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In this episode…

With only 60 days remaining until Christmas, now is the time to look ahead and prepare to finish the year strong!

In this episode we’ll be sharing with you the inspiration and mindset hacks you need to begin 2021 with a flying start.

You want to have done the work now and be riding the crest of the wave, instead of paddling at the rear.

Hint – this is what the truly successful people do!

So let’s dive in!

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Amanda:  [00:00:00] Welcome to episode 21 of the Heart Driven Hustle podcast. We’re your hosts Amanda and Kingsley. And in this episode, we’re looking ahead and preparing to finish the year strong. We’ll share with you some inspiration and mindset hacks to help you begin 2021 with a flying start.

[00:01:00]Kingsley: So can you believe it sunny two months until Christmas? Yes and, just FYI. I saw Christmas trees in the shops already, so it’s, mid-October. I also use for hot cross buns. so

Amanda: Someone’s


Maybe Easter’s around the corner as well, but. It’s 2020. So everything’s upside down.

let’s just roll with the punch. I’m just waiting for the Christmas carols to come out. I’m not a massive fan of the, well ha I rewind. I used to not be a massive fan of them when I worked in retail and many, many years ago. But, they bring a little bit of a charm, I suppose.

Kingsley: Yeah. Everyone loves it a little bit  of Maria Carey come December till December 24 midnight

Amanda: That’s it. Time and a place.

Kingsley: Exactly. Mariah Carey, December only.

Amanda: Oh, that’s it. So yeach we digress… The year has absolutely flown by. Yes. There’s been quite a few distractions and I’m not going to give any fuel to what it is. We all know exactly what we’ve been talking [00:02:00] about.

You know that thing beginning with C so…

Kingsley: Don’t say the C word

Amanda: the C word. So end of October, what does that mean?

Kingsley: Holidays babies in the background, goo-goo gaga-ing

Amanda: He’s getting very excited about our podcast,

Eating way too much and being festive. Yes.

Kingsley: Lots of sleeping’s except for baby Everett.

Amanda: Yeah. Unless if you’ve got a kid… for those of you without kids  sleeping in woohoo!

I mean, all those things are true and yes, there’s lots more too. But if you think back a few episodes ago, we actually hinted at this one now, sorry to bring you crashing back down to earth. But this time of year also means putting your head down bum up and really getting traction in your business to create some awesome momentum, which is going to carry you forward into next year.

So there are two types of people.

Let me tell you who they are.

So the first group of people will think, woohoo, almost end of the year. Amazing. Let’s start to slow down. Let’s cruise on into [00:03:00] Christmas. Let’s begin now, wind down. Nice and early. I mean, maybe you haven’t returned back to work, but there’s only two months to go.

What’s the point of ramping up now you can do that in the new year.

You can surely coast through November and into December without too much effort five but this is very much the employee mindset. You’re getting paid anyway so what’s the point in working hard, right?

Well, that’s the first group of people. Let us tell you about the second group.

The second group of people, these have the mindset of an entrepreneur.

And we know this is you guys! So listen they say this is the time of year to ramp up. So while everyone else is starting to wind down for the year, you want to be doing the exact opposite. You want to be hustling. You want to be putting in the work now to get everything in place for when the new year comes. Why?

Well, the same thing happens every single year and I’m sure you’ve guessed it because all of a sudden, everyone comes out the other side of new year, knowing that they’ve overindulged and they want to embark and their [00:04:00] new health journey. So come 1st of January, they all want to start the new year’s resolution for a healthier and happier lifestyle.

And they won’t be waiting. They want to get started right now. There’s actually a study that was done late eighties, which is quite often quoted. And what they show is that 55% of people won’t have a make it past the first month of their resolution and a good portion of those don’t even make it past the second weekend.

Yeah. It seemed like a good idea on New Year’s Eve, but come the second weekend of the month, they’re over it.

So what can you take from that? Well, surely you can take this just a very small window that you have to work within. So as someone who is in the health and wellness space, you’re really wanting to capitalize on those people who want to do something. They’re ready to take action, and you want to be.

Now, we’re not say that you can’t have a rest and take some time to [00:05:00] recuperate. Please do don’t burn yourself out, but you still have time to get a decent amount of work in first. If you’ve been taking it easy. You’re behind the ball here come New year’s. You want to have done that hard work so when the clients realize they need your help, you’re there, you’re ready and you’re waiting to help them.

You want to be in that second group of people.   You can guarantee that the successful people are doing exactly this. This is the secret sauce guys. This is the reason why they are successful. This is the group of people that will come out, riding the crest of the wave and on top.

Those in the first group who have been taking it easy, they won’t be prepared and they’ll be left behind. They’ll be the one still paddling at the back. And as fast as they try and paddle with all their might, they’re still not going to get there. And you don’t want to be in that group.

So what can you do to create massive momentum to carry you forward into 2021?

well, how you treat the [00:06:00] next 60 days is going to determine how your new year starts.  Think of it like this. If you can create massive momentum in those first few months, that’s going to motivate you and it’s going to carry you forward further beyond that.

Now, where have we been in 2020? Has it been the best year, so far?

If so awesome. Use this momentum to propel you further.

