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In this episode…

So you want to create a side hustle but haven’t quite settled on your big idea. Well, that’s exactly what we’ll help you uncover in this episode.

We take a look into a few real world examples and then guide you through a really thought provoking process to get the juices flowing.

You’ll go deep within, reflecting on your passion; your vocation; your mission; and what the world needs, so you can hone in on your zone of genius and arrive at that big idea.

So let’s dive in!

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Amanda: [00:00:00] We’re talking about The Big Idea. That’s all right, what your side hustle is going to be all about…

[Intro Music]

Hello, and welcome to episode 13 of the Heart Driven Hustle podcast, we’re your hosts Amanda and Kingsley. And in this [00:01:00] episode, we’re talking about The Big Idea.  We’ll look into a few real world examples and then guide you through a really thought provoking method… one which will help get the juices flowing so that you can help hone into your zone of genius and arrive at that big idea.

Kingsley: [00:01:15] Hi guys. So you’ve been thinking about starting a side hustle, but you don’t know what you want to do. Well, hopefully today’s episode is going to clear that up for you!

Amanda: [00:01:24] Yeah. One of the questions that we get from people is…. Great, this all sounds absolutely amazing, but where do I even start?

And the thing is you are only limited by your imagination. So we’re hoping to achieve today is to take you through some real world examples just to help you start thinking about what the possibilities might be.

Then to lead you through a process, we’re just going to go really deep. It’s going to get you thinking… it’s going to get to the heart of who you are all about, why you’re here and what you want to achieve as well. So to get started. Let’s [00:02:00] have a look at some real world examples, and we’ve gone and grouped these into five main categories.

Kingsley: [00:02:06] So we’re just gonna fly through these categories and then we’ll go into each one in some details. So we’ve got the hobby based,  the knowledge base gig economy. Shared based economy as well as the online side hustle.

Amanda: [00:02:21] So let’s go through these in a little bit more detail to really explain what they’re all about.

We’ll start off with a hobby based.  As the name suggests, this is about creating an income from making the things that you love to make.

Kingsley: [00:02:35] So a big part of this one, as well as you’ve probably already got the equipment to be able to sell whatever you’ve got in place.

So if you’re a photographer for instance and you want to sell your photos on a stock website, you’ve probably already invested in an expensive high-end camera and you’re doing it as a hobby. You’ve probably already got thousands of them photos, and it’s about just getting them online and then turning that into a revenue [00:03:00] stream.

So that’s a good example of something that already exists.

Amanda: [00:03:03] Definitely I mean, why wouldn’t you generate an income from something that you already love doing?   Another one is arts and crafts, and I know there are so many handy people out there. It’s something that I like to tinker with a little bit myself.   So make markets or a farmer’s markets, a really fantastic for this. And you’ll quite often see lots of little stands popping up with earrings, with clothes, with scrunchies, anything like that – it’s a great way of being able to get your wares out there for other people to buy and make an income from it.

Kingsley: [00:03:34] And it seems to be making a resurgence in recent years as well. So they’re more popular than what they used to be, because I think everyone likes something homemade or individual rather than just getting the master produced things, especially if it’s for presence or special, special occasions. So

Amanda: [00:03:51] it’s more sentimental.

Kingsley: [00:03:52] Exactly. Yeah.

Amanda: [00:03:53] We’ve touched on the idea of selling your photos to stock sites, but you could also then offer, say [00:04:00] social media pictures of products. social media is all about pretty pictures.

And unless you have the old instant husband, you may not have the greatest pictures that are turning out.

If you already have the professional equipment, something you can offer your clients are those little short, sharp one hour sessions where they can get a bunch of social media photos taken of either themselves or their products for them to use on their own sites.

Kingsley: [00:04:24] Another great one is cooking base.

Amanda: [00:04:27] Do you love to cook because this is another one that is something that can be done quite easily as well. So baking, food delivery services, they’re a great way of being able to generate an income from doing something that you love to doing as a hobby.

Kingsley: [00:04:42] So next up we have knowledge base, which is capitalizing on what you already know.

Amanda: [00:04:46] This is such a great one because it’s about using your current skillset. So it means instead of going out and spending time and money, developing new skills, you can draw upon what you’ve already learned in [00:05:00] maybe your previous job, or it could be in previous studies and then using that to actually generate an income.

