode of Feminine Luminary, I’m joined by Suzy Cherub – internationally renowned Psychic & Medium – who is here to help you unveil the secrets of your untapped intuition and awaken the magic within.

We chatted about: 

  • How setting an intention or asking a question before a psychic or oracle card reading can deepen the meaning. 
  • Psychic development with the use of spiritual tools.
  • The ever-evolving spiritual quest to self-mastership, and spiritual growth. 
  • The rewards of coming off auto-pilot living. 
  • Opening the physical and psychic senses to live a more harmonious and intuitive life.
  • The benefits of bringing ancient wisdom, holistic healing and earth medicine into the here and now.

So if you’ve been craving a deeper connection to your intuition and a touch of magic in your life, this episode is your invitation.


Suzy Cherub is an internationally renowned Psychic & Medium, Modern Mystic, published Author and Intuitive Coach. Her mission is to help soul centered people create fulfilling relationships and bring a sense of passion, holistic balance and authentic happiness to their lives.

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Suzy Cherub


[00:00:00] Amanda: Suzy. Welcome to the feminine luminary podcast. I’ve been really, really looking forward to this particular conversation because, well, it’s kind of from a self indulgent place. It’s something that really piques my curiosity. So I’m like, if I like it, others are going to like it as well.

[00:00:49] Suzy: So

[00:00:51] Amanda: I just really want to have this deep dive chat with you because I know the power of your work and how potent that can be.

And I know that it’s really going to support this community as well. So welcome to

[00:01:01] Suzy: the show, Suzy. Thank you so much, Amanda. It’s an absolute pleasure to be here and I’m so thrilled to jump down deep and do that gorgeous kind of beautiful kind of dive deep together.

[00:01:16] Amanda: Yes, I love it. And before we get on to that, I’d really love to ask a question that I ask of all my guests, and it’s really around what makes you and your work luminary.

[00:01:29] Suzy: Ah, isn’t that interesting? I think, , being a Oracle, a psychic and medium and spiritual teacher, I feel, , people come to me for reassurance and guidance. So, and I’m that spiritual academic as well. So I do like the idea of that ever evolving continual spiritual journey. So I guess, yes, it’s that.

, just kind of like being that guiding light for others, but [00:02:00] also being that guiding light. For myself and my own personal spiritual journey as well. ,

[00:02:06] Amanda: that’s so powerful. And one of the things that you mentioned to me just before we hit the record button as well, and we’ll get into this around your, your deck of cards is that you actually have a card, which is the luminary as well.

So I just, I love the synchronicities that we have when we do start to really dive into this. There is so much that lines up. So, oh, this is going to be good. So Suzy, I’d love to know, how did you actually get into this? Being an Oracle and being really in that sort of psychic realm, it’s, it’s not the traditional path that most people go down.

How did you come to realize that you had these abilities? Where did that all begin for you?

[00:02:42] Suzy: Oh, I love that question. I’ve been a psychic medium ever since I was a little girl. I lost my grandfather when he was three and continued to communicate with him. My parents were very young parents, so my granddad was like my second father, I suppose.

So from an early age, I had that ability, that natural ability, but also, , I’m a reluctant psychic medium. Later on in life, I was in the corporate world for many years and , but that high calling never really left me. And, , I feel like you can be. And intuitive in all arenas, , you don’t have to be a psychic medium to be intuitive.

We’re all intuitive, but from, from an early age, yes, I guess that natural kind of psychic mediumship gift was there, but , I feel like later on in life when I had a. , a dark night of the soul, I got very unwell had a life threatening life kind of, , I had a scary moment there with my health.

And I think at that point I had a complete breakdown, which was actually the most amazing breakthrough. And I left the corporate space surprised everybody because I was in high level sales and high level management. And , pretty much [00:04:00] decided that I needed to follow this, this. spiritual path completely.

So I burnt the lifeboats and , I do it very much full time. And I’ve been doing that for many years now and it’s evolved and it’s changed and I offer different things and, but basically, that calling has never really that, , being of service to spirit, that calling has never really left me.

