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In this episode…

Here’s a little fun fact for you… 50% of the cells in your body aren’t your cells. Pretty astounding right?

Our gut microbiome, also known as gut flora, is comprised of micro organisations and their genetic material which live inside our intestinal tract. These bacteria are involved in critical functions which support our health and wellbeing. So it goes to say that the health of our gut is a direct indicator of our overall health.

This is where fermented foods come in – they are part of the overall picture when it comes to gut health. Listen in to find out how easy it is to start repairing your own gut and overall health.

So let’s dive in!

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Kingsley: [00:00:19] Hello, hello everybody, on today’s episode, I’m going to be talking about gut health and how that relates to your overall health and what you can do to improve your gut health.

Let me start by saying that science is only beginning to understand gut health, and the microbiome, and how that interacts with our overall health and feeling of wellbeing.

Here’s a little fun fact for you, we have an estimated one to one ratio of micro organisms to human cells in our body. So that is a whopping [00:01:00] 50% of the cells in your body aren’t even your cells, they’re actually organisms living inside you, on you or around you. I find that completely mind blowing and a little bit strange, to be honest with you.

So if 50% of our body is actually microorganisms it goes to say that if they’re unhappy, then we’d be unhappy too.

Meaning one of the keys for us being happy is ensuring that all of these micro organisms living in and around us are also happy . So how can we ensure that what lives in on around us is happy? Well, we can start by eating less processed foods, less sugary drinks, packaged foods, this stuff that you guys already know that you shouldn’t eat.

And yes, yes. I’ve been guilty on more occasions, lately of indulging in some of the packaged food,  but enough of [00:02:00] my excuses.

One of the keys to a healthy gut is eating more pre and probiotic food. So what do I mean by pre and probiotic foods? So probiotic food is a food which has been through a fermentation process. Think things like yogurts, kimchi, sauerkraut, you even have beverages like Kombucha and water Keifer and even aged cheeses.

These are foods which are good for your gut because they have living microorganisms, which when they enter your guts, they increase the flora and biodiversity of your gut itself.

So that brings us to prebiotic foods, and what do we mean by prebiotic foods? Well the’re foods which the probiotics can feed off of. So we’re talking things like leafy green, vegetables, tomatoes, [00:03:00] asparagus, legumes, whole grains, things that we already know that are good. And we should be eating more of essentially.

So the microorganisms that live in your gut feed off of the healthy prebiotic food, which you consume and help digest the food and the probiotics give your micro organisms that live within your gut, your gut flora, a helping hand to do all that. So that’s how you get a healthy gut, which leads to overall health.

So you’re probably thinking sweet that’s a lot of great information, but what am I supposed to do with it? Well, you can start by fermenting own foods.

I myself started a while ago with Kombucha. And from there, I fell in love with making my own fermented foods. So I started making kimchi, sauerkraut an Eastern European drink code Kvass, which is a very interesting drinking indeed. I’d [00:04:00] urge everyone listening to give, making probiotics food a go. I’d start off with making yogurt like I did, it’s pretty easy and if you’ve got kids who consume bowls and bowls of yogurt, like we do, it’s actually a lot cheaper than going to the shops and buying a $5 tub of yogurt every three days.

So that’s it guys pretty high level on how your gut health plays a part in your overall health…  see you next time.

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