So one of the ways that you can use your  existing knowledge is through freelance work.   Freelance work is essentially where you are engaged on an hourly basis, or a fixed rate contract to do work for others.

And there are so many different sites out there that allow you to do this. If you jump on the internet and you type in freelance work, I’m sure they’ll come up, but it’s things such as Upwork or even Fiverr as well.

Another way of being able to draw on your existing knowledge is through course creation.

So have you got something that you can teach others? Maybe you’ve got a certain skill or there’s a certain knowledge that you just want to pass on and it can be anything at all. I’ve seen people create handstand courses. I’ve seen them create a digital marketing courses. There’s a whole range of different things that you can be sharing [00:06:00] and the way to do this is through one of the many online platforms which exist such as Teachable. And there are so many more just, again, jump online and have a look.

Also within the realm of teaching, we have tutoring or teaching other languages online. This is something that is becoming quite prevalent nowadays with a lot of us being stuck at home and indoors, being able to connect with others online and teach in another language or tutor is a great way of being able to generate an income.

And another one that we have for knowledge base is publishing your own ebook. This could be around anything at all. Do you have a recipe book that you want to get out there?

Have you gone and created an amazing series of workouts that you want to share with people? Or maybe it’s something around mindset or self-help… Whatever it may be, you can actually easily put together your own ebook and publish [00:07:00] it for sale.

Kingsley: [00:07:01] So next up, we’ve got the gig economy, which is providing services in your free time. So we’re talking about things like driving for Uber or DiDi, which is pretty popular at the moment.

You could even be performing odd jobs around different people’s houses using Air Tasker,  offer dog walks and babysitting services, or even becoming a local tour guide.

Amanda: [00:07:22] Again, it’s really limited by your imagination here. If there’s something that you can be doing in your spare time, then why not offer it up?

And the next category we have is the sharing based economy. So this is less about sharing your time, but more about sharing your assets. So have you got anything that is sitting around that is simply just taking up space that someone else might want or need? And I’m talking here in terms of… we all know about Airbnb. So renting out a room, renting out a house that one’s a nice, simple one… But have you thought about your car space? In a lot of cities these days apartments come with no car spaces.

[00:08:00] So if you have one that is sitting there and you don’t have a vehicle in it, or maybe you happen to be in the city and you know that people are driving into work each day and paying an absolute fortunate on parking… Why not rent out your car bay?

How about your clothes?

Do you have a designer wardrobe that is sitting there for 99% of the time? You’ve likely heard about renting out a dress for that special occasion. So when you go to a wedding or you have some sort of big cocktail gala, you know about renting out a dress just for that one night, but what about the rest of the time?

There are people who rent out their clothes for that day in day out look so maybe that’s another way for you to generate income on those beautiful dresses that are just sitting there.

And then last but not least, the other category we have is the online side hustle. And with this one, there are so many possibilities and many of them have limitless growth as well.

Kingsley: [00:08:52] So you could do some simple things like buying and selling items online.

Things that are around your house that you don’t really need anymore. So you can make some [00:09:00] money out of things. You’re not sure been using

Amanda: [00:09:01] and a great way to declutter.

Kingsley: [00:09:03] Yeah. So  two birds with one stone there.

You can also become a virtual assistant. So that’s essentially providing online assistance for people that want to outsource basic tasks.  This is great for people that love to travel because as the name suggests the virtual assistant, it’s not face to face.

So you could be anywhere in the world providing assistance to anyone in the world. It’s just a matter of pairing up and offering a service that someone else wants and being able to deliver on that.

Amanda: [00:09:33] The idea of being able to work from anywhere in the world is something that is so attractive and is the reason why having an online side hustle is something that so many people are chasing nowadays.

Another type of online side hustle is through a network marketing or affiliate marketing business. And there is so many different companies out there these days, and depending upon what your interests are and the type of person that you want to work with, you’re bound to [00:10:00] find something that aligns with you.

Next up, we have becoming a paid blogger or writer, and this isn’t for everyone. If you’re someone that doesn’t enjoy sitting down in front of a computer and tapping away for many, many hours a day, I’m going to suggest this is not for you, but for those who are wordsmiths, then it might be something that you want to look into as well.

Essentially there are so many different opportunities to create an income. And when you are choosing yours, it’s really important to think about your longterm goal. Now if your longterm goal is to build up a side hustle, which might one day become your plan A then an online side hustle is typically the one which is going to allow creation of multiple revenue streams. And we’re going to touch on that further in a future episode  so be sure to check that one out when it does drop.

so now that we’ve got those juices flowing with a few different ideas, let’s get down to business and help you to discover your big idea.