So , so that’s pretty much it. . I love the fact that

[00:04:27] Amanda: you followed that high calling. And quite often, as you mentioned, it does take that dark night of assault. It does take some really big thing in us, in our lives to be able to pull us out and go, what, what is it that we value? Like, what do we desire?

What do we truly want? Because we can get so caught up in just going through the grind. And until that moment comes along and goes, what you need to actually do what it is that you’re put here to do, we can forget about it otherwise. So I think that’s brilliant that you listen to it, you follow that path, and we’re really able to reconnect with what has been deep within you all along.

And I just want to say a side note here. This is actually a conversation that I’ve been having with myself probably more than anything is around this. Our psychic abilities and the fact that I think there are so many of us that have these psychic abilities and yet we are told by society that no, that’s not right.

You’re just imagining it. And particularly as kids and please correct me if I’m wrong, but that the veil is so much thinner. We have that real ability to connect with others, but we are told as kids, no, that’s not right. And so we tend to shut that down within us. Is that something that You believe to be true as well, or how does that actually work?

[00:05:41] Suzy: Cause this is beyond what I might, my

[00:05:43] Amanda: knowledge,

[00:05:44] Suzy: I’m really curious. I believe that to be so true. I believe that everyone has this inborn, innate wisdom that we’re instinctual beings that we’re highly intuitive and some of us are more aware of it or more awake [00:06:00] to it. I’m not sure. Children. Absolutely intuitive because they don’t have any of that, , that programming or conditioning to be frightened of it to be that it’s all woo woo, , it’s all kind of like weird or crazy or whatever it might be.

Children are so open, inquisitive. , they don’t judge things. They’re very much in the moment. They don’t talk themselves out of their intuition or any of that stuff. So, , and. Society. , you’re quite right. Although, , at the moment, it’s far more fashionable to be spiritual. It wasn’t when, I started my spiritual business, , 20 years ago or whatever.

Now it’s sort of very , thank goodness for Instagram, right? Because now it’s quite kind of like almost a fashionable thing, , to be going to yoga and, , pulling some Oracle cards or whatever, whatever, which is terrific. Which I

[00:06:51] Amanda: laugh at because that’s what I’m doing tonight. I’m going to the lions.

It’s like a yoga, yoga thing happening. It’s going to be cards. It’s going to be journaling, meditation, all of the things.

[00:07:01] Suzy: It’s so great. And I love that we’re talking today to with a beautiful Lionsgate portal opening, which is all about opening up your psychic senses. Your higher wisdom, your creative insight and , I’m a crystal lover.

I love oracle cards. I love meditation, yoga, you name it, . But , it’s a lot more accepting than what it was quite a few years ago. And I just love that. I feel like there’s a quickening happening. People are more open to it. And thank goodness for that because spirituality is making up your own mind, , what resonates for Amanda, what resonates for Suzy, beautiful different pathways to the same divine oneness connection.

So, , I love that. What a great question. Oh, so good. So good. I want to talk a bit about

[00:07:53] Amanda: asking the Oracle and when you are actually having a psychic reading, I’ve had only [00:08:00] one of these in my life. Actually, no, I’ve had two of these in my life, I should say, and they’ve both been spot on and I’ve thought I need to go back and do more.

But one of the things that you mentioned is around Setting a powerful intention when we’re going into these and so can you talk a little bit into when we actually go into a psychic reading the difference that it makes between having an intention and not having an intention as to the outcome of the actual reading and how do we

[00:08:22] Suzy: do that?

Yes, I think if you have an intention, a focus, it makes the reading more potent and more relevant to where you’re at. It will meet you where you’re at. If you do what I call, , a freestyle reading, of course you’re going to get, , high vibrational messages. But , we’re human beings having a spiritual experience.

So quite often we have a human journey. So I think if you ask a question, You always get an answer. I know I work like that. In the early days, , it was kind of like, oh, , I don’t want, I don’t want to kind of request the intention or the focus or the, or the question because they may think I’m fishing for information or whatever it might be.

