Let's do that                     you've been putting off.

Hey Beautiful, lemme grab your attention:

Let's do that           you've been putting off.


You know you 'should'  take better care of your health but like so many things in life, it's just another item on your never-ending to-do list.

Let's change that and move your wellness to the top of the list, because we all know you can't pour from an empty cup!

Unlike everything else on the list - you're going to absolutely love doing this.

Think like a retreat to nourish your mind, body and soul....just online.


16 Week Holistic Wellness Program


Real foods and no diets or  deprivation here!
Heal your relationship with food and learn how to nourish your body from the inside out, whilst setting up healthy lifelong habits.


Enjoyable workouts to suit your lifestyle.
Choose from strength, cardio, stretching, Pilates or yoga -  so you can move your body in a way that feels good for you!


Take the home to honour the magnificent being you are! 
As you go deeper within your spiritual practice, you'll be amazed at the world you create around you.

What's been holding you back beautiful?
Let's work through any mindset blocks or limiting beiefs that may be standing in your way so you can create behaviour change and develop lifelong sustainable habits.


The Healthstyle Emporium

What's Included?

Healthy Recipes & Nutrition Plans

Easy to follow nutrition guides & individualised plans to suit a variety of dietary requirements. Whether you're  vegan, vegetarian, paleo, DF, GF, pescatarian, flexitarian or anywhere in between, there are delicious wholesome options to nourish your body.

Yoga & Meditation

Take your practice to the next level by participating in our online sessions with a fully library of yoga and meditation sessions ranging from 5 to 60 minutes to suit your mood.

Gut Health Restoration

Suffering from bloating, discomfort, IBS symptoms?
Learn how to finally overcome these symptoms with our selection of gut health masterclasses, healing guides, product recommendations & guidance from our in-house dieticians and nutritionists.

Monthly Masterclasses

Each month you'll be invited to join an exclusive masterclass from one of our HSE experts to empower you on a specific area of holistic health.  You'll walk away with a notebook full of easy to implement lifestyle & health habits.

Mindset Programs

count me in!

Ready to take your mindset to the next level? Wake up and feel excited about the day ahead & what you’re capable of in this life.
Our simple mindset tools & resources are designed to change how you feel about yourself, your life, and your dreams. 

Self Worth Audios

Raise your vibration and build your self-belief as you listen to these self-worth whispers. These audios will fuel your soul and leave you feeling unstoppable as you go forth & conquer the world.

Workbooks & Exercise Programs

Take your movement to the next level by participating in our variety of training programs. From Pilates, yoga, running programs, HIIT workouts, home workouts, gym workouts, stretching guides + so much more, you’ll find something thats perfect just for you.

DIY Skin Care

We are passionate about bringing you non toxic alternatives that can be found in your home pantry. Dive deep into our environmentally and safe at-home recipes to invigorate your skin.

16 week's access to our online self-paced program, wholefood nutritional support & lifetime access to our facebook Community

Take a peek inside the program...

We’ve created several types of membership plans to best align with your individual needs and goals. Whether you’re looking to improve on basic wellness principles, gain unlimited access to a variety of classes, or start a nutrition program—we’ve got a plan that can flex to meet your goals.

Let's do this!

Find a plan to suit your goals

I ditched the 9-5 to follow my soul’s purpose and create an abundant life whilst making memories with my family.

Grinding and hustling to the point of burn-out in my own business, I was constantly searching *out there* for all the answers. What I really needed was someone to redirect me to look inside instead, to be guided by my innate wisdom and become my own authority so my inner visionary leader could fully emerge.

Blending woo with science, I love helping you to expand your inner authority and elevate your leadership to break through your internal glass ceiling into your next level business.

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Your embodied feminine leadership coach

but first

Become an Ambassador of The HSE and earn 10-25% back on your own program, plus anyone else you refer. 

There is no limit on the number of people you can recommend meaning you could end up covering your entire investment in the program!


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Get into 'the zone' before commencing your soul's work as you invoke your divine feminine leader.

Drop in and listen to this 5-minute audio activation to energetically boost your confidence, your magnetism and arrive in your flow state.

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If you're into blurring the lines between business and pleasure, creating a life that you LOVE,  embracing your feminine essence and all things a little magical... You've come to the right place!


Amanda Hunter