Okay. The big idea, this is the [00:11:00] exciting part.

And you may be thinking, sure. I have an idea, but will it sell. Well, anyone actually want to buy it. What if it fails?

Well, don’t worry. We’ve got you.  So right now, we’re going to go through a process which helps unravel it all, help you step outside your comfort zone and arrive at that big idea. It’s about finding a way to create a side hustle, to bring joy, fulfillment, and balance into your everyday routine.

And this exercise is actually inside our Side Hustle Guide so we highly recommend you download a copy of this as it will certainly help you in the process. I’ll pop the details into the show notes so you know where to find it.   Head over to heartdrivenhustle.com/13 to check it out .

So I’d like to introduce the concept of ikigai, and this will actually help you overcome exactly this. It roughly translates to a reason for being.

Now this process that we’re going to go through, will get you to go [00:12:00] deep  and uncover the intersection of four key elements to arrive at your zone of genius.

Now, according to the co author of ikigai, the Japanese Secret to a Long and Healthy Life, your ikigai is at the intersection of what you are good at and what you love doing. So Kingsley do want to explain that on for us?

Kingsley: [00:12:20] Sure. If everyone can think of a Venn diagram, so that’s the one where you see the little circles that overlap.

So this one has four key questions that it asks you to ask yourself. So the first one is, what do you love? And then the second is, what am I good at? The third is what kind of get paid for now or something that could transform into my future hustle. And then the last question is what does the world need?

Amanda: [00:12:54] So the reason that we asked the four questions is to establish that intersection [00:13:00] between where your passions lie, your talents converge, what the world needs and is willing to pay for, to arrive at your ikigai. So I’m just going to run through those again.

Question one was, what do I love? And this is your passion. What are you passionate about?

Question two. What am I good at? Your vocation. So what is it that you can do?

Question three, what can I be paid for either now or something that could be paid for in the future? And that’s going to be your profession.

Question four is, what does the world need? And this is your mission. Remember that people will buy into your mission so it’s really important that you know this one.

If you only answer one of the four, you’re missing a very large piece of the puzzle, even if only two or three of these intersect it still won’t give the full picture, which is why it’s really important that you do answer all four of those because when they overlap, you’re going to arrive at your ikigai  which will have you jumping out of bed in the morning to fulfill your purpose.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Well, [00:14:00] why are we not all doing this? The thing is it’s going to be hard work.

It’s going ask you to go deep inside to really understand what your ikigai is. It’s going to feel tough. You’re going to come up against all kinds of barriers. And I think I’ve had enough. I want to walk away from this. This is silly. But trust us, stick with it. If you can, and come up with a few different suggestions as well, so that you can actually start to try out these concepts and see what sticks.

The other thing to note is don’t judge your responses and don’t feel as though your answer isn’t big enough as these will look different for every single person out there. Don’t compare yourself to others. Your day one will look different to someone else’s day, 1000. You don’t know where they’re currently sitting in their journey.

Plus it all comes down to your sense of fulfillment and how you see that fitting into your life. Maybe the idea of impacting just a small handful of lives in a really touching way is what drives you  and then that will determine the outcome of your big idea.

It’s [00:15:00] all about finding joy for you and fulfillment in what you do. And remember your idea can adapt and grow as you grow in your business too. It is not fixed.

Kingsley: [00:15:09] So it’s important to remember that this is an exercise that can be done over and over again, as you develop and as you find the things that really make you tick and at the heart of what you want to do,  which is important because the first cut of this may not be what you really enjoy. And it takes a little while to ask those hard questions because no one really asks these hard questions anymore of themselves, or not many people ask these hard questions of themselves very often.

So you can often be staring at a blank page for ages before you get to where you need to go.

Amanda: [00:15:40] But that’s when the magic happens.

Kingsley: [00:15:42] Exactly.

Amanda: [00:15:42] Just push through it.

So there you have it, guys. We’ve looked at a few different side hustle examples just to get the juices flowing and see what’s out there. And then we’ve shown you how to take a deep dive within and find your ikigai to come up with your big idea.

Next [00:16:00] up it’s time to research your idea further and test the viability of your side hustle. And we will cover this in a future episode, but for now let’s uncover your zone of genius. See you next time.

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