But as it turns out, , you don’t want the detail. Because that can muddy the waters too. But what you do want is an intention, an area of your life that you may need some clarity on. And as an oracle, , ask the question and you will get the answer you’re looking for. . So I feel like, I love that you brought that up.

I mean, it’s the law of attraction, it’s manifestation. But it also does give the reading more depth and makes it more meaningful for the recipients. So, , so don’t be frightened to ask the reader, , a question or , give them some areas of your life that you may want some further information on.

Because when you do that, you’re going to get a reading that’s a lot more. Meaningful and worthwhile for you where you’re actually at in your, in your life or what, what’s, , what’s on your mind at the time. So, and of course you’re going to get other messages and other [00:10:00] wisdom as well, but I just feel like it’s an important place to start.

So I’m wondering

[00:10:05] Amanda: as yourself on the other side, as someone who was actually doing the reading, how do you hone in on the message if you haven’t actually got something to connect to? Because I imagine there is so much going on, so much that you’re receiving. How do

[00:10:17] Suzy: what to speak into? Oh, that is so good.

And that is so funny. I’ll tell you why, because I got to the point where I’d, they’d say to me like, Oh, I’m really here about, , work. And I go, it’s funny because spirit’s telling me that you’re here about. Your love life or relationships and they went, well, , that’s what I’m really here for.

But, , can we start with work? So, , psychics will often go there anyway. They often know anyway. But you also have the gift of free will. And it is I like it to be a respectful interaction. So, , I think it’s more, , I think it’s more productive and more kind of like, there’s a more of a co creative reading when there’s that little bit of interaction and, and, and all of that.

[00:11:02] Amanda: . .

So as entrepreneurs. How can we actually then incorporate these psychic readings into our work, into our professional development, into our new offers and that kind of thing? How can we actually use them to our benefit?

[00:11:16] Suzy: Oh, I love that. I think, , if you trust your calm inner knowing, not the chaotic voice of the ego, and to be honest, the ego, Does play an important part because the ego will keep you safe and, and all of that, I totally get it.

And, , there’s a lot of beautiful deep work that’s done in the shadow in the ego and you can’t bypass the ego. It’s important that you recognize the ego. It’s all the things that come into it, isn’t it? But he’s saying that It’s so important to trust that deep inner knowing that you get. And I’m a practical psychic.

I like to marry the yin and the yang, the, the practical with the spiritual. And [00:12:00] you can manifest through your intuitive senses. as well. So, , if you can see it, feel it, know it, be it, embody it, you’re going to actually call it in manifest it. But , I think. , it’s so important to understand that you can actually intuitively create consciously create an abundant life if you sense your way forward and most, most successful entrepreneurs, , even the billionaires of the world will tell you that they just had a gut feeling.

They just kind of knew it was going to work, the fearful voice will try and talk you out of the good stuff or go, . Who are you to say that, , nobody’s going to buy your, your program or whatever it might be. I think, , that that intuitive soul voice will guide you and lead you on your higher abundant pathway.

So, , sense your way forward, really kind of like trust your gut do what feels right for you. But of course, then you have to be practical about it So, , that faith in action. Spiritual awareness is. Is nothing without, , the practical faith in action step.

[00:13:13] Amanda: Definitely.

And what particular tools do you like to lean on yourself when you’re doing that? Is there anything that really comes to mind? You’re like, Oh, that’s my

[00:13:19] Suzy: go to. . Good question. I do like to meditate and I know all psychics say that, but it’s actually true. 10 minutes of meditation before I go off to sleep at night.

I like to do what I call a whole body prayer, which is sort of like yoga positions. And But in, in regards to , in regards to developing your own psychic confidence using spiritual tools like Oracle cards , some people use all sorts of things, but for me, , I’m a clairvoyant, so I actually think in pictures.

So I love the portals, the Oracle cards but not relying on them. So, , they’re a companion. [00:14:00] At all. But channeling your higher wisdom is always going to be accurate. So just remembering that the tools can help you develop your psychic senses and give you a rating, more focus and attention but also trusting in your higher wisdom as well.

