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In this episode…

We all know how to breathe, right? …or do we?

Breathing is something we all do every day, but how often do you actually observe your breath?

Improper breathing is the root of so many health problems including poor function of the digestive system!

The deep breath (which our bodies require!) is something that the majority of us have forgotten to do – join us to understand the importance of proper breathing, followed by a quick breathwork exercise to find your zen.

So let’s dive in!

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Kingsley: [00:00:18] Hello, everybody. I’m just jumping in here real quick and I’m talking about something that we do all day, every day, even at night, that is the breath. So it’s obviously something we do in most of our lives, but we spend very little time understanding or even, consciously observing what we’re doing. So, from the moment we’re born we take our first breath and to be honest with you, I don’t think most of us think about it much more after that. It’s something we should be spending more time thinking about and consciously doing if you ask me.

So most people would probably think, you know, our breath is our breath. It’s almost like we aren’t even in [00:01:00] charge of it, but rather it’s something that our body does to us or for us. And that we’ve got no control over it. We go for a run, we get puffed out so we breathe more. Or our body tells us to breathe more rather than thinking of it as something that we can consciously control and therefore have access to different parts of our body.

Just think about it for a minute. How we breathe, can play huge part and how we feel. If I start quick, shallow breathing, I start to get nervous. My breath starts running away for me. And I’ll start getting anxious, kind of really in my chest, starts to tighten up and my eyes start darting around the room.

Now, once I get to that point, if I start to slow my breath down, I moved away from  chest breathing or head breathing into belly breathing so really filling up my lungs, breathing equal breaths in and out [00:02:00] really starting to calm down and you can feel your pulse start to drop the anxiety slip away and really start to settle down. And that’s your breath helping you access your nervous system, which I think is a pretty amazing thing.

So what are the attributes of a good breath? Well, first of all, you should be breathing through your nose wherever possible, this filter the air as well as humidifies the air that you breathe. Taking longer, slower breaths from the belly to allow the abdomen to contract for an even counts in and out.

A great way of being more conscious is to practice breath work, now there’s  a lot of different types of breath work around. I know, the Wim Hof method seems to be getting a lot of air at the moment, on social media that that’s the guy that dumps himself in ice baths and is able to do that for extended periods of time, just using his breath to control his [00:03:00] body and his thoughts.

But my favorite technique from yoga’s pranayama is called sama Vritti , which is, simply put equal breaths, which is equal rights in and out. And if you’ve got 30 seconds to a minute, I’m going to take you through, the practice right now, if you’re driving, obviously, press the pause button and you can revisit this later on .

Close your eyes, sitting comfortably with your hips, above your knees, or sitting on a chair comfortably, and then just notice your breath coming in and out of your body… Through your nose.

And then we all breathe out and in. And then we’re going to breathe out for the count of two, three, four in two, [00:04:00] three, four, out, two, three, four in two, three, four, and just continue that cycle. If you find that four counts is too much, you can drop it down to three, but really what you want to be doing is having a smooth breath  in and out.

And almost if you can picture in your head, your breath going up and down for four counts and  it’s a very smooth transition to breathing in, to out and out to in. So, that’s it guys. That’s my few minutes on breath work I hope you found it interesting.

Okay guys so if you’d love to practice some more breath work and mindfulness we’ve got a six week mini program kicking off next week, so that’s got a whole bunch of stuff, including workout, guides, nutrition, everything [00:05:00] can be accessed a hundred percent online for everyone in isolation so that’s pretty awesome. Just head over to for all the details.

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