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Aimee, Australia

This activation is amazing! I felt empowered, loved, excited and at peace with where I’m at. I was flooded with beautiful emotions. I instantly walked with my head held higher and my shoulders back with an air of “I’m unstoppable” confidence.

Aimee, Australia

Moments after I finished listening to this on my morning walk, I looked up and came face to face with a man who’d previously stalked me and tried to steal my phone on two occassions.

My initial reaction was fear… but then I handled it in an entirely different way. I felt a “come fuck with me” energy and mentally dared him to try it again.

I stared at him the entire way as he approached me with malice in my eye. He couldn’t maintain eye contact and skulked past me without trying anything!

Aimee - Continued...

Moni, Australia

I absolutely loooved the activation thank you for that! I did it again this morning and found moving whilst listening to it very empowering.


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Amanda Hunter