So I guess communing. With your highest self. .


[00:14:21] Amanda: absolutely. And I love the fact that you talked about that you’re a clairvoyant because there’s all the different clairsenses that come around. There’s clairvoyance, there’s clair, I think I’m into blank now. There’s

[00:14:30] Suzy: clair audio audible. No, there’s so many.

[00:14:32] Amanda: , there are, there’s like five different ones and What that essentially means is that just because you happen to see in pictures, it doesn’t mean that someone else is going to see in pictures. They may hear in words, they may feel it in their body. They may have it come through in a different way.

There’s no one right or wrong way. It’s really again about just sort of tuning into yourself and what feels right for you. So I love that. You talked about the Oracle deck and I know this is something that you have just released a brand new one of. Talk to me more about that. Like, how do you actually come up with the different cards and how do you, their meanings and how do we then use these to support our businesses as entrepreneurs?

Because I love a good carpool. Am I someone that could create one? I don’t know.

[00:15:20] Suzy: I’m pretty sure you could. How do I keep up with it? . . Well, it’s interesting. It all starts with an insight, , that aha moment, that creative idea. For me, it’s important that I feel a very strong connection and resonance with the actual modality, the actual, spiritual energy, if you like.

I was traveling through Greece and I had a very strong connection to the Oracle of Delphi. And she was an earthborn living, breathing priestess at the Temple of the Sun at Delphi. And I’ve always felt a really strong connection to her. I remember seeing an artwork, a really beautiful artwork of the Oracle of Delphi [00:16:00] many, many years ago, and just felt.

A really strong, beautiful kind of resonance with her. So it starts with that. It starts with an idea. And then you, , you imagine it. You you, you get practical about it. You create a vision board. You create a synopsis, some art briefs for the artist. Once you have all that, once you have that high level vision, you can take it to a publisher and they’ll either say, yes, this is fabulous.

Or they may not be interested. I know with my first deck, the star temporal oracle deck, I, I was prepared to self publish that regardless of whether or not I’ve got the no or the yes anyway. But fortunately I finished it, got it to the printers and then all the publishers started lining up going, okay, you’re serious.

, we’ll take you on, , and then I had that, that, , that good problem of which publisher do I actually go? Yes.

[00:16:54] Amanda: It’s always a way, isn’t it Jo? It’s always a way. You put it out there and then the universe sort of shows up and says, all right, let’s make this happen for you.

[00:17:00] Suzy: . So, , being practical, , you do have your spreadsheet with your high level card meanings.

So there’s no repetition and you get, , you get an idea of what that is going to be. Thank you. And then when you have the high level kind of draft, you can go in and fill in the missing blanks, and I like because I’m clairvoyant, and I’m glad that you said to Amanda that, , there’s, , all the clairs are significant.

Everyone’s got their own psychic personality. I actually love that you said that because, you can be clear cognizant, which is where you get deep inner knowings. , where something, you’re not sure how you know it or why you know it. Right. If you’re clairvoyant, it’s more visions.

If it’s clear sentience, it’s more, , really good gut feelings or, , a really good sense around things. And I truly believe there is no right or wrong way. Not one sense is better than the other. So when I create an Oracle deck, I actually do use my psychic senses and and go in and kind of do it that way.

I love [00:18:00] researching mythology and I love being respectful of different cultures. I love integrating different cultures within the deck too, so that it’s not whitewashed and , And it’s, , there’s women of all ages, there’s, there’s male archetypes. There’s, , women of all beautiful sizes.

My favorite card in the deck is the love maker deck, and she’s voluptuous and vivacious and curvy and, , like I just love, . And, , so I think that’s important to me too. So as a luminary, , it’s important that we are those leading lights. So the message isn’t just divinational, it’s not just a prediction.

It’s not just spiritual guidance, but there’s that higher message of unity. Which is my biggest message of all, , that kind of, that oneness unity. So , I know that was a long answer to that question. So I hope I answered the actual question. You have. And

[00:18:47] Amanda: I think that really brings into being like all of the different aspects of life.

