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Because we weren’t designed to fit neatly in a box.
We are multi-passionate, multi-faceted beings who desire to have it all.
We don't want to choose. We get to be BOTH AND. 
Because we are worthy of everything we desire.
We are the permission slip for other women to BE and HAVE it all.
Because we are Feminine Luminaries.

Amanda Hunter

Where mission-driven Entrepreneurs, Coaches & CEOs come to rise into their next level success. 

Welcome to the Feminine Luminary podcast, where we navigate the inner work that comes with scaling your business. Together we’ll play in the realms of energetics, mindset and embodiment so you can expand your inner authority, elevate your leadership and create the full impact you’re here to make.

This podcast is your vibe if...

You want to be surrounded by women who celebrate your uniqueness and defy limitations.

You appreciate soul-nourishing conversations that dive deep and ignite your spirit.

You value genuine authenticity and prioritise realness over pretense.

Embark on a captivating weekly journey with solo episodes and interviews featuring world-class experts. Gain insights from quick tips, tangible strategies, and deep dives into the realms of energetics, feminine leadership, mindset, healing modalities, and business support strategies whilst we also explore the multifaceted aspects of life along the way.

Blending mysticism with science, Amanda helps mission-driven Coaches & CEOs break through their internal ceiling for their next level business by expanding their inner authority and elevating their leadership. She thrives on seeing women playing bigger and taking up more space as they come home to reside in all their magnificence.

An embodied feminine leadership coach who ditched the 9-5 to follow her soul’s purpose where she gets to infuse pleasure and play with being of-service.

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Amanda Hunter

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Stripped Back. Breathing Room. To Sit with...
Your Self. You Craft. Your Legacy.


It’s not doing nothing…
It’s about crafting space for what matters most.

A 6 week experiential journey like no other.

Stripped Back. Breathing Room. To Sit.
With your Self. You Craft. Your Legacy.


If you're into blurring the lines between business and pleasure, creating a life that you LOVE,  embracing your feminine essence and all things a little magical... You've come to the right place!


Amanda Hunter


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