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In this episode…

Have you been dreaming about launching your wellness side hustle, but it’s still just a dream?

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In this episode, we’re talking about how good intentions aren’t the same as getting results. It all comes down to taking action.

So let us show you how to take some massive determined action!

So let’s dive in!

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Amanda: [00:00:00] Welcome to episode 19 of the Heart Driven Hustle podcast.

In this episode, we’re talking about how good intentions aren’t the same as getting results. It all comes down to taking action.

Have you been dreaming about launching your wellness side hustle, but it’s still just a dream? Well head over to heartdrivenhustle.com/challenge to take part in our free four day challenge to kickstart your business.

[00:01:00]Kingsley: [00:01:11] So, let me ask you a question. How often have you intended to do something, but haven’t gone through with it in the end?

Amanda: [00:01:19] Yeah, totally. In your mind, you’re already there. You’re imagining yourself, sitting on the beach, sipping  cocktails in a tropical destination, having already spent the money that you haven’t earned because you haven’t put pen to paper. Or maybe it’s around fitness goals.

So you intend to wake up at. 5:00 AM every morning and start hitting the gym for an hour before work because this summer you’re going to be looking a-ma-zing! and just sitting there daydreaming about all the new active wear that you’re going to get to support this new lifestyle of yours. But you haven’t actually woken up at 5:00 AM once all this month.

Now there’s [00:02:00] absolutely nothing wrong with visualizing what you want. And we completely suggest that that’s what you do. But what we’re talking about here is having the intention to do something, but never actually taking the steps to get you there.

Kingsley: [00:02:15] This episode is for all of our Watchers out there who sit back and wish they’d take an action as they’d already be on their way by now.

Amanda: [00:02:22] Oh, yeah. There’s nothing worse than that feeling of ‘if only I had just gotten started’. And with that in mind, I’d like to start with a really great Tony Robbins quote. He says “the path to success is to take massive determined action”. And that’s it exactly what we want you to start doing today. So think back to the beginning 2020, yup.

Back in January, before any of this craziness was known about. What was your intention for the year, what were you hoping to achieve? And did you actually start down that path? If you didn’t then why not?

[00:03:00] Now consider this one energy flows to where attention goes.  it could be so easy to blame any disruption on what has occurred this year.

And yes, I’m not downplaying that it has been a very interesting year indeed, but how then have so many people being able to pivot to use this experience as an opportunity, which sees them come out ahead.

It really all comes down to focus and our perception. And it’s about making the most of what is within our own control.

Yes, it could be, be so easy to look outside ourselves and start creating excuses based on external influences. What do you want to do instead… and this is what truly successful people do… is look within and determine where your influence lies. So focus on that! Focus what is within your control and act accordingly.

[00:04:00] So how do we do this?

Kingsley: [00:04:03] Well, there’s a few different pieces to this puzzle, so let’s run through them one by one. The first one  is reframing your thinking and including a greater vision.

Amanda: [00:04:15] So how do you see the business you want to create? If all you’re seeing is hard work, then it’s not going to get you anywhere, anytime soon.

This should be something that you love and that you want to do. It is your calling after all!

And when you do what you love and love what you do, you never truly work a day in your life. So instead of seeing the short term menial tasks in your business, which don’t bring you all that much joy, but you know, need to be done.

And maybe it’s things like processing accounts, see this as something which is in the aid of the greater vision. In fact processing the accounts are all part of the journey. [00:05:00] So by paying this invoice, what you should be looking at is this is a way of helping women to feel inspired about their health and make a difference in the world and make it a healthier place. When you know the value of your work and how it’s making a meaningful difference to the lives of others it has a really great effect to spur you on and motivate you to keep going.

Now, the next piece of the puzzle here is to focus on the rewards and yeah, that you’ve done this one. You’ve got it down pat, but it’s more about using this as an intrinsic motivation to create that action. Because when you focus on the rewards and the positive outcomes associated with the action, you’re less likely to view the other components as inconveniences along the way.

But when you start to focus on the perceived difficulties… and notice I said perceived, you’re likely to be deterred from progressing any further. So if I was to [00:06:00] say, you want to launch your business, but where do I find my customers and how would I even coach my clients because I haven’t got any content yet.