You’ve got the ancient wisdom, you’ve got all of the different holistic aspects that you get to bring into your work and your life, because we are not. Sitting in silos. We are not just one thing or another. It is all interconnected. And I love the fact that you get to bring all of these parts into it as well.


[00:19:11] Suzy: I

[00:19:11] Amanda: love that. It’s so, so good. I know one of the other things you also talk about is this idea of coming off autopilot living, and I’d love to hear what your definition of autopilot living is, because I have mine, but I’m curious as to what that means to you and what it looks like to actually come off that.

So we are living in the now, living in the moment, and just bringing all of us

[00:19:33] Suzy: to the table. Wow. Yes. , that conscious creation, that deliberate living coming out of the matrix, consciously creating a life that is, that, , is passionate is, , has purpose. The autopilot living to me is, , where you, we, you’re being dragged through life, .

Sometimes it’s not even awful. It’s just, , that groundhog day, day in, day out doing [00:20:00] the same thing. For me, , living an intuitive life is living a, an intentional deliberate life being open and inquisitive and, , Making up your own mind. So sovereignty is connected to that for me too, like, deciding what you truly want.

So others aren’t deciding for you realizing that, that we’re all on, , this awakening journey and it’s, , we’re always learning, growing, expanding, whatever it might be. And having the courage to be authentic and to, and to me being authentic is being, being intuitive. Because, , it’s that, it’s that, , living intuitively, living authentically and exploring and having fun and living in joy and not taking life too seriously.

And, just being open to stepping out of your comfort zone. And doing what really, really lights you up, ,

[00:20:56] Amanda: , cause life is meant to be fun and that’s what it’s all about really is we don’t want to take things too seriously. We, as kids, we play, we played nonstop. And then we get to this age where all of a sudden it’s like, no, you’re no longer a child.

You have to be sensible. No time for play. And I think this is something that we so often see like the school systems in primary school is very much seen as play based. And then all of a sudden you turn 12, it’s like no more fun. You don’t get to have any more fun. And it’s, again, it’s the societal conditioning that we have as it is so much in our life.

There’s this societal conditioning, these rules that tell us who we get to be, what we get to have. And I’m like, no, I choose to show up how I want to show up. I choose the life that I want to have, because what’s the alternative is that you are stuck in that mundane hundrum, just nothingness. Where you’re driving somewhere and you’re like, how did I even get here?

Because it’s just life on repeat. So it’s like, no, I want to be in the moment. I want to just have this sense of vitality and aliveness that I get to bring to my everyday. And I think that’s the magic [00:22:00] in when you actually are intentional about that, you get to have it. So I love that so much. I

[00:22:06] Suzy: love that.

I got tingles as you were speaking, you speak my language, my love. I just really feel that, , we’re releasing that paradigm of the factory mentality. Yes, And, , where, , children sit in rows and rows and officers sit in rows and rows and you’ve got these, , you’re in the matrix and you’re not really using your creative insight, your intuition, you know, children are so good at it.

, they’re so good. at being creative and open and inquisitive. They’re always learning. They’re asking questions. , they ask a million questions. I went, , when do we stop asking questions? Like

[00:22:49] Amanda: stop asking them really like we are sitting in the traditional schooling system and it’s like, no, put your hand down.

I’m trying to just. Tell everybody what I have to tell them. I don’t want anyone to interrupt me and ask me questions. Don’t question me. Just accept it because I’ve done my job and I’m moving on.

[00:23:04] Suzy: Which is a form of brainwashing if you, , if you want to be quite blunt about it, isn’t it? To be honest.

And I feel like they’re doing the right thing, don’t they? Like, like, , we’re teaching them to be good and polite and good boy

[00:23:17] Amanda: conditioning. And it’s something that I hear so often being talked

[00:23:20] Suzy: around. I’m like, Oh my gosh,

[00:23:22] Amanda: no, stop with a good girl. Good boy. It leads to issues later in life. Oh, there is just so much that I can dive into there.

