You’re Already Perfect: Why Mindsets That Say You Need Fixing Prevent Spiritual Progress


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No matter where you are on your growth journey, there is always something that needs to be fixed. You’re not good enough, strong enough, thin enough and the list goes on.

…but what if I told you that this mindset is fact preventing your progress?

I have spent the last half-decade studying and teaching about personal development, spirituality, and self-love. I’ve learned that one of the biggest obstacles to spiritual growth is believing you are broken in some way.

This belief causes people to subconsciously deep dive and begin looking for what they believe needs fixing… they then become so entranced by the all-consuming search to find the ‘problem’ that they’re unable to move forward. They are caught up focusing on what is ‘broken’ that they’re prevented from stepping into their desired reality.

How does this come about?

Simply put – your current reality does not equal your future reality….which is your desired reality.

Pause on this for a moment and let this sink in.

When we start to think about what we want – I mean really think about it – and step into the end result…what does it feel like?

What does it smell like?

What does it taste like?

Who are you surrounded by?

The issue that we face is the future self seems so abstract and unobtainable. This is when we fully realise the tension between where we are now, and where we want to be.

We look at our identity and who we are within our current reality and compare this person we need to be in our desired reality…that’s when we notice the gap and decide we are not good enough. We figure that in order to have the desired reality, we have to change…and therefore we must be broken.

The truth of the matter is, if you feel you need to change these things about you to become your desired reality, it is because of the filter through which you are viewing yourself. You are viewing your current achievements and growth through the lens of all you currently know now, so of course, there appears to be a disconnect!

Embedded within each of us are beliefs and ideas from up to 7 generations of family lineage. We are each born with beliefs and ideas from long ago which are embedded within our DNA that exist to help us survive. Often this coding is no longer self-serving and becomes a hindrance instead of a help.

The good news is that you don’t need to be fixed or changed – you ARE perfect as you are now!

You are not broken, but there is always another level to grow into. This type of work is continual and is always evolving as you up-level and grow (kind of like peeling back the layers of an onion to reveal a deeper layer, where the healing and growth happen all over again!).

So, how do you shift your mindset from one that is focused on fixing yourself to one that supports growth and evolution?

You can create these incredible visions and the reality that you desire. You will come across an unconscious resistance between your current identity and your desired identity but it is something you can work through. The greatest challenge with the problem-solving structure of most personal development is it predisposes that parts of us that are broken (if you go searching for it, you will find it!)

You are not broken.

First, understand that the belief that you are broken comes from a place of insecurity and a lack of self-love. When a child is born into this world, they are born as pure innocence. They know they are whole.

Look into the eyes of your child – you will see no self-judgement or shaming. They are not picking apart their body, their accomplishments or anything else. They know they are not broken.

It is only as we progress throughout life that we become influenced by the world around us – people’s opinions, media, other external influences – all slowly chipping away at the person that we are. We start to question our worth, and we become influenced by the belief that we are not good enough. This is how the mindset of needing fixing begins to take root.

You are a miracle.

Know that you are an absolute miracle! You have a unique genetic blueprint and there will never be another version of you that exists within this universe which makes you one-of-a-kind here on Earth. You are a unique manifestation here within this time and space. There is only one of you in all existence, so celebrate yourself every single day because without you nothing would exist at all!

Your flaws make you human.

Everything exists in duality.

There must be both light and darkness. Everything has a counter side. Good is bad, bad is good. It can’t be all + + +.

Universal laws state there must be both the positive and the negative that exists. What you perceive as imperfections are in fact your perfections!


Life lessons are really blessings in disguise. When you are in the midst of challenging life experiences, it can be difficult to see them as blessings. However, there is always something positive to learn from every experience – even if it takes time and reflection for this message to become clear.

There are no such things as coincidences

Everything occurs for a reason. There may not always be an immediately apparent lesson or universal purpose after any one event happens (like when that driver cuts you off on your way home), but trust me when I say that everything unfolds with greater intention than what we can perceive with our limited human mindsets.

All things happen at just the right moment in time; no more and no less (perfect timing). This is how spiritual evolution works! When you make mistakes or do things “wrong”, don’t beat yourself up – instead, see it as an opportunity for growth.

How do you make that desire a reality?

So, you’ve identified a desire that you want to bring into your reality. How do you make that desire a reality? In essence, this is about going to that future place where your desire resides and then taking the necessary actions that result in rippling backward and disconfirming the belief that you previously had. You will birth new beliefs as a result and replace any misconceptions about being ‘broken’ and unable to have this.

First, it’s important to understand that the universe will not hand deliver your desires to you on a silver platter – this is not how the law of attraction works! You must take action and be willing to put in the effort required for manifesting what you want.

Second, believe with all of your heart that what you desire is possible for you. If there is any doubt or lack of belief remaining in your mind, it will be difficult (if not impossible) to manifest what you want. Remember, you are perfect just the way you are!

Third, get crystal clear about what it is that you want. Be specific and write down exactly what you want to be, do or have. Always finish with “or something better” to allow space for something greater which you may not have even comprehended come your way.

Fourth, surround yourself with images and symbols that represent your desires as well as messages of encouragement from other people who support you in reaching for those dreams. Keep a journal where you document all the positive things happening in your life – this will help strengthen your belief system! Every time something good happens, write it down so that there is documented evidence of how amazing things are going for you right now (even if the initial desire hasn’t manifested yet).

Fifth, take daily action steps towards making whatever it is that you want to come true. Start by taking small actions every day and then build upon them over time until they become bigger actions that result in big outcomes/outcomes beyond your wildest dreams!

Sixth, have confidence that you are fully capable of achieving anything you set your mind to. Know deep within yourself that if there is any doubt in your ability to succeed, then the universe won’t allow it into being for you because this would go against universal laws.

Seventh, be aware of all the thoughts and ideas running through your head every day – what feelings accompany them? Are they positive supporting emotions or negative disempowering ones? If these thoughts make you feel afraid or inadequate at all, recognise where those beliefs come from (ex: conditioned societal programming) and replace them with empowering new self-affirming truths instead (i.e.: I am perfectly imperfect just as I am). When you do this, you are literally changing your reality!

Eighth and finally, have patience! Remember that the process of spiritual evolution takes time. Rome wasn’t built in a day and your dreams won’t manifest overnight either. Be persistent with taking action every day, remain positive and believe with all of your heart that what you desire is already yours – it’s just a matter of time before it becomes fully manifested in your physical world. Trust the universe; everything will happen in perfect timing for you. ♥️

The bottom line is this: You are already perfect as you are! There is nothing wrong or broken about you that needs fixing. You are on a journey of spiritual evolution and growth and there is no destination to reach – you are already there. If you ever feel like something needs to change about yourself or that you need fixing, remember these words: I am perfectly imperfect just as I am and it’s okay if things aren’t exactly the way they “should” be yet (they will be soon enough). You were born with infinite potential; now go out there and live it!

Summing up…

The thing about personal development or “fixing” oneself is that it presupposes there’s something wrong in the first place. We are influenced by the world around us to believe that we’re not good enough, but this is simply not true!

We have everything we need within us – our flaws make us human and perfect in our own way. There is darkness and light in equal measure, so embrace all aspects of yourself. Everything happens for a reason, so trust the process even when things don’t go according to plan. You are already perfect just the way you are!

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