Then all of a sudden you’ve created these obstacles in your path and it creates this illusion of being so much more difficult to take action. So then what happens? Well, your mood shifts. Any excitement or motivation that you had before all of a sudden dries up and disappears, and then you throw in the towel before you’ve even begun.

Whoop, yup. There it goes into the too hard basket.

So instead when you focus on the end goal, such as the smile on your client’s face, when you take them through a personal transformation or even the smile on your face at getting a client in the first place,

your mood lifts, and you feel inspired to map out the smallest steps along the way at their necessary time and place along the journey, rather than feeling overwhelmed all at once. [00:07:00] So focus on the success and not the possibility of failure.

Next, there is the need to create specific goals and action steps.

Kingsley: [00:07:09] Whilst it’s great to have big overarching goals and milestones, when you start to break these down into actionable steps, it becomes much, much more achievable. Imagine if I said to you, just go ahead and launch a business and I didn’t give you any further instructions.

Amanda: [00:07:27] Yup. You have a month now go away and launch your business.

You’d probably look at us as though we’re crazy. You’d most likely walk away right then and there, as it seems like it’s such a mammoth task and you wouldn’t have any idea of how to get from A to Z as there are numerous steps in between that you haven’t been given.

Now, if I was to say in a month, you’ll be launching your business and here are the specific milestones to get you there you’d feel nervous [00:08:00] excitement, but you’d feel as though you could do it. And that’s what having specific goals and action steps is all about.

Having urgency is such a big one too, without me giving you that deadline of say a month to launch your business, your motivation would dwindle. Now here’s a really good example.

So think back to your school days or uni days, whenever you were studying last and you received an assignment. You were told it’s due in two weeks. When did you start it? Was it on day one? Well, maybe the occasional person did, but for the 99% of the rest of us, you started work on it the week and before it was due.

And when you started, you felt as though was all the time in the world, and you likely trudged along at a snail’s pace because you thought, well, I’ve got plenty of time to do this in, but only when it came to the hours before the deadline, did you feel that sense of urgency. And I can bet that in those [00:09:00] final hours, you managed to smash out that assignment, like never before!

You would have done 90% of that assignment in the last two hours compared to the two weeks prior. And exactly the same principle applies to your own business. You need to create that sense of urgency or else you continue to put it off.

So consider where we are here now, we’re at the beginning of October, and you could view this in two different ways.

The first group of people would see this as a slow down.  You know, we’re starting to get near Christmas and it’s almost the end of the year. So let’s just start cruising into summer. And the second, and this is how the successful people view it, is that it’s the time of year to ramp up and take action.

Go all out and take massive action before the year is out so that you can establish your business and put yourself in the perfect position so that when the new year rolls around and everyone is starting to come out of their slumber and deciding it’s time to focus [00:10:00] on their health and wellness. You’re ahead of the game.

You’ll set up, you found your flow and you’re ready to have an impact. And let us tell you, you want to be in that second group of people.

Kingsley: [00:10:11] Which brings us to our last point, which is celebrate the wins along the way. Now this one’s a bonus and goes towards keeping the momentum them once you’re on your way.

Amanda: [00:10:22] Yes. This is something that is often forgotten. But it’s so important. It is so important to pause and celebrate your successes along the way. No matter how small they are.

So maybe you’ve gotten really clear on your mission and who you’re here to help. Amazing! Celebrate the achievement!

Or maybe you’ve just landed your first client.

Big congrats on that one! Time to celebrate!

Or maybe you’ve seen your first client complete their program and sign on for round two. Well, double congratulations as you’re definitely doing something right there and you [00:11:00] guessed it, time to celebrate!

It doesn’t have to be going crazy with champagne or anything like that.

But it’s simply about taking the time to acknowledge the moment and how far you’ve come along your journey. This goes to building and strengthening your mindset. And remember, we’re focusing on the successes and this keeps you taking action.

So let us ask you, where are you at with your action taking?

We want to help you to take the action needed to get your wellness side hustle up off the ground. We’re running a four day free challenge to kickstart your side hustle, where I’ll be going live inside a popup Facebook group, providing all kinds of value to help you get inspired and launch your business.

Now this kicks off next Monday, the 12th of October. And we’d love to see you in there as part of our community.

So it’s free and to join all you need to do is head over to heartdrivenhustle.com/challenge to register.

Look [00:12:00] forward to seeing you in there and helping you take that action!

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