And I know that something that I’m very conscious of and very cognizant of with my kids is. Making sure that I am encouraging them to ask questions, to challenge the status quo, and to just be curious about everything. And I’ve almost found myself to the point where my daughter said something to me recently, and I was like, really?

Is that what you believe? Or is that what you’re told? I’m almost doing the opposite of like, challenge it, don’t accept

[00:23:57] Suzy: it. I love that so much. , and you encouraging [00:24:00] your children to be their authentic. So, , and, , celebrating that because, , we’re all born with the most amazing gifts and talents and callings and, , whatever it might be.

So , it is that rewilding, it is, , removing all the masks, , the good girl mask, whatever it might be. Um, yeah, , absolutely. , like I’m sure, . The most creative, innovative people on the planet, , aren’t sitting around doing what everyone else is doing. Right. Not at all.

Not at all.

[00:24:32] Amanda: And so when we think about like this idea of really awakening our senses and just living a more enlivened life, like as a, as an entrepreneur living in this fast paced world, like how can we actually start to open up physical and our psychic senses that we get to have more of this intuitive and harmonious life?

[00:24:52] Suzy: Oh, wow. . That’s. That is so fabulous what you just said there, because I truly believe that our psychic senses travel through our physical body temple. And when we open to receive, and that does include pleasure when we open to receive , we can expand our psychic sense. We can expand our own innate wisdom.

And I feel like, , through embodiment work, through sensing through the physical senses, as well as the psychic senses, how do you do that? You do that with whatever floats your boat. So that might be. , spiritual temple dancing, ecstatic dancing, that might be yoga, that might be trekking in nature, you know, , nature is so instinctive and so intuitive, , we’re not one with nature, we are actually nature.

So, , going back and , really bearing your soul and, , barefoot on the earth. Connecting back grounding, , going back to the basics [00:26:00] and really feeling

[00:26:00] Amanda: everything seems so simple. People just go, what? That’s nothing. I’m just going for a walk. On the grass or the ground without my shoes on, that can’t be doing anything, but it is when you understand how much it is actually doing for you, you would do it more often, you really would.

[00:26:17] Suzy: Yes, and , I love that you said that because you see people walking in nature. But they’ve got their headphones on. They’ve got their head down. , they’re not looking at the trees, the ocean. They’re not listening to birds song. They’re not breathing in the fresh air and absorbing the scent.

, if you want to open up your clairsentience, go and buy the juiciest piece of fruit you can find. And eat it as slowly as you can and enjoy every last little drop. Okay. You know, , being out in nature, it’s not just walking in nature. It’s, , merging with nature, some call it the Shambhala practice where you actually merge.

You become one with nature, one with the trees, one with the birdsong, one with the ocean. When you connect to oneness, euphoria, your intuition goes through the roof. . So it’s being present. Yes. Present. .

[00:27:11] Amanda: I love that. It reminds me of a hike that I did. It was a couple of months ago now. It was meant to be a week long hike.

I had to cut it short due to injury. And I remember saying to myself, I’m going to put my headphones in. I’m going to get an audio book. I’m going to listen to it as I’m hiking along. And I didn’t, I just listened to nature, the sounds of nature as a walking along and I probably had a dark night of the soul there.

I had quite a, quite a lot going on, but it was just incredible how, how much it has to show us and how it’s not boring. I had everyone ask me afterwards. When you actually tune into what’s going on around you, when you’re present, whether it be listening to the stones crunching under your feet, listening to the rustling of the trees, the birdsong, feeling the sunlight on your face.[00:28:00]

There is just so much magic in that compared to listening to someone chatting in your ears. And of course, don’t get me wrong, but there’s definitely a time and place for listening to things. I love going for walks when I’m listening to personal development books, whatever

[00:28:13] Suzy: it is. Yes. I’m I’m in the car.

. Yes. That’s a good one for it. I do two hours, , from Canberra to the South coast New South Wales, South coast, like often every. Fortnight. So, , two hours of podcasts and I’ve listened to your podcast. It’s amazing. Two hours, , podcasts of inspirational audio books. I think it’s important to, to feel the brain, which is your psychic knowing as well.

