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Feminine leader, spiritual and personal development lover, adventure-seeker & mother helping other women tap into their inner authority and reclaim their true essence!

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About Us


About Us

Hi, We’re Amanda & Kingsley Hunter!

It’s so lovely to meet you!

We’re a family of four with an adventurous spirited toddler, newborn son and a miniature dachshund which our daughter, has lovingly adopted (and re-named!) as her own.

Journey to Happiness has been many years in the making but if I could take you back to where it all began…

…it’d be this moment

.When asked as a child “what do you want to be when you grow up?”

I had a short response…. “To be happy”.

Reflecting back, I love how simple this sounds and yet so many of us seem to get lost along the way, pursuing what we think we should be doing, rather than what we love doing.

If only, I’d taken my own advice!

As I grew older, this child-like sense of innocence and dreaming and was forgotten. I became stuck in the ‘daily grind’ of life and followed others down the path I was expected to take.

I found myself falling into well-respected careers that I was ‘good at’, instead of what I was passionate about. Whilst I’ve always enjoyed my jobs, there was something missing… I was never entirely fulfilled.

The birth of our daughter was exactly what we needed to pause and re-evaluate.

What did we truly value in life? 

What did we desire? 

And the big question…what was our soul’s purpose?

I circled back to that innocent childhood idea of simply being happy. That’s when I realised my purpose was bigger than just me. As nice as it is to have the things that I wanted in life, for me, fulfillment comes from seeing the joy in others!

I realised my calling was to empower women to see their own brilliance and step into it! To help them transform and create a life in which they felt fulfilled.

We instinctively knew that health was the vehicle to achieve this. 

Good health is the foundation of everything in life!

: :

We want to bring the conversation around health to the forefront and recognise that good health extends beyond what we eat! Healthy relationships, a spiritual practice, physical activity and a satisfying career are just as important.

These are our soul’s food! 

Approaching health holistically and incorporating all aspects is where the real transformation lies.

Journey to Happiness is our multi-faced heartfelt passion project where we work with women to create this exact magic.


I’m a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and Kingsley is a 200 hour registered Yoga Teacher. Together we coach our clients through the soul-nourishing The Healthstyle Emporium program.

We help women to love the skin they’re in and be a cheerleader in their own health journey. We inspire women to be in the driver’s seat of their own lives and construct it in line with their aspirations.

Seeing that simply lights us up!

Our dream for the future is to see the next generation grow up in a world where this kind of thinking around good health becomes the norm. 

Now, wouldn’t that make for a wonderful place!

Let’s connect and discuss how we can serve you.

Amanda & Kingsley xx



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