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Diets and Deprivation Do Not Work!


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In this episode…

Diets and deprivation simply do not work!

Not for your body. Not for your mind.

What happens when you start off following a really strict way of eating? Usually after a week or two… or maybe a month… you have a lapse in willpower, give into your cravings and fall off that dieting wagon.

Abstinence doesn’t work and only creates an unhealthy relationship with food.

In this episode I give you a little heart to heart to help you to listen to your body, understand your cravings and heal your relationship with food.

So let’s dive in!

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[00:00:00] Amanda: Episode number 24.

I’m going to come right out and say, this diets and deprivation do not work. Not for your body, not for your mind.

Sure. Someone may start off following a really strict way of eating, but what happens next? Usually after a week or two or maybe a month, if you’re really committed, you’ll have a lapse in willpower and you’ll give into your cravings and you’ll  fall off that dieting wagon.

I mean telling someone what they can and can’t eat is completely ineffective.

Simply put abstinence does not work. In fact, what it can do is it can [00:01:00] evolve into a fear around eating certain types of food. And while some people may view dieting as a way to control an aspect of their lives.

This can actually be a really destructive type of behavior. In fact, dieting actually forces you to put the power in someone else’s hands rather than your own body, which intuitively knows what it needs. Instead, what I like to do is flip the thinking and see that empowerment through food choices should then enable the person to feel much more confident regarding their choices,  which can then have a flow on effect into other areas of their lives as well.

So if we deconstruct our relationship with dieting, what we begin to realize is that as humans we’re taught from a very young age, that dieting is one of the primary solutions for solving that problem in inverted commas here with your body. You simply cut the food out to lose weight, right?

Well definitely not! I mean, who’s to say that we even have a problem with our bodies. [00:02:00] Our bodies are just fine as they are. Thank you very much, much.

We’ve also been taught quite food with success, reward or even guilt.

And it’s pretty crazy to think about the unhealthy association that food has with our state of being rather than simply viewing it for what it is. Food is fuel to nourish our bodies!

No wonder we’ve all struggled with what to eat at one point or another.

Think back to times throughout your own life and your own dieting history.

And I hate to use that word diet, but what are your thoughts? What are your beliefs, or are there any memories that jump out to you? For example, do you connect your self-worth to your physical appearance? Which you control through dieting. ie “I’m only successful if I’m the thinnest person around.”

I’m sure that’s a thought that has popped into many people’s heads, particularly in this world of social media. It is so easy to compare ourselves to images that we see what we feel are perfect images, but we know they’re [00:03:00] not, they’re simply just angles and lighting and things like that that are staged for that one perfect moment on camera.

Or maybe you’re someone that always associates a certain type of food  with feelings of comfort and love. Maybe you crave a particular food when you’re lacking in these areas of life. For example, creating cake when you’re feeling alone, because you always felt loved and secure  when sharing cake with loved ones.

So it’s really important to sit back and deconstruct our relationship with food, because this has a really great start to unraveling the destructive hold that dieting can have over us.

So what should we do? Well, first of all, we need to give up dieting and authentically nourish our bodies. That’s right! No deprivation because it doesn’t work.

We should feel empowered in our food


Amanda: We should look inside our hearts to determine what we need to nourish our mind, our body and soul.

Feed [00:04:00] yourself intuitively and mindfully as well. And take a moment to pause and think about what your body is craving and understand the reason behind it.

Does your body need something in particular or is it your mind that is craving it because you are lacking it in another area of your life?

Don’t deprive yourself of certain foods and know that it’s not about being perfect all of the time, enjoy that treat every now and again, and take the time to actually enjoy it mindfully. Don’t discuss it down. Sit there, enjoy every bite, savor it. And. Enjoy it. That’s what has meant to be there for.

When you start to be more conscious about your choices and focus on adapting, a more holistic approach to your eating, your metabolism will rate a steady pace and you’ll settle  into your ideal weight, whatever that may be.

Know that your preferences and requirements in terms of food, aren’t static either. These will change with you throughout the stages in your life. So listen to them and [00:05:00] let your body be your guide.

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