So, , that analytical play cognizant , it’s important to put positive stuff in your brain too. But when it comes to opening up your senses. And women have to really heal this too, because, we’re not really taught to be fully open and embrace pleasure for pleasure’s sake.

yeah, , your, your psychic senses will kind of really expand and then you can really create miracles in your life because, , there’s no point getting this stuff. If you’re not enjoying it, or you’re not, , you’re not feeling into it. I mean, what’s the point of all that? . Exactly.

[00:29:13] Amanda: Oh, I still feel you on that.

Oh, magical. Suzy, I’d love to know, what is it that you’re working on at the moment? I know that you’ve just had your Oracle of Delphi card deck, which has been released. What else do you have that maybe we can invite the listeners to have a look at, are there any particular opt ins or any other offers that you have at the moment?


[00:29:33] Suzy: thank you for asking that. Yes. At the moment I’m, I’ve got my launch parties and then I kind of open up my cart for my 12 week program, which is a sacred odyssey. So it is a self mastership psychic development Kind of journey that will go on together loosely based on the Oracle of Delphi, because I’m a coach and teacher as well.

So even my Oracle decks have coaching [00:30:00] techniques woven in, and . And at the moment I’m working on a beautiful moon temple Oracle deck and a shapeshifter deck and all sorts of things. So there’s definitely

[00:30:10] Amanda: a few there for whatever your style is. It’s going to be, yes.

[00:30:14] Suzy: Yes. So loving all that, , I’m, I’m sure, , I, , I run retreats and workshops in person events, all of that.

Cause this isn’t just, , my. Spiritual work. It’s also my spiritual journey. So it’s a, it’s a parallel pathway, ? So it’s, it’s, it’s not like, , I’m going to do this for the next six months. This is a lifetime journey for me. . And that’s so often

[00:30:35] Amanda: the case, isn’t it? When we do actually start to embark on this work, maybe purely from a personal perspective, it Becomes our professional thing as well.

And that’s something that we are actually walking our talk. We are congruent with a message. We are someone who is embodying the mission. So I love the fact that you were

[00:30:51] Suzy: doing that. Yes. And it’s that beautiful, , priestess, beautiful priestess work that I know that you do so beautifully. , it really is embracing that, , that ever evolving journey of, , self awareness, self realization, self knowing, self trust, all that really beautiful stuff.

So , so, , I love to give the intuitive message. But to me, , what are you going to do with that intuitive message?

[00:31:17] Amanda: , The difference embodied wisdom. And I think that’s what you’re taking it to the next level.

[00:31:21] Suzy: Exactly. Embodied wisdom. That’s the exact. Thank you. That’s, that’s it.

Embodied wisdom. . Embodying it, being it, personifying. Those energies and those intentionally and deliberately, , calling those energies in. Yeah..

[00:31:35] Amanda: Can everyone find you online? Where do you like to hang out?

[00:31:40] Suzy: , I mean, Instagram, Facebook. I’m old school. So I’ve got a quite a big following on Facebook.

, but , I’ve got my website. And if you Google me I’m sure I’ll pop up. So , I’m pretty accessible. I like to be, , I like to be available and accessible. I still do one on ones and, , I like to be [00:32:00] kind of open and engaging. So pretty easy to find. . Amazing.

[00:32:05] Amanda: Hey. Thank you so much for being on the show today, Suzy.

I’d love to know, is there one last parting word of wisdom or anything that you’d like to leave this community

[00:32:14] Suzy: with? I think surround yourself by like minded, love hearted souls. Find beautiful, inspirational luminaries like Amanda Hunter. , I think, , just do you, be you and live an intuitive, awakened life, , ever evolving, always learning, always growing all that really beautiful stuff.

So , thank you so much for having me. You’re

[00:32:40] Amanda: most welcome. And I think you summed it up perfectly. Thank you so much for being on the show,

[00:32:44] Suzy: Suzy. Thank you so much.

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