Has it been the worst year so far? Okay. That’s fair enough. It happens, but use this hunger! Use this hunger and this drive that you have to keep carrying you forward. We want you guys to really think things through, because the more you think about it, the more success you’re going to have.

So, what are you taking from your past that is helping you… or hindering you… check your mindset guys! Don’t fall into that trap of letting past blocks continue to arise. These need to be brought to the forefront as hard as it may be, and [00:07:00] then put to rest. On the flip side – identify what has helped you in the past.

Where did you absolutely flourish? How can you find this and isolate it and then repeat it over and over again in the future. it’s about finding what worked …Or what didn’t… really determining what that was, and then using that  to keep you moving forward.

Kingsley: So you really need to be working with intention and purpose.

and that means pre paving your runway.   What gets scheduled gets done,

map out all your day. Think through everything that you got to get done, schedule it all in. Plan when you’re doing your exercise. When you calls, family times, sleep time work time, friend, time, party, time, everything. Put everything in your diary so you know what you’re going to do and when you’re going to do it so there’s no surprises along the way.

Amanda: That’s so true about what [00:08:00] gets it gets done. I know for me personally, if I don’t write that things down, I completely forget about them either that, or I’m sitting there just wasting so much time trying to figure out what I was supposed to be doing or what I need to do next.

So for me, it’s such a big time saver and it really takes it’s that thought out of everything that I need to do, it is a lot less fatiguing.

Which brings me to my next point, clear your minds guys! Get it all out of your mind so you’re not carrying anything around because that takes such precious brain power away from you.

And if you’re anything like me running on newborn little sleep, I need my brain power. So, do a brain dump of everything which needs to be done and consider what can you delegate? Do you need to do everything? You are the most important person in your business so what can you personally do to propel your business [00:09:00] forward?

Anything which just simply maintains your business, delegate it, get someone else to do it.

What can you dump? Is there anything on your list that doesn’t need to be done? Can you simply just get rid of it? Is it not important? If so, dump it.

What can you do now? Is there anything that you can take off the list and it’s a small five minute task that it’s done tick finish, and you can move on. Do it now so it’s not just lingering on your list forever.

And then other things which are going to take a little bit longer, schedule time to do them. Like Kingsley said, if it’s not scheduled, it doesn’t get done. So put aside a chunk of time, block out your diary when you’re going to do these other tasks.

Another reason really helpful thing to do is get on the front foot.

So what are three to five potential distractions, which could take you away from your tasks? Note these down [00:10:00] and deal with them before they arise. I know that seems a little bit strange being able to deal with them before they come up, but have a think about it really go deep and think, okay, well we’re sitting here end of October.

What are some things which might come up to cause that distraction? I know December is one of those times, which is typically filled with all kinds of Christmas parties and functions and things like that, which can end up eating into a lot of your useful time.

I’ m not saying don’t go out and enjoy yourself. Do it go and have that Christmas celebration or that lunchtime catch with friends but do you need to have one every single day of the week? Do you need to have 15 Christmas functions in December? Or can you get away with just a couple? have a think about it and seeing what fits in with you and your goals, because at the end of the day, we’re all individuals and it needs to [00:11:00] fit in with what your priorities are.

Anticipate these things. You know, the time of year, you know, what might come up.

So anticipate it and find a way to deal with it before it arises.   So have a plan to interrupt these interruptions.

Kingsley: such a great idea, scheduling your distractions. Amazing. So the next point we’ll want to make is prioritizing what is most important to you. And ask yourself does what I’m doing lead to what my values are? So asking yourself question like, is this going to contribute to my profit or is this going to contribute to my family? Make greater connection with people? And if it doesn’t prioritize it to next year, possibly.

At this time of year, it’s really important to do what is going to maximize your leverage towards your values.

Amanda: So true. And we quite often say that your wealth, it lies in your highest [00:12:00] values. So knowing what they are and being able to leverage your efforts towards those is where you’re going to see the maximum results.

So, I know you said it’s all about really using this time effectively to work on your business, get your hustle on and put yourself in a really good position to start the year off strong.  but we’re all humans. We know that we need some downtime, whether that be a quick little weekend to get away or a social media detox, time with a family, whatever it is….

we want you to have a really good ritual to help you get back in the zone because remember you’re in the zone of whatever you’re doing. Be present wherever you are. Whatever that is, but be present. Be in that zone.

So when you get back from your weekend away, when you’ve had that social media detox, or that time off just enjoying life, when you come back to work, have a really good ritual to help you get back to being [00:13:00] in focus.

So whatever this may be for you, it could be something like. Looking at your goals, looking at your vision board, doing a meditation, reading some personal development books  or listening to some personal development podcasts or something like that.

Or maybe it’s just connecting with your mentor. Whatever it is, have that really solid ritual to help you get back into the zone so you’re performing at your peak as quickly as possible.

And this brings me to my next point. It’s be focused. And be focused on the tasks that you’re working on guys. As we mentioned in episode 20, it’s all about high intensity and high focus so that you can then rest because we need rest. So high intensity on the task and then take a rest.

So there you have it guys, 60 days for Christmas.

What will your end of year look like? Will you be riding that Chris to the wave or paddling at the rear?

I know where [00:14:00] we will be and we hope to see you on top there with us.   So see you next time.

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