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Beyond Mediocrity: From Surviving to Thriving


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In this episode…

Why should we settle for mediocre?

For some reason, barely surviving has become the standard. What happened to wanting to thrive?!

In this episode, we’re talking about how to thrive instead of just survive. Yes, we are getting deep and focusing on how you can get off the ground floor in three easy steps to be the creator of your own life and go from surviving to thriving!

So let’s dive in!

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Amanda: Hi guys, and here we are ready for another episode.  Now this one is something that is quite near and dear to our hearts, and we hope you find it really interesting too. It’s something that we believe is truly possible, and it should be something that more people have as well.  So what are we talking about?

We’re talking about thriving instead of surviving. So let’s have a look at the two definitions here. And once we do that, it becomes really much more obvious the difference between these two states of being.

So to survive. Now, survival is really about continuing to live or exist  and sometimes that’s in spite of hardships as well, really it’s around the ‘just get buy’ mentality.

[00:02:00] Thriving on the other hand means to prosper and be successful. It’s to grow and flourish. And I know that’s what I’d prefer. How about you Kingsley?

Kingsley: [00:02:09] Ah, yeah, I definitely prefer the thriving.

So the social construct that we live in, we’re pretty much on a hamster wheel.

You get fed, you will live, but that’s about it. No, one’s going, gonna bump you off your hamster. Well, unless you do.

Amanda: [00:02:23] And that’s just, it isn’t it? The system in which we exist really does allow you to survive and get by but in order to really thrive, you’re the one that needs to step up, you need to take control and you need to make it your own.

The other thing to consider is that. If something major in your life happens quite often, there’s no buffer unless you create it. So if you look at what’s going on in the world at the moment, we are facing some unprecedented times with some pretty major economic upheaval. And if you don’t have that buffer or the safety that you’ve created for yourself, well, I know there’s going to be a lot [00:03:00] of people who were left down and out when we do start to come out, the other side of it.

So the point that we want to make here is that yes, many people are okay with simply surviving, but why should you have to settle for second best?

This to us is settling for mediocrity. And the way I see it is that it’s as though they’ve forgotten who they are at their core and what they truly want in life.

So why can’t we have more

Kingsley: [00:03:26] and want more? We should be striving to thrive

Amanda: [00:03:28] Exactly! We all make lots of decisions in life and they may not always be the right one, but they won’t be the last one either. The thing is they all exist so we can stretch and grow. And every decision that we make and every move that we make too has a purpose.  It’s merely a stepping stone to a greater outcome.

So the really cool thing, if you think about it this way, when you expand your mind and your confidence, it doesn’t go back. It’s like a balloon. So if you think of a balloon that once you blow it up, [00:04:00] it’s stretched. It’s going to hold some of that form, even when it goes down.

And then the next time you blow it up again, it’s going to become easier. And easier and easier every time that you blow that balloon up. So that’s how your mind works. Once you start stepping out of your comfort zone, you start to expand it. It just becomes easier each time you go back again.

So how can we get out of survival mode and set down the path to really thriving?

Here are our three steps to thrive and be the creator of your life.

Kingsley: [00:04:30] So the first one we’re going to talk about is acknowledging the uncertainty.

Amanda: [00:04:35] Yeah. Uncertainty is so often the thing that can prevent you from taking action.

Why? Well, yes, you are facing the unknown, but where does that uncertainty lie? Sure. There is uncertainty about what the future holds, but doesn’t that exist in both scenarios. I mean, look at where you currently are. You’re in survival mode. You’re sitting at your baseline. You have a rough [00:05:00] idea of what the future might hold if nothing changes and it probably won’t be great,

maybe it will, but deep in your heart, deep down, you’ve got an inkling that it’s still going to be survival mode, which is what we’re trying to get out of.

Now the alternative…. Yes, it is uncertainty and it can be a little bit scary, but stepping up and taking some form of action will propel you in another direction where you’ll quite likely start to thrive. So you’re going to start to prosper and succeed, which is exactly where you want to be. The path to get there is unknown and so often that can prevent you from taking action.

We get it. It can be scary, but know that it is here, that you are getting in your own way. No one else, just you. You’re getting in your own way of taking action towards that greater goal.

So what to do, acknowledge the uncertainty. That’s right. Acknowledge the [00:06:00] uncertainty, of the unknown greater path ahead. Allow yourself to feel the uncertainty and then take action.

Don’t overthink it. Just take five seconds of courage and do it.

Kingsley: [00:06:13] I like that. Acknowledge the uncertainty of the unknown.


That’s strong and very hard to say.

Amanda: [00:06:20] It’s a bit of a tongue twister! So, step two…

Kingsley: [00:06:25] Have a vision. Without a vision it’s easy to become distracted and overwhelmed.

