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Feminine leader, spiritual and personal development lover, adventure-seeker & mother helping other women tap into their inner authority and reclaim their true essence!

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Want to Work Remote in Wellness?

The Healthstyle Emporium is an online holistic health hub and we’re currently looking for wellness coordinators to join our mission.

Follow the same blueprint thousands of other aspiring wellness entrepreneurs have to create your own thriving global business!

Re-ignite your passion, move beyond mediocrity and break through your glass ceiling!

We help you to make a real difference (whilst also giving back to yourself!) as we fuel your passion to create a career you love on your own terms.

If you’re ready for more, apply to join our Holistic Online Health Program today!


Our global community of Wellness Ambassadors has transformed the lives of thousands of people worldwide in terms of their health & wellness and their careers.

Imagine what it could do for you!

You’re incredibly driven and want to create something you’re passionate about… but you don’t know where to start… 

You’ve listened to the podcasts and read the books but you’re still missing that final piece of the puzzle.…

…in the end, it all just becomes too overwhelming….and you’re stuck where you are!

Then there’s the cost and time involved to build something from the ground up. Neither of which you can afford right now!

: :

You see the ‘perfect’ lives on Instagram and dream of having your satisfying career, around your own schedule. 

Slow mornings down the beach, brunching with girlfriends mid-week, and even working whilst you travel the world. That is the dream!


But the reality is, tomorrow is another workday…. 

Another day feeling flustered, unappreciated, and marching to beat of someone else’s drum.

Another day where you’re left watching others pass you by as they follow their passion and dreams…

: :

The thing is, you are worthy and have so much value to give

You deserve to be in a fulfilling career where you are appreciated!

Imagine getting paid to do what you love!

What it’s like working with us…

What’s holding you back?


Check out the below video to see what our amazing program is all about!


As individuals our impact is limited, but when we come together, the ripple effect is felt on a global scale!

We are looking to link arms with likeminded individuals who are passionate about wellness and understand the importance of good health. Those who want to make a meaningful difference in the lives of their clients whilst creating a fulfilling side hustle (or fulltime career!) which also serves you!

We’re looking for people with the desire to work online as a wellness coach in our team…

Who want to work directly with and be personally mentored by us.

Someone who wants to create some magic doing what they love through their own passion project, in their spare time, from home, just like we have.


Hi, We’re Amanda and Kingsley

We’ve been exactly where you are! 

Feeling unfulfilled and coming from a place of lack; we were searching for something which would enable us to grow personally and create a lasting legacy.

Following the birth of our daughter, we realised our passion had been under our nose this entire time and so made the decision to whole-heartedly follow our soul’s purpose.

Amanda, a certified Holistic Health Coach through the Integrative Institute of Nutrition, coaches women through their own health transformations within The HSE whilst also mentoring people to build their own online wellness businesses.

Kingsley a qualified Yoga Instructor (and Electrical Field Supervisor by day) is also a Wellness Coach and mentor within The Healthstyle Emporium. 

What if we were to give you the exact blueprint we have used to launch our own business?The one which has allowed so many in our tribe to create their own flourishing business from the ground up.

Wouldn’t you love for someone to hold your hand and guide you towards success so you can reach your goals generate an income doing what you love?

Working with Amanda has been such a joy!  She is such a supportive, caring, helpful, and patient mentor. She has always encouraged me without being pushy, met me where I’m at, and never fails to share useful information. Not to mention, she’s a wonderful role model and truly embodies what she preaches.

– Hayley S


Spaces are Limited!

As much as we would love to work with everyone, due to the intense time commitment closely mentoring a new team member, we only have a limited spaces available.

If you’re ready to re-ignite your passion and take control of your life whilst you inspire others to be healthier and happier, book in a call by clicking the ‘APPLY NOW’ button.


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