Surviving the Festive Season Overindulgence and Overwhelm


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In this episode…

The festive season can be so many wonderful things… spending time with loved ones,  good food, parties and presents!

But two things that often occurs is overindulgence and overwhelm!

This should be the time of year when you’re able to enjoy yourself so listen in for my guide on how to survive the festive season!

So let’s dive in!

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Amanda: Episode 30.   The festive season can be so many wonderful things, loved ones, connection, good food and drink parties and presence. But two of the things that are often ends up being are overindulgence and overwhelm. This is the time of the year to let your hair down. So here are a couple of tips to help you through the festive season.

Let’s start out with overindulgence! And this can come in so many different forms, but let’s consider it first of all, from a food and drink perspective. And here’s where a little prior planning can really help so much. Now, if you’re cooking or even taking a dish, you have some [00:01:00] control over what you can fuel your body with.

Still create your usual Christmas treats, but look to include healthier options. It’s not about deprivation here instead, consider what a healthy swaps you can make.

So can you create a fruit based dessert, which is going to be the perfect sweet accompniament to finish off your meal?

Or maybe you can swap out refined sugar for naturally occurring sweeteners instead. And with your savory meals, add more whole foods. This is a big one. It’s about eating less things that come from packets and more things that look like what they should look like. So adding more vegetables and include things such as pumpkin’s or sweet potatoes if you really want to have that quite warming, feel about your food  if that’s what you’re craving, but don’t forget if you’re here in Australia, it’s likely that it’s going to be really hot on Christmas day. So instead create delicious hearty salads with lots of colors, to be both visually appealing and super tasty as well.

[00:02:00] And remember guys, we eat with our eyes just as much as our mouths, so prepare food, which is going to appeal to all of your five senses.

Now let’s talk drinks.  it is so easy to consume calories in liquid form and before you, not all of a sudden you have drunk way too much.

Now, an oldie, but a goodie space, your alcoholic drinks with water, or even sparkling water and add in some fruit to make it really interesting.

This is something that I love to do, though. I love to drink kombucha and put it in a wine glass.

So that way you feel just that a little bit fancy and again, mix in some fruit or even some sparkling water, garnish it beautifully, and you’ll have everyone wanting what you’re having instead of another glass of wine before you know it.

And they’re really cool thing about kombucha is that you’re actually helping to heal your gut through a fermented food instead of doing quite the opposite, which is what alcohol is doing to your body.

Now, intermittent fasting is another really great way of.

Looking after yourself, over [00:03:00] the festive season. And if you miss last week’s episode, it was all about intermittent fasting. So definitely check that out. But this is a fantastic way to be in control of your consumption. And the idea here is to restrict the time in which you’re eating instead of what you’re eating.

So yes, you can really have your Christmas cake and eat it too.

Now, the next form of overindulgence is around the need to do everything and be everywhere and give everything to everyone. I mean, overindulgence can exist socially too. It’s not just about food or drink. And as much as it seems like a good idea when planning your calendar for December, it can actually lead to overwhelm or burnout if you are trying to do everything that you’ve been invited to.

I mean who has gotten to boxing day and collapsed on the couch, not wanting to see or speak to anyone for at least a week. I know that I’ve been there! So be selected guys, put yourself first, just because you’ve been invited, don’t immediately respond with a yes.

Instead consider [00:04:00] whether it will serve you to attend and then consciously choose. And when it comes to gatherings with family, enjoy this time together, and set the limits that you need to keep yourself healthy emotionally, spiritually and physically too.

Now is not the time to be resolving any longstanding phrase. Save the drama for a more appropriate time instead.

And last of all,  this is not the season to become a couch potato, keep your body moving. Take it easier if you want. Sure. But just don’t stop exercising altogether. Get out for a walk in the fresh air. It’s going to be as good for your body as it is for your mind. And remember to breathe too. I’m not talking shallow breath here, but big, deep belly breaths.

It’s going to strengthen your diaphragm slow your respiration rate and help you feel calmer in general and less reactive to stressful situations, which are more than likely to occur around this time of year.

so they have it guys, my quick guide to surviving the festive season overindulgence and overwhelm.

And I’ve [00:05:00] got a really cool free before you  . So to help you create some really delicious, wholesome recipes in a way that’s going to tickle everyone’s taste buds without coming at a cost to your health. We’re actually giving away five copies of our festive feast ecookbook. So you can share these wholesome recipes with your loved ones too. Simply slide into our Instagram DMS, to enter @journeytohappiness.mvmt.

see you next time and enjoy your face to season.

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