Amanda: [00:06:31] That’s it without a vision, where is your focus going to go? And this really comes down to, and we talk about it quite a bit. It’s about knowing you values. So knowing your values really helps with the establishing your own personal vision and providing that guidance and direction as you navigate your path throughout life.

Kingsley: [00:06:51] So quite a few people on our past episodes have touched on this.

I know Heidi from our last episode, talked about, keeping true to [00:07:00] the path and she was talking about different opportunities, presenting themselves throughout her business journey and knowing which ones to take and being true to their values or what I think her exact words were using her gut feeling to know which path to take.

it’s very important and especially early on as well, because. you can get torn in a thousand different directions.

Amanda: [00:07:24] Exactly! You’re probably all quite familiar with the novel, Alice in Wonderland, where Alice is arriving at a fork in the road, and she comes across the Cheshire cat sitting in the tree, looking down upon over that big, cheesy grin on his face.

And she asks ‘which road do I take?’ And then the Cheshire cat looks at a her and says, ‘where do you want to go?’ To which Alice answers, ‘I don’t know’. And the cat responds. ‘It doesn’t matter’.

So if you think of it like that way, when you don’t know where you’re heading in life, how can you know which path to take.

[00:08:00] We’re in this world where we are faced with ever increasing distractions and demands and mental overloads. And it’s so easy to fall out of touch with what is most important to you and just feel completely overwhelmed. And when you’re overwhelmed with too much sensory input, as humans in general, we tend to just shut off and shut down entirely and do nothing at all.

It’s as though we’re these big computers that are running too hot and we just think ahhh no idea, blue screen, let’s just turn off.

So, what do we do here? We focus only on what is within your control.  The reason that we do that is what you choose to focus on will have a huge impact on how you feel and how you act.

So focusing on things that are outside your control, well, what can you do about it? Nothing, but what does it lead to? Stress. Overwhelm. Anxiety. So think about that for a second, you’re spending all your time and your energy focusing on [00:09:00] something that is outside your control that you can do nothing about and is only leading to your stress and overwhelm?

Yeah. It’s not a great spot to be focusing on instead, focus on what you can control.

So now you’ve acknowledged the uncertainty ahead. And you have a vision with a laser focus on what you can do to achieve that. So, what is step number three?

Kingsley: [00:09:24] It’s time to commit and take some action because in your mind, you’re already there.

Amanda: [00:09:29] Exactly. You’re starting to focus on what you want and feeling how you will feel when you get there. If we consider quantum physics and manifestation for a brief moment, even if you think that’s a little bit woo woo – listen in… What you think about you feel about, and what you feel about you bring about. I’ll say that again.

Nice and slow. What you think about, you feel about, and what you feel about, you bring about.

So this is [00:10:00] where you are right now. You are making the decision to commit, to taking action towards the end goal, because your mind is already there. See what I said. So you’re already there! Now you just need to take the steps to get you there. There’s no longer any internal struggle in your mind. Taking that very first step becomes easy.

And once you’re in momentum, the step after that becomes easier again, and the same with the next and so forth until you’re questioning what even took you so long to take that first step in the first place.

The thing to note here though, is that you won’t always know all the exact details about how you’re going to get from point a to, but don’t let that stop you! It’s as though the universe is checking that you’re actually serious about creating your own path first, before it presents the next step for you to take. Just have the courage to take that step and know that you will be caught and guided along the way.

It sounds easy enough, doesn’t it. But remember that any change will be met with some sort of resistance [00:11:00] and not only that internal struggle that you have, but also externally too. Remember that you’re trying to uplevel here and go from merely surviving to thriving and others around you may not understand why you’re doing this, or it might also highlight those deficiencies in their own lives, too.

The thing is though that the resistance here is a reflection of what’s going on for them not you. So don’t let that dim your light.

And another thing to consider here is need her help. You shouldn’t have to go the change alone as it can lead to frustration or even giving up altogether. Reach out to someone who can guide and mentor you in this respect.

If you consider say professional athletes, they engage coaches to assist them with their training and playing so that they’re at their optimal level. And look at successful business people. They engage mentors to provide support and guidance too when they’re taking their business in the right direction.

[00:12:00] Even coach has engaged other coaches. I mean, everyone needs a little bit of guidance.

Kingsley: [00:12:06] So let’s just have a recap of what we’ve talked about.

So first up acknowledge the uncertainty, allow yourself to feel the uncertainty, but don’t let it get away from you.

Have a vision, know what you want, and then focus on what you can control. Don’t worry about the stuff you can’t.

Commit and take action. Make the decision and then do whatever’s required to get you there. The steps to get you there will become apparent along the way.

Amanda: [00:12:31] So there you have it guys, how you can move your mediocrity and start creating the life you desire.

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